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jelly bear
i can't feel my left arm but i can move it, what should i do?
my heart has this shooting pain sometimes and it dosen't stop hurting. im dizzy a lot of the times and it only hurts when im emotional. now i cant even feel my arm what should i do? what is wrng with me?
Additional Details
Actually it is my friend and i ask him all the time to go get help but he says no. Now im still stuck. How do you deal in this situation??

ur numb man.

walter c

call 911, you could have gotten bitten by something

leigh d
see a doctor

you are having the classic signs of a heart attack or stroke. if you feel pain in your jaw on your left side you are in a bad place. dizzy means your blood pressure is going crazy.

You SERIOUSLY need to go see a doctor.

♥ Alli ♥
go to your doctor

I ate your arm d
go to the doctor pronto!!!!

It could be something serious

Call 911!!!!

go to er / NOW /or call 911 /may be having heart attack

You said it only hurts when your emotional.... its most likely a panick attack.

These aren't fun and mimick many things.. one which can be a stroke or heart attack. It is strange but if you are having a severe one it will cause pain as well.

If you would like comfort now, you can go to the ER... but more than likely by the time they check you out, your symptoms will disappear and they will simply refer you to your family doctor who will give you a prescription for anti anxiety pills.

For now, call a friend and do what your doing now and talk on line and take deep breaths -if you can and try to calm down hon.

However, you could have a pinched nerve if you have a shooting pain and you cannot feel your arm but can move it... that kinda sounds like a symptom as well.... so don't move that arm!

In either case, your going to want to go to the clinic tomorrow luv.

Please see your doctor for appropriate diagnostic tests like ECG or ultrasound. Don't delay please. It's important that you take the symptoms seriously. The shooting pain that wont stop hurting, the dizziness and numbness on your left arm don't sound good to me.

sounds like a blood pressure problem (related to stress/high emotions etc.) go to your doctor! numbness is a sign of a stroke or heart attack. eeeeek!

it a stroke

DeLeon Leon
go see your doctor. all of your problems seem heart related. I don't know about you or your diet, but you might have very high cholesterol.

well if the pain is in your left arm it may have to do with a mild stroke or heart attack. You should call a doctor regardless and talk to him. When you are emotional your heart rate goes up, you could also be having panic attacks, but a doctor is the only one who can tell you what is wrong. Be smart and make an appointment. Best of luck.

If this is actually described you could be going to have a heart attack or have already had a stroke. Take a couple aspirin (aspirin only) and get to the emergency room now. These symptoms are serious. Call an ambulance (911) as they will see you instead of telling you to have a seat at the emergency room. They made me sit two hours because my sister drove me in and I had a heart attack.

Take a couple Aspirin and then head to your Emergency Room. You are showing signs of a heart attack, though it could be angina or anxiety it is best to be checked out.

Good Luck and God Bless

Could be a migraine, seriously. But whatever it is you should be asking your doctor in person not us dodos.

You need to see a doctor. Could be anxiety or something worse. These are generally symptoms that a male will experience when having a heart attack but not unheard of in a woman. Don't panic, just go see a doctor immediately.

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