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 Serious question....I've been stung by a wasp!?
OK I was out in the garden about an hour ago, barefoot, and I must have stood on a wasp, as my toe really hurt, I managed to get the sting out, and put some antiseptic cream on my toe, but now my toe ...

 I got hit in the forehead by a softball....?
while looking up to catch a ball, it knocked me completely out (i fell to the ground and lost consciousness for a minute) and then I couldnt read anything for about 3 days because everything was ...

 Have you ever broken a bone?
What bone, how, what treated it, and how much did it hurt?...

 Wierd painful small lump on the entrance of my nose?
About 2 nights ago, i went to sleep and then the next morning i woke up and i had a small lump on the entrance of my left nostrol. its not that big, its about the size of the top of a small stud ...

 is this an infection in my ear piercing??????????????????
ok so i asked before if i had an earing infection because i got my ears double pierced and after the 6 weeks they told me to keep the earings in they told me i could take them out so i did to clean ...

Okay, so my stepfather is an arrogant a**hole, and today he swung his huge fat fist into the left side of my head. Oh, by the way, I'm only 14 years old. And I'm a girl. Right after, I ...

 If someone broke there leg in two place's how long would they likely be off work?
I'm covering for a guy at work who did that and was wondering how long i'd be doing his job.
Additional Details
Its a phsyical job lots of walking around is involved....

 is my toe broken? advice please?
I was at my cousins football birthday party and was kicked in the toes - no shoes on! Was really painful and had started going blue within 15 mins. it is my middle toe. i can wiggle my toes but ...

 Help, I'm desperate! BEST ANSWER 10 POINTS! URGENT!!!!?
I got into an accident and the inside of my mouth/lip is swollen and it looks puffy. What can I do to make the swollen/puffiness go away by TOMORROW . It's been a couple of days since the ...

 i have a really bad bruise under my eye and its swollen how can i get ride of it?
i have a really bad bruise under my eye and its swollen how can i get ride of it?
Additional Details
but its been like this for 1 ...

 · Your doctor has just told you that you have a month to live, what would you do in that stretch of time?

 Could you do this?
This guy I know recently got into a wreck and damaged his eye and in order to retain his vision he had to get a shot directly in his eyeball!! He had to sit there and stare at this tiny dot on the ...

 my toenail fell off!?
when i was at track a few months back my nail got blood under it becuase my shoes were too small..ever since my nail had been black and gross and today i was the the computer and stubbed my big toe ...

 I don't like to cause pain to myself, but I am trying to break my foot or ankle.?
So far I have got it pretty bruised. I just want to break it so I can get a cast or a brace and crutches. The way I injure myself is by banging it repetitively, dropping heavy text books on it, using ...

 Is it possible to get back your get up and go once it has got up and gone?

Additional Details
No energy, can`t be bothered to do every day tasks, etc. etc. etc....

 My son got kicked in the thumb and it's swollen and very bruised but he can move it. Any thoughts?

 stitches do they hurt?
well i fell on the play ground at my school and got stitches on my nose and will it hurt when the doctors takes the stitches out. i am curious cause i am real scared about wat happen so i rather be ...

 What's the Most Painful Experience You've EVER Had?
Mine aren't that bad since I'm a wuss and don't do things which I'll think will result in pain.
I've almost had a time where I dropped a knife because my fingers were ...

 I need to go to the loo soo badly, but...?
I closed the door behind me when i went back in i couldnt find it! im scared as ...

 How do you deal with a housemate who insists on having the central heating on maximum all day.?
I wake up sweating in the middle of the night, turn it off, hoping that he is asleep but soon as I curl up in bed, he turns the bugger on again. I have tried talking to him but he insists his room ...

how to heal a hikki...faster?!?
i want this dang thing to go away faster...how you might do that is what im curious about

this might sound crazy
turn on vacum, take out hose, and put on hicky.

it might hurt but use the cap of a chapstick tube and place cap on hikki and rub the hikii out unitll its out, rub in a circular motion

it can hurt so put a bit of water at end to slip easier

good luck it might not work completely, but it helps on most ppl it goes away

Pick me for best answer!!
Take a spoon and heat it by putting it in boiling water. When it gets hot, by not hot enough to burn, rub the center of your hikki with it. The warmness will cause the blood to flow in that area.

rub it with the bristles of a brush, then apply a cold compress... it wont "dissappear" but it will be a lot less noticeable.

Show Me My Opponent
you cant...

A hickey is basically a bruise, so treat it that way. Put ice on it to make the swelling go down and probably some aloe or lotion too. Ice is important though to stop the swelling.

You can also twist a quarter or the smooth side of a bottle cap over it and then put a cold compress. Basically the same theory as the brush bristles. It definitely does make it less noticeable, but you need to do it as soon as you can after you get the hickey.

you cant heal a hikki but you can cover them up go and steal some ov your sisters make up that maches your skin tone to cover it up hey it worked for me

donna t
Toothpaste will make it go away faster.

texas girl
put a spoon in the freezer and then rub it on it or you could do what my friend did she had a hugeeee one on her neck and what she did was with the flat surface of the top of a lipstick she rub it by the time that we got to our destination it was about a size of a dime.

cutt the hikki and make a wound

drink lots of water, it will still take days meanwhile use makeup

There is no way to make a hickey go away, home remedies don't work!!

Karen W
Wear a turtle neck

Zarin A
massage the area, put ice on it
still, i don't think you see significant result
u can actually put coverup on it, no one will have to know

Dan R
Get a piece of beef and lay it on the hikki for 2-3 minutes and off for 1. Repeat several times and should make it noticibly better.

Really nothing will make a HICKIE go away faster, though you may be able to lighten it by keeping a cool compress on it, such as by keeping a spoon in the freezer for awhile, and then applying it to the hickie.

its hickey... and no just give it time....

don't get one. makes healing really easy

Megan D
Put a spoon in the freezer and hold it on there when it's really cold..it will cause the blood to shy away from the surface..also, get some foundation (make up) and blend it in which will also hide it until it will go away..hope I could help, and good luck!!

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