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Additional Details
dont make things up....

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What bone, how, what treated it, and how much did it hurt?...

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Okay, so my stepfather is an arrogant a**hole, and today he swung his huge fat fist into the left side of my head. Oh, by the way, I'm only 14 years old. And I'm a girl. Right after, I ...

 If someone broke there leg in two place's how long would they likely be off work?
I'm covering for a guy at work who did that and was wondering how long i'd be doing his job.
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Its a phsyical job lots of walking around is involved....

 is my toe broken? advice please?
I was at my cousins football birthday party and was kicked in the toes - no shoes on! Was really painful and had started going blue within 15 mins. it is my middle toe. i can wiggle my toes but ...

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i have a really bad bruise under my eye and its swollen how can i get ride of it?
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but its been like this for 1 ...

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Payton B
how to break your arm?
well i have been wanting to break my arm since i was little and i have always been scared and i want to break it because then i can get a cast and everyone can sign it my stupid mom and step dad wont let anyone sign my shirt or yearbook i just cant stand it that is why i wont to break my arm so bad

Yeah that's just weird... It could really damage your arm. :l
If they won't let you sign your shirt or yearbook, talk to them and say that it will hold memories of your younger years when you are older and stuff.
Or you could always just take in a piece of paper or something.

If your parents won't let anyone sign a shirt or yearbook, what makes you think they'll let anyone sign a cast?

Seriously? Your nuts.

i dont want to sound like a nag love but that is the most pathetic question i have ever heard in my entire life. y on earth would u want to break a bone jus so someone can sign it... do u realise the the consequences later on in life if u have had a broken bone... i broke my arm when i was 7 years old and the pain was unbelievable. i got told with my bone bein broken and replaced back to how it should be, i will suffer from arthirutus when i get into my 30's now thats something i dont want to happen to me because aurthuritis is a disease which makes ur bones and joints etc etc lock and its a very painful thing to have expecially in winter cuz it will make it so hard to move and when u do move it it will bloody hurt... now im guessing your only in your early teens as ur want ppl to sign it at the end of the year but i would honestly grow up a bit and realise do u really want to live the rest of ur life looking forward to having aurthurtis... well if yes go ahead and break it but u do need counciling if u do...

go to a roof of a building thats quite tall and jump off arm first

oh god, please go get checked out..

You are joking of course, aren't you. Because if you're serious, then you need some major psychiatric help.

Hhahhhah. I really easy way to break your wrist is just fall and use your hands to break your fall. It doesnt hurt to bad b ut your garunteed to get a fracture and a cast for a month or two.

Yep you are a complete raving barking prat. trouble is if you jump from a roof you might not land on your arm you might hit the jack pot and land on your head crack your neck and die then friends can sign your coffin! Or if you live and are disabled from the neck down and in a plaster full body they can sign that Cor just think how many signatures you could have then? Or they could draw a picture of you under the cast you could be nude looking and in a cast now wouldn't that be fun! Or go outside lay on the pavement on a buzy fast road and a car will soon drive over it especially if you disguise your self as a bush cover yourself with Grass etc. Or go bang you arm against a solid brick wall a tree do it at your elbow joint as these break easier . Ok so you have no brain so it probably won't hurt , no sence no feeling!
Grow up girlie

Mary H
What is it with you mate? you mad or something, get a life.

Sweet dreams
Wait until your last day at school and then everyone can sign your shirt. U seriously don't wanna break your arm, this is just crazy

You may be right
You better not do that on purpose, you never know when it won't heal up right. Doctors can't fix things 100% of the time. Don't take stupid chances like that, you don't want to find out you are one that doesn't heal right and your arm heals crooked. Then you will look like a freak.

there will be a lot of pain and it is not worth it and you can risk never being able to use your arm the same as you can now... do not do it

Psychodelic Chicken
They said there was no such thing as a stupid question... they were wrong

if you are serious you need help!

the attention may be exciting, but it hurts just as much as giving birth, and takes over a month or two to heal, i wouldn't recommend it, and it causes complications in the future, and there is the slight chance it may not heal properly, don't be stupid and try it

Trust me you do NOT want to break your arm... i have before its not worth the cast and signing..
Don't do that. Not a good idea!

If your parents wont let you get something signed that you can take off and hideaway, what makes you think they will let you get something signed that is stuck on you for 6 weeks?

My sister broke her arm by tripping down one stair. She is in an incredible amount of pain and has had 3 pain medications prescribed to her, none of which worked. They give kids even less effective medicine than they give adults.

brkoen xbox kid
Jump down a flight of stairs with your hand in your butt or punch a wall like.

how old are you? you sound like an immature little kid.. lets break my arm so i can have someone sign something of mine... thats jus plain retarded.
yeah go ahead... all you have to do is climb on top of your roof anf jump down.. make sure your arm hits first!
have fun with the pain im sure it will be well worth the fact that someone can sign your cast

Its her
Why dont you buy a blank note book to let all your frinds sign??? We dont have yearbook in the uk, it never made me want to snap my bones. OR....wear a tee-shirt under your shirt for them to sign.
Just do what you want, are you parents really gonna be that angry if your yearbook have names in it>>>>>>

Jump really high on a trampoline then jump off the edge of the trampoline and land on your arm, it works trust me.

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