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how long for my achilles tendant to heal?
ok so i have had a cast on my leg for an achilles swolen tendant since oct. 27th. i get it looked at on friday the 24th of nov. how long does it take to heal?
is it a high chance ill be getting another cast on my leg?
and the crutches?
(side note incase u were wondering the serverity ....hit by a car...no sergery needed)

Did yours rupture? if so, you can expect recovery in between 6 and 12 months:


Always let injuries fully recover BEFORE even attempting to do the activities you did before. You want it to heal completely; and by aggravating it, you only prolong recovery.

THAT is a touchy and sensitive tendon. It is called the "walking tendon". Gives us spring. Ever how long it takes, don't push it.

I can sympathize. Good luck. Pops

That depends on several factors:
1. The placebo effect (your thoughts, emotions and beliefs)
2. Nutrition
It basically breaks down to this.. the human body is a SELF healing mechanism, when respected. Focus on the fact that you're ALREADY healed and healthy, and it will happen that much quicker. Remove the artificial sweeteners, trans fats, pesticides, lifeless foods, harmful, synthetic, processed, chemical "foods", and replace them with nutrient rich live organic whole foods (fruits, veggies, nuts, water, etc) and the body will do some amazingly miraculous things.

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