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 I get patella tendonitis when I run.?
Walking doesn't hurt, but after a mile of running the pain is severe.
Any suggestions for treating it? I am taking ALLEVE, but it doesn't seem to help....

 Stress fracture foot is cold, other foot is not, is that OK?
I've had a stress fracture for around 11 weeks. Constant reinjury is making my foot heal really slowly. However, I have finally gained insight and am doing all I can to make it better. Walking ...

 punched in the face, odd sensation when applying pressure to area near infraorbital foramen?
I got punched in the face, right hand side, 5 days ago, and I've noticed today that when I apply pressure to the area between my cheekbone and nose (basically at the infraorbital foramen), I ...

jesse mary
how is it possible that u get a bruise and u don't know where or how u got it?

My mom had a condition in which she bruised easily. I don't remember what it was but she had bruises everywhere and never remembered getting a one!

it probably didn't hurt at the time you got it or you had your mind on something else and didn't realize you hurt yourself

Anya M
O that happened to me a few days back, everyone sees the patch ask how I got it, and I have no clue!

Good question ;)

A Ture Otaku >_<
OHH I do that all the time! like last week i got a black eye and i didnt feel it. (turns out my mom saw me do it) i walked in to the door (the side) and it didnt hert so i never notest. and when i went to rub the crap outs my eyes IT HERT.

adrenaline or alcohol covers the pain of impact, but when it wears off, you feel it

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