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 Don't you hate it when your yawning(stretching) And someone runs up and tickles you?
Gah, and how could i take revenge O ./O
Additional Details
it just i don't like it when your haveing a nice yawn and someone tickles you and you laugh but at the same time your all ...

 Can you fly with a perforated eardrum?

 How do people break there hand ?
how do people break a finger its so hard for that little thing to break so im curious how people do ...

 Can a splinter be fatal?
OK 2 days ago I got this splinter in my skin then got rid of it but before I got rid of it my dad said it could kill me how true is that?
Additional Details
It is only 1 in length 0.1 ...

 why am i hurting here! please help?
i dont what part of my body it is its right below my chest like right in the middle. my sis said its my lungs but i dont know if its true. but whatever it is, its hurts really bad exspecially is i ...

 can hitting my head cause permenant damage?
while playing online games and dieing on them i get little frustated and it my head usually and quick hard thump to the top or side can this cause permenant damage, eg internal bleeding?<...

 ive been bitten by two very large fang marks...spider?
yes crazy but true two large fanglike puncture marks with bruisng now around it - not painful...if i dont touch -otherwise a bit bruisey but nothng to boohoo about-i have just been diagnosed with ...

 How to break your arm?
How would you break your arm or realy any part from the finger tips to the elbow

Dont answer if you are going to tell me dont do it or call me name

Thanks A...

 how to sprain your ankle on purpose?
I've always wanted to sprain my ankle. I know it's foolish but i do. I've always wanted to use crutches .I' ve tried to do anything but it never seems to work. Help!!!...

 How can i heal my ankle?
I play a brutal game of soccer( by the rules)
There was a game on Tuesday and i ended up rolling it or so i thought.
I went to the trainer and she said that i sprang it. Do you have any ...

 my husband hit me in the forehead with his fist and now i have a big lump there. will i wake up in the morning?
my vision is fine but the lump hurts very badly and is turning purple.
Additional Details
and it's not anymore of a stupid question than some of the other things people ask here, do ...

 Should I just leave my wound open ?
I have an abrasion on the knee and I've been wearing bandages and gauze for 4 days. Everyday when I clean my wound, it would stick to the bandage and makes it very painful to remove, yet the ...

 does anyone know what is wrong with my wrist?
a few months ago i fell on my wrist and sprained it pretty bad. it took about a month until the pain went away but it clicks permenately now. just recently i hit it again but not that hard and it ...

 ok ,so i got this burn (second degree) and i was wondering if it was going to leave a scar.
do they normally leave a scar and if they do, what do they look like? are they the white spots?. IS THERE ANYTHING THAT I CAN DO TO HELP PREVENT THE SCARE OR AT LEAST MAKE IT LESS VISIBLE? PLEASE HELP...

 I think I've broken a rib, advice?
it is really hurts to breath deeply and it feels tender slightly below my armpit. It feels all funny and lumpy there.

Should I go to the doctor?

I was out drinking last night... ...

 I broke this kids very expensive glasses...?
OK, I was in the locker room after Gym, and This kid took my friends shoe and locked it in his locked trying to be funny. So I took his glasses off his head and gave it to my friend. Then the kid ...

 How to get over fear of needles QUICK PLEASE?
SO im about to go to the hospital to get some surgery done on my hand. Im not so much afraid about the surgery, but the shot that makes me go to sleep. Im trying to be brave but its always been my ...

 I just broke my leg now i'm using crutches what should i do!?

 Did my brother have a concussion?
my brother fell during his basketball game and hit his chin which resulted in a little bit bigger than a minor gash, as he tried to raise his head another player came down on him and he hit the side ...

 Is it harmful to break a finger and not go to the doctor? I don't have medical insurance.?
If I'm careful and don't hurt it worse and put ice on it, will there be future problems?...

Vikki Nathine
how did you break a bone.......?
i have a science project on broken bones, please could you tell me how you broke some of your bones?

Broke my collar bone when sitting in the back of a Land Rover - driver had to stop suddenly & I hit back of (metal cab). Many years ago before wearing seat belts was law. Very painful.

i was spring cleaning and i was stood on a wobbly stool on my tip toes and it rocked and i fell off and put my arm out to save me

Snapped my wrist back playing football, I was the goalkeeper but I saved the ball at least.

I have broken my little toe by knocking it on a games arcade machine thingy on holiday

I have a broken big toe right now, from running onto Sheffield United's football fitch after we won against Preston on Monday night, don't know if you'll know what I mean if you are from America though as many people are on here :)

Cactus Cutie
Fell off the monkey bars and broke both of my arms.

I broke my fibula near my ankle. I stepped on ice next to my deck and my foot slid under the wood overhang, pinning it while my body fell forward onto the ground. It sounds like a tree branch snapping and feels like it too. Not good at all. That was in mid February this year and I just learned it's not healing well at all and I may need a surgery to correct it enough to heal...more pain...more frustration and I would be immobilized for several more weeks or months if I have to go through that. I don't recommend breaking any bones...my first and I hope my last.

Broke my wrist playing football/soccer (if you're Amercian). Was running with the ball and got tripped by a defender, she then stood on my arm.
Fractured my Collarbone again playing football, this time went up for a header, she hit my legs away from under me and I fell on my shoulder with full weight on it. Ouchies!

~Decode ♥ Me~
falling down stairs
shattering on cement
falling off bed

those were all my wrists

i skiied over my thumb ( i honestly dont know how) and i broke the proximal end of the proximal phalanx on my thumb! ive seen lots and lots of different people who have broken their bones in lots of different ways. for example, punching someone or something will normally give you a fracture of your 4/5th metacarpal (the longest bone in your 4/5th fingers!) thats called a boxers fracture. other types of fractures you can get: for example, you can have an undisplaced fracture, which means that the broken pieces of bone are still in alignment with your bone; or you can have a displaced fracture(#) which is where the broken fragments are not in alignment with the bone; or you can have a simple # which is a straight through fracture with one fragment; or you can have a comminuted (think complicated and it helps!) # which means that there are lots of fragments of bone (these can be a bit tricky to sort out if the fragments are also displaced and can require surgery to sort out!) or an avulsion # which is where a fragment #'s at the base of a phalanx , or a spiral #(which explains itself really!) in children you get greenstick #'s most commonly because their bones arent fully calcified and so only one side of the bone breaks (think of this a bit like a new branch on a tree which is still green - if you try to snap it in half it splinters rather than a nice clean cut that you would achieve from trying to snap an old branch - it is much the same in humans, in children the bone splinters and in adults the bone has (generally speaking) a nice clean break!) then their is dislocation which means there is displacement of the bones that form a joint(but that doesnt necessarily mean there is a broken bone involved).
i could go on, but i think i will have bored you already! i hope this helps!
ps thanks for helping me with revision! lol! :)

A horse stood on my foot and broke one of my toes!
Trampoline accident, broken distal radius very near wrist, needed 5 operations (so far) and now suffering arthritis in the joint.

i broke my femur, the bone above your knee, in a car accident and i also broke my jaw in that same accident... safety tip: wear your seatbelt!!!

Top Contributor
Kicked a door in anger, broke my meta tarsal

Moral - Doors always win

went over the handle bars of my bike -landed on my right shoulder and broke my collar bone - hurt like hell

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