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 my son got a kick on the side of his head today and was knocked out for a few minutes,what do i do?
I am keeping him indoors as he`s 12yrs and very ...

 How come some people die when they cut there wrist and some don't?
Like even if there not trying to die some people end up dying. But some people just bleed a little and have a scar. My friend has cuts on her wrist but shes still alive? So why do some people die for ...

 what's wrong with my finger?
About two days ago when I went to get something out of my pocket. I ripped off about the corner of my nail off, and ever since then it's been hurting really badly, and it seems like it is ...

 I'm scared...please help me!?
I'll just get straight to the point. A few months ago, in april, i was taking a walk through the cemetary by my house and a man came up behind me. He held me at gunpoint and raped me. I thought ...

 What should I do about my foot?
A couple of hours I tripped while walking down a flight of stairs. I scraped my foot and the side of it is extremely swollen right now. It's unbearable to walk on and I've been keeping it ...

 My toe nail is about to fall off?
It looks like it split horizontally all the way across and is hanging on on the left right side of my right big toe nail about halfway down. Should i just take it off(it doesnt hurt), should i super ...

 Something is wrong with my anus ?
whenever I have a crap it is all bloody, but the crap is still solid, there's just a lot of blood comes out. When I pee and wipe there is blood on the toilet paper when I reach back too far. A...

 Ever broken a leg or anything else?
I've broken my leg and still can't do any sports and I broke 3 teeth and have a fake one but apart from that, nothing.


** Holden Fan **
Additional D...

 how do you break your left wrist?
This is the only way to get out of cheerleading....

 What is the worst Worst injury you've ever had?

 What's the worst pain you've ever felt?
For me id have to say it was food poisoning....

 .-My Girlfriend has not had a bowl movement in 3 dayz and as just tried a suppositoreies but is scared?

 hi ive got self harm scars that i need to hide any ideas how to do it?
i havent self harmed in 9 months but ive jut been offered my dream job as a nursing assistant which will mean ive got to wear a short sleeve uniform. i normally only wear long sleeves but im not ...

 A girl who attacked me 9 years ago is working at the doctor's surgery i go to,can she gain access to my record?
I went in this morning as i suffer with asthma and had an attack a few days ago and had an appointment to see the nurse. Anyway, as i walked up to reception a girl was bending down tapping into the ...

 How do i heal my broken heart?
well... i fell in love with this boy for sometime and i thought he liked me back.But i soon discovered that he likes my best friend.But she doesnt like him.What shall i do?...

 i fractured my foot 2 weeks ago and now its turning blue and purply is this normal?
i only fractured it in this one spot. my foot is stronger and i can only feel the injury if i turn my foot at a certain angle. so as long as im careful, i decided to hit the gym again a few days ago....

 i think i broke my toe?
OKay, so I stubbed my little toe three times today! The last time, it hurt so bad I screamed and started crying! A few minutes later, it swelled and turned beet red. I can't walk on it, and if I ...

 I accidentally cut myself, but my mom's going to think I did it on purpose. Can someone help me?
I used to cut (as in a few months ago) but only very little. I mean, I barely ripped the skin. It was very minor and not a big deal. However, my mom managed to find out one day, and she's been ...

 how can i heal faster?
i play football and i get really sore and banged up any secrets to heal faster?...

 Cracked finger and now it hurts really bad?
Okay.I, myself, did not crack my finger. I was playing with my cousin when he hit my hand and my middle finger cracked. It hurt really bad, and I thought it would go away after a while,but its the ...

how can i break my right arm? (ten point 4 best answer)?
how can i break my right arm i need to break it before the day after tomorroww any ideas please help any way to break my right arm

education, not ignorance
April Fools, right? this has to be april fools.

U need a better reason to live. Why do you wish to break your arm?

wow, a plan to break an arm . . . well there's always the car door, or a trampoline, don't forget falling off the roof . . . good luck

stephanie b
if you're trying to get out of something try practicing more or facing your issues. DON'T HURT YOURSELF. you could screw up ur arm forever!

uhmmmm someone needs attention....if you wanna get outta something just don't go. Breaking ur arm isn't worth the pain and two months in a cast being able to do pretty much nothing... is it really worth it? Plus you can never really break your arm on purpose you'll probly hurt yourself more because you were trying to hurt yourself

trust me. you dont want to break your arm. just get a cast and pretend that its broken.

Not a good idea. That said, put a rag soaked in vinegar around your arm, wait a few minutes, then hit your arm on the corner of a table or something - should break clean. I wouldn't try this personally, but know of people who have done it.

Why do so many people want to break bones right now?
I broke mine by falling over backwards on top of it in my first ice skating routine. :P

put your arm between two piece of wood and have someone jump on it

Big Nate
Dr. Phil on line 1

donna s.
get your arm slam in the door that might work. what a dumb question. good luck anyway.

Rachel K
pls don't try this. u won't like it at all. i wanted to break sumthing until i actually broke sumthing.
- casts r cool but they itch smell and stink
- it hurts rlly bad and it'll b worse wen u sleep u'll wake up in the night with SHARP pain
- sumtimes if it heals wrong or u break it wrong then u will need surgery or liv with it the rest of ur life.
these r just sum of the reasons not to break a bone.

but even if u still want to here r sum ideas
- in a rocking or work chair hav a pet or friend roll over it.
- slam ur hand a few times against the wall
- hit it with a bat or hammer
- hav sum1 run over it with a car or truck
- hav some1 run over it with a bike
- slam in a door
- soak in vinegar for 4 hrs then bend it for 2 mins straight. then listen for a crack. (this worked on my ankle but i did it on a dare)
pls don't do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

nicole j
what the f***?? how about "how can i get into a mental institution?"

"before the day after tomorrow?" so many things in this question don't make any sense.

If you break your arm you will most likely get nerve damage - preventing you from using your hand for months - possibly permanently. Speaking as someone currently with a broken arm this is NOT something I recommend you try doing.

Let me just ask, why???

Then, try having a friend hit you with a baseball bat!

bleh xP
jump off your roof with your right arm extended to catch your fall (if you know what i mean) and i'll be sure it'll break. good luck and have fun

I ♥ men in uniform
Is it so bad that you need to break your arm?

Fall on your arm...best done if from a high height.

Drive down the road with your arm out the window at a high speed and try to hit a pole with it.

Jump off a trampoline.

If you are a cheerleader "fall" off a stunt and try to catch yourself with your arm.

Don't break your arm!!!! Unless you have to have your x-rays on hand, just makeyourself a plaster cast. Or get a friend to help you out. If you buy the plaster yourself and mix it right you could probably make a decent cast. Don't forget to put an ace-bandage around your arm first!
good luck...I think.

ps: Did you already tell someone you broke your arm and now you can't get out of the lie?

There are so many people wanting to break bones. :(

I broke my arm by getting it slammed in a door, my freind wanted to break hers.. so she purposly broke it by slamming the toilet seat on it a few times. Unhygeinic aswel as dumb lol. Couldnt you just pretend you have a sore arm? No one can prove its not hurting. Can i ask why ?

find a wide board or stick and use duck tape to tape it on your arm (making it straight out to your side) the board will go on your elbow side. move your arm as far behind you as possible and smack a brick building causing your arm to bend backwards.... good luck silly!

Take out a loan from a local mobster tonight and promise him you'll pay it back by tomorrow. When you don't pay it back, something will be broken...

Good luck. Keep in touch, with your left hand... :)

easy, just jump off some tall building landing with your arm

btw, if anything happen to you please don't blame on me
i m just giving an advice. since you ask for it

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