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 How can you break a bone?
Im not going to do it I just wanna know what causes a bone to break?
Additional Details
Also how much weight would it take?...

 whats the worst injury you have ever had?

 i just threw up blood.... help?!?
ok im freaking out and i can't get to a phone... what now?...

 Does it hurt getting stitches taken out?
i was out at the weekend and glass went straight into the top of my foot because i was in a bar. and before you ask yes i did have my shoes on! ive never has stitches before and i get my stitches ...

 18 days ago I fell on my elbow. The bruising and swelling has gone but I still have pain.Should I go to A&E?
The pain is on the tip of the elbow, there is a slight red mark but on bruising. I have full movement, but can't put any pressure on my elbow without pain....

 Will this heal?
Well a couple of months ago I had a shard of glass penetrate over half way through my foot and I bleed for 2 days,I had two huge gashes in my foot,one that went completly through my foot,the other ...

 i fell over this morning in the street and banged my head, please help?!?
went to a&e department by ambulance, done x-rays on my hip etc, bloods were fine, abit low on the blood pressure ( i am quite petite for my age) so they were not overly concerned! however since i ...

 I had a very deep cut in my finger and now I have extreme tooth and head pain.Did I get an infection???
Is it possible for the bad cut I had to give me a disease or bacteria to enter into my system and give me pain in my head and teeth??...

 Can you get a fever from sticking things into your anus?
I stuck a pen and a marker up my anus, and three days later I got a fever of 102.9, a runny nose, a headache, sensitivity everywhere, pain in my back and legs, throat pain, and I feel very weak. Is ...

 Why are my legs still hurting when i run?
I've been jogging 4-5 times per week for a little over 2 months now. I expected my legs to hurt when i first started and over came the soreness. However, within the past week, my calves and ...

 whats it called when you have an accident, and end up in a hospital who cant talk or move forever?
its for my story btw....

 my house is on fire. the only room that isnt on fire is the computer room. WHAT DO I DO?
There is OIL in the computer room cuz my brother is doing a science experiment with robots! im afraid to stay inside, but i cant get out because im on the top floor. WHAT DO I DO?...

 I'm using a crutch for a broken knee On an escalator, which leg should go first at the top and bottom?
My left leg is in a zimmer splint and cannot bend. I'm at the point where I can get by on one crutch or even a cane. I know how to handle stairs but am not sure about what is the safest way to ...

 Someone chopped off my leg and its falling apart!? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!?
sorry, my leg is not falling apart its just to get attention. the reall question is, why are people being mean to my little sister. thanks. im 16 my little sister is 8. we go to the same school its ...

 why is it that when you dance with high heels your toes get numb.....my toes are numb wat can i put on them..?
in ...

 My daughter hurt her arm when she fell of her horse she is complaning of pain in it what shall i do?
my sophie age 8 fell of a horse right on to her arm she said it hurts so much shall i take her to hospital except she does not want a plaster cast on ...

 Seeking pain relief for a severed tendon, chipped bone and a cut that required 50 stitches.?
Stitches were removed today, unable to bend the finger, and there is a great deal of ...

 What is your silliest injury or scar?
:) always funny to hear silly stories!
I have a fork mark in my leg due to my sister throwing a fork at me 'cause I was arguing with her....

 What piercing hurts worst?
What piercing hurts worst top lip or bottom?...

 EMERGENCY, urgent help required, please help!!!!!?
I was chewing a golf tee cos it feels nice on my teeth. I sneezed and the golf tee lodged into the roof of my mouth and now I can't get it out or close my mouth, I'm dribbling everywhere ...

help with wound closure strips (don't read if squeamish)?
I sliced my thumb very badly at work today chopping an onion and not concentrating on what I was doing. Too busy chatting!! It's a clean cut and I washed it thoroughly but it's quite deep and there's a big "flap" which gapes a bit and despite having a dressing on it all day it's still bleeding and I'm worried about catching the flap on something and making it bleed again. Plus it hurts like a bi*ch and I've got to work tomorrow. My husband has gone out to get me some steri strips to put on it to keep the flap stuck down till it heals up, and I'll put a dressing on top of them to keep the wound clean.

Has anyone used wound closure strips, and how long should they be left on for? Will they come off if I accidentally get them wet? And how will I get them off once it's healed up? Do they just soak off? Thanks for any advice as i've never used these things before.
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They won't stitch a thumb unless it's been chopped off!

Donna S
I use super glue to seal up the wound. It works.

shoegal 67
I have heard that using super glue to close a cut is pretty good. Not sure how it works. Try to google it and also call your husband and ask him to buy some too. Hope it helps.

See a doctor. Workers compensation is supposed to cover this type of injury!

Usually when you have a 'flap' the doc's will stitch. I work construction and am cut and burned often. I carry super glue. Don't laugh, it's great. It must be 'not bleeding'.. accomplish that with pressure. then dab the super glue into the cut and re apply pressure. Don't use too much or your other fingers will stick together. Then you can apply your 'steri-strip' over the wound after its dry. make a nice 'padded' wrap that will allow you to work. The glue will wear off by the time your healed. Remember fingers hurt like h*ll. YOU have millions of nerve endings in fingertips and they hurt.
As for any questions about super glue, remember, they use it in open heart by pass grafting all the time.
PS yes they will stitch a thumb. I don't know where your getting your info , but I have had both thumbs stitched numerous times... and most of my fingers.

nasty, you need to see a doctor if its that deep that it needs strips


You really need to go get stitches if It's not too late, if It's been bleeding like that then it's very important that you go to the doctor.

use the strips and then cover with plasters so not a bit of the top of your thumb is uncoverd give it a few days shudbe ok but it might still come off hugs to you

I cut my hand very badly a few months back and steri strips work very well. lay them horixontally across the cut to pull it closed and make sure you get the two sides together as much as possible to advoid a scar. I suggest using 2 across ways and then one or two diagonally to ensure it stays closed. Then use a large dressing to cover the whole area held on by a bandage around the hand. It will take 3-4 to close and then many more days to heal. Make sure you dont get the hand wet and keep ita still as possible to ensure the cut doesnt open. Leave the orignally dressing on for 3 days before chnaging it. Wear a rubber latex glove in the shower sealed by an elastic band.

After 3 days replace the dressing but dont remove the steristrips unless they fall off with the pad. They come off when ready. Replace them and the pad when nessecery untill healed.

I suggest you dont move the hand tomorrow and certainly dont get it wet. Work would not be a good idea if it is really bad and paionful

It should have advice on the box/packet that you get them in.

Biden A
go to the doctors and get it sewed up :p

Well when I was little my dog bit my ear and I had to use closure strips because I was too scared to get stiches >,< lol.
they probaly won't come off if they get wet, but if they do, just put em on again. maybe stick a bandage over the closure strip? that way it won't come off and it will still heal. good luck :)

Are these like Butterfly Bandages? If so, I've kept them on for a couple of days. Think of them like stitches, they stay on long enough for the two sides to start healing together again, and after that they come off. I'd recommend trying to keep your hand dry, so if you need to cook, wear gloves.

I use steri-strips which I'm pretty sure is what you're referring to. They're used to hold wound edges together (like sutures), and ideally you would cleanse the wound, apply the strips and leave them undisturbed for 3 days. Then keep redressing until the wound closes.

Steri-strips are awesome. Make sure the wound is super-clean. Close it up with the strips. Bandage the rest of the finger tightly just to make sure you stop the bleeding. Then put the thumb of a rubber glove over that finger (and over all the bandages) for work so it won't get wet.

The last time I had them I was told to leave them on until they came off on their own. That way it minimizes the scar or any keloid formation.

I've used them before, they should stay on for 24/48 hours really if you can and they will come off if they get! Just pell them off really carefully after the 24/48 hours otherwise you might open up the wound again!

Michael, ATC
Steritrips work pretty well althought you need to change them 1-2 times a day. Steristrips will come off when wet and they are easy to pull off when you want them to come off.
Clean your wound 3-5 times a day with a saline solution or water and soap followed by a polysporin or any antibiotic ointment.
Second, I would use a formula called mastisol which is a liquid adhesive. Then apply steristrips along with a gauze, bandaids, and a form of flexiwrap to assure the bandages are secure.
I like to think of myself as a specialist in wound care.

Steri-strips will not adhere very well on there own. We usually use tincture of Benzoin to add to the adhesiveness. Keep it dry. The steri-strips will loosen if moistened. That means that you may have to wear gloves. Removing them is no problem as they are not very "sticky" in the first place. I have provided a link that clearly illustrates each step.

I recently did the same thing. I put a band aid around it tightly for a day or two just long enough for the healing to start. Then I didn't have to worry about the flap. Also be sure to use antibiotic creme to prevent infection. Most tapes or bandaids will come off if you get them too wet but you can put another on right away.

Matthew D
Just put the strips over it, so that it holds the two ends together tightly, and then put the dressing over it and try your best not to get it wet, bring extra dressing and strips with you just in case you get it wet, it might feel very uncomfortable and the strips may fall off, i had a fair sized gash in my leg from playing golf i went accross some barbed wire to get my ball and came back and gashed my leg, i just put strips on it and it healed up nicely, exccept theres a scar.

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