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fructose juice
help!!! my son got hurt at school and we don't have insurance?
ok my son fell at school the other day and broke his two front teeth, the adult teeth. we don't have insurance so i brought him to a dentist that does the based on your income deal. they put caps on his teeth for now, they look horrible. and when he gets older, he is only 9. i have to get crowns put in. anyway your teeth are very important, and his teeth were perfect until now, everyone i have talk to says the school should pay to get his teeth fixed since it happened in school and i was wondering if anyone knows anything about this. thank you very much. i live in connecticut.
Additional Details
ok, actually i had insurance on my kids until about a month ago when i lost my job. we applied for husky, but they said we make too much money, so we are in the process of finding insurance we can afford. this is the first time in 15 years that i have not had insurance for my children. normally i wouldn't even go after the school for the money, except the timing just stinks, my kids never got hurt while i had insurance on them, now i don't have insurance and one of them gets hurt. go figure. he was walking into the lunchroom and tripped on the rug they have in front of the door, hit his face on the lunchroom door and broke both teeth.

You should look up on medicaid and go talk to a social worker to help you out on how to pay off the bills. You can pay little by little. Good Luck.

Some people can be so rude.
Dont listen to those people.

punka c
Dental problems are different than medical issues. Schools do have blanket insurances that cover for this type of thing, again it goes back to how it happened etc. However since it was on their property you can probably get the school to pay. The problem is this is considered probably cosmetic depending on how serious the break is, or how deep. Depending on where you live as someone already suggested dental schools love these types of issues and usually don't charge. You should really consider this. Also, be sure not to make a huge deal of this in front of your child, you don't want them to feel uncomfortable in their own skin! Good Luck

It all depends on how he fell. If he tripped on some cracked cement somewhere then yeah, the school has to pay because it's there fault for not fixing the cement.
I would highly suggest getting some insurance, but I'm not going to judge you. It would be helpful in the future for times like these.

I hope things go well, and don't worry about his teeth looking too bad for right now, just try to get them fixed when he gets older.

Good luck.

I don't think the school is responsible... an accident is an accident. But what I would do is find a good dentist that takes only children. My daughter has her 4 front teeth capped and they look great. They match her other teeth perfect. Just look around for a childrens dentist and tell them you can olny afford to pay a little a month.
You'll find one.
good luck!

check with school district...show them estamate...you have one don't you? the school has insurance...EVERY SCHOOL DOES..."everyone you talk to sez" WTF does it matter what "everyone" sez...call the school district office /not the school...better yet bring your kid and say LOOK at what happened and your school..

robert h
I think that your ability to sue the School District successfully will depend on what he was doing at the time of the accident. If I were you I would consult a Personal Injury Law Firm. Most of these Firms handle these cases on a contingency basis. No up front fee for you. If they take the case and loose it you are not out anything. If they win the case they usually charge about 25% to one third of the total settlement. Your success will probably depend on something that the school did or did not do either knowingly or unknowingly that they should have been aware of that caused the accident. Best of Luck Bob Post Script I just noticed the rest of your story. Tripped on a rug Huh. The school put down a rug that was not properly secured. I think that you should easily win this case.

Contact the Board of Education of where your son goes to school and ask to speak to the superintendent of the school he or she is in charge of all school problems I am sure that the school has emergency medical dental insurance on hand for your son. You need to ask for it verbally and again in writing make sure you have a back up copy of it on hand schools like to misplace letters.

You might need to read the school rule book try the letter first see what happens.

Should this fail contact the local newspapers and any news source "Example KXAN has a service to help consumers get problems fixed with business and city services" . You must first contact the proper authorities meaning the school officials and see where it will lead you to keep a record of all person you talked to and what department they are from you never know where you will get transferred too..

Was there a report taken on your son falling? If so get a copy of that report. If not found out why none was taken?

You might want to find an attorney should everything fail with the way our encomny is no idea what they the school officials may try to bully you and your son not to follow up on this problem.

Be prepared for the school officials to take it out on your son because of his age.


If your son fell because of improper supervision or during a school activity, like in gym, then you can probably get the school to pay for it, but you're going to need a lawyer.

As it is a liability case, you shouldn't have to pay for anything up front, but because it is a liability case, whether a lawyer will take your case is based on its merit and possible worth. It can also take years for such a case to get to court or get settled.

EDIT: Just read your addendum - go to the school immediately with a camera and take pictures of that rug if it's still there (hopefully, it will be). If the rug was not or the proper type (rubber backed, for instance) or not properly secured or frayed, etc. - anything that could have caused him to trip - you have a good case. Believe it or not, there are regulations on the types of rugs/mats that can be used in doorways and how they must be secured. It would be considered negligence if the rug was not up to code. Take the pictures ASAP because the rug will disappear, if it hasn't already, as soon as they get the letter from your lawyer. In that case, you'd have to get testimony from other students, faculty and maintenance about the condition of the rug.

Even if you get insurance in the future, it won't cover the initial incident and it may not cover replacing anything more expensive than the current treatment. So, if you settle on the cheapest alternative now, that's all the insurance will pay to replace when the time comes and it will only do that every so many years. You can make up the differencen between treatment costs, of course.

As others have said, find a doctor that will put you on a payment plan and get the best treatment you can for him because you're going to be stuck with it for awhile. If there is a school of dentistry in your area, you might be able to get the work done at a steep discount because (supervised) students will be doing the work.

Good luck!

Okay I am only like 15, but if it was the schools fault then they are responsible and you should make them pay. If they fell then there are places for people to get emergency insurance it just costs a little more, but i think you should deal with this incident and really get insurance. Dont mind my curiousness but what happened?!?!? I wish U the best. Wait one more thing you could also get insurance for little or no cost they do have insurance assistance.

♥~ BELL♥LA ~♥
I would assume that it DEPENDS on HOW HE FELL. They might NOT have any Obligation towards him if he fell doing something he shouldn't have been doing.

BRrrr Why Am I Soo Cold???
If your son fell due to something the school did or poor equipement than they are responsible but if your son was just playing and got hurt, its not. Im sorry for your situation and i know this must be hard on him,he's so young. I dont know how much it would cost to fix his teeth but will you be getting enough taxes back to put towards reparing even one of them? Maybe you can ask for help from your parents?
But if your son is feeling okay about it, dont talk to hi about it, try to keep him from feeling self concious and if he is real down about it reassure him you will get it taken care of as soon as you can and try,start putting money aside. GL

What kind of caps did they put on? I hope not stainless steel - if so find another dentist. If at least 1/2 of the tooth is still there, they could "bond" them with a resin material, until he is old enough for porcelain crowns. A dental school is a good idea, or a clinic. I suppose it depends on what happened - if the school was negligent, then they have insurance to cover this sort of situation.

Delisa Dove~ LDS
Talk to the school now -The longer you wait the better chance of them telling you no.

It sounds like it may be the schools fault since he tripped over the rug. The school should have insurance for such incidents. My son fell at recess and broke his collarbone, we have insurance and I it wasn't the schools fault so we have no intention of asking the school to foot the bill. However, two weeks later we received a form to fill out for the schools insurance, they sent it even though we didn't ask them to.
I suggest you contact the school about the incident and ask to get in touch with their insurance company to get it sorted out.

Good luck.

Aunt Barb
If you belong to a church you can go to your congregation and ask for help.

Matt L
If I tripped over at work, my fault or not I would still recieve compensation... Considering your child is required to be at school, it is the schools responsibility to ensure your child is safe, therefore, if you can't afford it, I'm sure the school or government will assist.

the school should pay,it was there fault lack of supervision. if they refuse to pay for dentist,get a lawyer and sue them. this is your sons appearance for the rest of his life. don't let the school intimate you.

loves christmas lights
Insurance packages used to get sent home from our schools with options to take insurance to cover this. Dont let the child know how they look, this is devistating to kids since they really value you that, whether they talk about it or not.
Call the local school district office and talk to someone with clout not the school they will try to get out of it. Check and see if you have any Boys and Girls clubs with dental clinics, we had one in CA that did wonderful work, with qualifying income. You also could hire a lawyer to deal with this for you too, and get estimated rates from a good dentist to make sure you get enough to cover the more realistic cost estimates.

MonaLisa Overdrive AM VT wannabe
I am very sorry for your difficulty, but it's not the school's fault,and schools don't have extra money lying around to pay for your son's teeth. Though they ahveinsurance, they have very high deductibles, and would likely have to pay this out in full, plus attorneys fees if you go that route.

If one of his friends fell while playing at your house, would should you have to pay for HIS teeth? It is a big problem when people don't take responsibility for caring for their own children, and expect everyone else to.

He's young; he can manage with less-than-perfect teeth for now. Save up so you can get better work done befor ehe is in High School, when it will be more important.

Mom with a Misson
First of all you NEED insurance, especially for your kids. The only way the school should be responsible is if they were negligent. Example: they were moping the floors and did not leave a "wet floor" sign and your son fell. But if he was just running in the halls and lost his balance and feel then the school is not responsible.

yeah, i agree the school should be covered for stuff like that and they should have at least offered.


You know what- not everyone can afford health insurance and sometimes you don't qualify for low income health insurance.

Someone asked why this lady had children if she couldn't afford to take care of them. That was a bit low and a pretty stupid thing to say.

She is taking care of them, dental work (medical anything ) is way to high for the average american.

She didn't do anything wrong here -she justed asked a question.

Some of you should be ashamed of the way you treat your fellow man.

But about your question. The school won't pay.

I do wish you good luck and God Bless!

The school has insurance for just this type of thing. They have liability insurance just as any other business/offices/etc. I would contact the school and speak the principal and if that does not work go to the board of education. I hope you reported the injury the day it happened to the school. Did he go to the nurse? Document everything and the bills should be taken care of.

the eyes have it!
i think it depends on how it happened. if it was from another kid doing something, go after those parents. if it was because the school had something wrong like a slippery floor, go after the school. however, if it was because your kid was a klutz, too bad

If your son had a friend playing at your house and he tripped in the yard and broke his arm would you feel you were responsible for the child's injuries?

Of course not. But that doesn't mean you won't be sued by that child's parents. If this happened at one of your friends home and you knew they had no insurance and no money would you sue them?

People are greedy and refuse to take responsibility for their own actions. The ONLY reason for sueing is in a case of neglegence. You didn't mention how this occurred, did another child cause the injury, was the school negligent in leaving debris where your son could fall on it or did he trip and fall on his own shoe lace?

School's are not wealthy, all their money comes from you and me (taxes). Frivolous lawsuits only makes lawyers rich. What most people (including here on answers) doesn't understand is that that money has to come from somewhere and usually it comes from you and me.

was it the school's fault? if it was, they should pay. if not, don't make them pay for your son's mistake.

Sorry to say, but the school won't fix his teeth. Best thing you can do is find a dentist that would put you on a payment plan. Or go to a denist school, their pretty good and cheap.

Good Luck

Dr. Physical Therapy
i didn't read all the responses so i may be repeating what some others have said. the school should cover it without you having to do any legal leg work. that's why schools are required to carry insurance. just like some forms of homeowners insurance will cover any injuries that occur at your house. i'm glad the school stepped up with their responsibilities. It's their job..don't worry about the other responses, people just don't understand insurance coverage and just assume you are a money grubber thanks to all of us living in a nation of sue happy folks.

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