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†100% Angel†
had bloodtest few days ago and the nurse was'nt very good and i've got a painful bruise still. should i sue?

Additional Details
first she told me she was good then push needle in first arm and no blood came, she said sorry and went for the other arm and somehow hurt the inside as almost immediately my arm was swolen and stiff and bruised. it still is, and that was 4 days ago

Gary M
Sue for every drop of blood that nurse has in her body

no dont sue theyll just laugh at you it happens to loads of people. oh bless you x

bee bee
I had a blood test in January and the bruise left on my arm was grotesque. But I bruise easily and my veins are deep set, it's just the way I am.
I didn't think of suing, it was a talking point, IE, how badly I bruise, it looked like I was battered, but it had cleared up within a week.

Did you ever have a blood test before, was there any problems then? If you didn't , well you could be like me, deep set veins and easily bruised.
You could know then in future to give prior warning to the nurse, or just ask for a doctor.

Sue if you want, but I don't know how much you'll get for a bruise.

are you serious? should you sue???
ha ha ha!
it can be really hard to take blood and then sometimes the nurse isn't very experienced yet BUT if you really feel like she had a bad attitude or you were overly hurt you just need to let your doctors/medical centre know..though at best you prob only get an apology!

Tony M
No. You've no grounds to sue.

Get John Edwards. No, getting a bruise from an intravenous puncture is not disabling and happens to the best of us.

Speed, Madness, Flying Saucers
Are you from the states? Or Germany, where they sue their neighbors for not mowing their grass and things like that?

Why would you sue? What permanent damage has been left behind besides the inconvenience of a painful bruise?

Last month I had an injection of Kenolog intramuscularly to try and send my hyperkeratotic eczema on my fingers in retreat.

I don't do well with corticosteroids and this was no exception, besides costing >200$. I'm unemployed without health insurance, too! Anyhow, I was depressed for a week, couldn't sleep, had muscle spasms in places I didn't know I had muscles, and to add injury to insult, the injection site became mildly infected. It cleared the eczema dramatically for ~30 days and now it's back even worse than before.

I wouldn't dream of suing either the nurse or the doctor. They didn't deliberately arrange for anything I described above. It just worked out that way.

Listen dude, there's a reason we can't afford health care in the states: malpractice insurance premiums that medical professionals must pay for cases like yours. It's made health care unaffordable for many people.

Resist suing until you have a real reason, for example, being abducted and digitally probed by indifferent aliens who keep you waiting along time in their spaceship. That type of thing.

Ive had more than 50 blood samples taken from me and this happens every now and again, nothing to worry about !.

some people are so incredibly stupid its unbelievable - one day these people might save your life are you going to sue them for that too? GET A LIFE

jo s
get a life!

put some ice on your painful area and...be cool. maybe your veins are hidden.if it is no something serious let it be!only humans make mistakes. what if was worst?!what should you do?have you talk with her?

Good luck finding a sleazeball attorney that would represent you in a stupid case like that.

no you schould not sue!!!!!!! I get bruise every time i do blood work.i agree with you some of the nurses just don,t care.but they are not all like that.

You must have had a test for some reason,if it comes back with a not very good result and you need there help,would you still think about suing for a little bruise,please get real,.

Why on earth would you want to sue??? Are you American? this whole culture of suing for no reason is silly, the poor girl did the best she could and now you are contemplating ruining her life.

Get over it please?

Patricia B
it will get better in a few days . not worth suing . its a transient issue. keep the aem moving genlty

don't think you'd have much luck suing; just make sure you don't let her take your blood again. some people bruise anyway whenever they have blood taken.

Don't be so pathetic. Some people have small veins and so it's hard for the best nurse in the world to take blood. Shes trying to help you! I've had loads of blood tests, scans, injections cos of my ilness and everyone has hurt! Don't be so pathetic. It's people like you who waste the nhs' money. Fairy!!!!

What a daft question - could YOU take blood without making a bruise - ummm no, didn't think so! Maybe you pissed off the nurse with your attitude (as you are with me) - have you thought of that? No, didn't think so!
Grow up, and by the time you have, the bruise will have gone.
Good luck

eric h
Don't bother suing. That's silly.

She did the best she could do.

That's all you can expect.

I get bruises everytime I have a test! Don't be such a wimp! (Did she offer you a sweetie? You get one if you're a big boy and don't cry!)

nah, the bruise will go in a couple of days and the nurse may be quite new or not been able to find a vein.

Give her a break

Why are all the suing questions coming from the black members? It really makes your race look HORRIBLE.

You cannot sue for that. Your signed papers (which you DID sign or else they never would have seen you) protect them from liability for anything such as a bruise from a needle. The only time you can sue is when they shove the needle into your eye instead of your arm, or something as equally negligent.

Stop being such an idiot, you can't sue for just everything the way you think you can, just like you can't sue me for telling you the truth.

If your arm falls off, sue. Otherwise toughen up!

Dr Frank
Please don't be greedy, selfish or silly! Bruising is a standard accepted complication of venepuncture, even in the best hands. You won't melt and it will get better soon on its own!

PC Hater
I had one too shall I sue to? Don't be so soft ya great Nancy!

might be you have small veins not the nurses fault lol

people all make mistakes, my mum is a nurse and says some people have incredibly hard veins to get blood from, sometimes they move so get a bruise ect.
Don't sue!!! Give her a break, if you sue she may loose her job and goodness, we need to keep hold of our nurses, most do a fantastic job and get paid nothing.

you can yes, i had a massive bruise and the girls in work said i could get up to £1000 for it but i would NEVER do this, its only a bruise it will eventually go (mine took about 3 wks!) also i said the NHS is in such a state it needs all the money it can get-i would feel like a cow suing the NHS for something so petty x

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