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Danielle U
does it hurt when you get your ears pierced?
i would really like to get them pierced but i'm alittle afraid too.

nope cuz i went to clairies and they have this kind if small gun machine that they put to ur ear and the pierce goes through

it hurts for like two seconds .
but that's about it !

I did my daughters with a block of wood, nail and a hammer. She said it wasn't too bad at all.

no its a little sting like if you've ever been stung by a bee, its 1,000,000 times better

It doesnt hurt... just to make sure take a friend with u.. and squeezeee there hand really harrddd!!!!!! then u will be laughingg, and wont even like notice.. lol... just try it.. ive got my ears periced, but they closed.. so im going to get them peirced again... lol........ rememberr bring a friend!!!!!!!!!!!

on a scale of one to ten
ten being giving birth
i would rate it a strong 6
and it doesnt just hurt while the piercing is happening it hurts for hours after ..
it hurts hurts hurts
but then again the choices in clip on earrings hurts too so ya gota get them pierced

Bye-Bye Burress
doesn't tickle

Jenn V
It only hurts for a minute

haha not at all, especially if your just getting the normal ear piercing like not gauges or your cartilage. it's goana be like a really fast pinch and when you get them done they use a piercing gun, and both ears are at the same time you'll be fine :)
go for it!

does it hurt when you get punched in the face

cherry r
its a short pinch, nothing major

it only stings a llitle bit after its done, but you dont even realize when its done

it does hurt but the pain only last for like 7 seconds than its gone i have gotten my ears pieced twice so its not that bad

Animal Lover
It hurts for a second then its over. You should ask for them to do both ears at the same time. It makes it hurt much less! Hope I helped!

It doesn't hurt when it's done. It hurts after. Your earlobes swell a bit and turn red. It does throb for a few days. It gets better after that. Just remember to keep the earrings in and clean the proper amount of time.

When you get your ears peirced it is a small pinch, it will feel very hot for a minute and than it goes away after a bit.

It really doesn't hurt much when they do it. After they get a hot feeling and they hurt a little more. It is more of an uncomfortable feeling though, not a hurting feeling. I think it is worth getting them pierced. =) Good luck!

it hurts but not for long! btw if you get yours done make sore you get this Spray Cream thing because for it not to get infected. My cousins ear got swollen and it was like that for 8 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no quick pain then it disappears..yur ear will throb and turn red

Jennifer S
only between the ages of 12 and 14

Clippy Chick
YES!!! For 2 minutes of agony!!! (But beauty is pain, dear.)

It may hurt for 1-5 minutes at the most hopefully. It bleeds a little so it shouldn't be a big deal. I hope you choose my answer! Let a professional do the piercing and it shouldn't hurt as bad.

Totally depends on your tolerance. I know dramatic babies that said it hurt a bit. I was nervous, but i went with my mom when i was ten and she got hers done too. For me, i felt a brief pinch. Then a little stinging. My earlobe got red, but in about five minutes i felt nothing. I totally understand where you are coming from because i was apprehensive too!

Think about this; you will be so happy in the long run. Five minutes of stinging is worth being able to accessorize your whole life.

Another tip is find a good place. I went to merle norman, a makeup store. i don't suggest cheap places so you won't risk an infection. Also good places make them evenly angled.

Some of my friends found places where the store pierced both ears at the same time. I suggest that!

no way!

i didnt feel anything , it hurts less than a bee sting less then a shot less than a filling so yeah go ahead earings are fun !

spunky 739
i think it will hurt for awhile after then u will get used to it

Vampira of treehuggers
I have gotten three sets of wholes in my ears. The first two were in my lobes and the third in my cartilage. From experience the first ear lobe one doesn't even hurt the least bit. The second hurt a little more then that but it was bearable. The cartilage though hurt like crap for a couple of hours.

Ryann K
not at all, i got 12, just a tiny little pinch, thats faster than a second.

I was afraid too but when i finally got the courage to go through with it the whole process only lasted like less than a minute!

As far as the pain goes it feels like a little pinch, it doesn't really hurt though, but the worst part is the pop it makes when it pierces your ears.

I would suggest just go in try not to think about it and just get it over with. Trust me you will be glad you did!

Hope This Helps!! :)

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