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i love you<3
cant get over it?
okay so i ALMOST cut my lil sis's finger off. u know those disposal things that they have in sinks and well her hand was in it cuz she was checking somehtin g and i accedently turn it on she felt it so she edmiltly took he rhand away but i feel SOOOOOOOOOO bad like im sucha a idiot i almost cut off her finger!! how do i get over it?

forget about it.
its not a big deal.

Christina Marie.
Make sure she knows it was truely an accident and you are very sorry.
Thats all you can really do.
Oh yeah, and be nice to her, buy her something too.

You need to meditate. Get some Counseling. Read the bible. You may have some psychological issues you are unaware of as we all do...Maybe your subconcious is pissed at your little sis for some reason...Just keep your distance from her and be really nice to her. Forgive yourself and forgive her if she has pissed you off. Sometimes we just can't help it. The body is sinful. SPACE....BACK OFF... LOVE....

You realize everyone makes mistakes and that means you. You know you didnt mean to do it. Next time before turning anything own take a second look. Know that you will be extrememly careful from now on and so therefore you learned something from this. Its okay.

It takes time to get over a traumatic experience. If you give it a couple of days or a week or so I am sure that you will not be thinking about it as much.

On the bright side you have learned to double check your actions. Your sister will forgive you and it will more than likely bring you all closer together and in years to come it will be something to laugh about.

Just forget it. Ur lucky you didn't cut her finger off.
As long as she's okie lol, don't freak out to much
it's just an accident.


first remember that its in the past and you cant change it. apologize to your sister and if she accepts then be done with it. she might have been mad at the time. but one day you'll look back and you will laugh about it. and also u ALMOST cut it off. you didnt cut it off. u ALMOST did. so no big deal. just check whos hand is in the sink before u put on the disposal. lol

Jyreka N
Try to be more careful next time or try not to let it happen again. People make mistakes, dude, its okay, you'll get over it eventually. (Nobody said you had you get over it RIGHT HERE & NOW.) Try not to think about it so much. You just had a trommatizing incedent happen to you just. It's okay that your a little shook up still... it just shows your human and you have feelings.

it was an honest accident!! you are putting yourself through way too much for nothing. dont worry about it. the only thing that matters is that nothing bad happened. your sister is probably fine (emotionally speaking) and not mad at all. if she isnt mad or anything, why should you be? just forget about it!

Accidents happen, and thank God that neither of you were injured. Guilt is hard to "get over" sometimes, but you should apologise to her- and most importantly LEARN from this mistake-- remember to be aware, observant and cautious at all times no matter what you are doing. In time, it will get easier and twenty years down the road you will both be laughing at this. Just learn your lesson and tell your Sister how thankful you are that she is not hurt.

Little Light
you know that you did not intentionally do this to her and try to be more careful with the disposal button in the future.

accidents happen. But next time you need to check before turning on the disposal. I'm always so scared to turn it in cause 1) i hate loud noises lol and 2) dont wanna hurt anyone.

but dont worry. everyone messes up , i do allll the time. (;

u should thank god that u didnt cut her finger and dat keep saying to urself i didnt kno,it was a accident,i would never harm my lil sis,and she is ok now.keep thinking positives

i dont blame you it really is a accident and tell ur lil sis that ur sorry even tho she young she mite understand n mite remember it when she gets older.

John J
i was playing with my big brother and i had a tooth broken, fortunately it was one you cant really see, when it happened the first thing i thought was thank god it happened to me and not to him, because i prefer to suffer than feeling guilty; on the other hand i felt bad for making my brother feel guilty, and the only way i could feel OK was if a knew he felt OK. so pliz stop feeling guilty, because that is just what will make your sister feel bad, she just wants you two to trust each other again and to be able to continue playing together as always, a little sis wants her sis to be her best friend, to feel great one with the other, and if one feels bad the other one will aswell. feeling guilty just shows how much you do love her, but going over it shows even more

i had that happen accept my hand was in the disposal and my uncle fliped the switch on purposely.
hey just appoligize (im sure you did) and if she's ok let sleeping dogs lie.
get her a present do something nice for her, if she forgives you be happy that you ALMOST cut her finger off it could have been worce

Just stop take a deep breath and breath and tell her how sorry you are and give her a hug its all gonna be fine.

Lluvy ツ
Well it was just a mistake..so it wasn't your fault..so you shouldn't feel bad. You'll get over it soon.

Apologize and treat her to a manicure. These things happen, and it was an accident. There's nothing to beat yourself up over.

Tell yourself from now on to be aware of your surroundings before you flip switches and the like, and to think before you act.

Mandy D
relax, accidents happen.

plus, two good things have come of it. 1) you are going to be more careful about your actions and 2) your lil sis isn't going to be sticking her finger in the disposal anymore.

Apologize A LOT and give it time.

Try being thankful and counting your blessings. You were both very fortunate that no injuries happened.

I am sure you apologized...didn't you? There is no mention of it... Did she acknowledge your apology? It is equally important for her to do so.

On another positive note, you both should be thankful for each of you will now learn to work as a team better. She will not stick her hand down there without unplugging the power and you will not go near the switch like that ever again...

Sentinal events are never forgotten. They are usually suppressed in the sub conscious where they are covered with layers and layers of time, other experiences.

If you are Spiritual, you can try letting go and giving it up to God or the universe to take...but this sounds like one of those lessons for you to learn. Who knows, maybe there were angels watching over both of you ;-)

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