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can anyone figure out whats wrong with me?
i dont really know how to describe it but basically my head somethimes feels like its guna explode and feels really tight, like if i bend over to pick something up of the floor it really hurts, it was doing it yesturday and its just started to do it again, is it synuses or something like? that and should i be worried? thanks x

go to the doctors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Could be high blood pressure you go and get it checked

Hi Kelly,

Dont take ur own medicines....&& Dont make any delay .... just go and meet a physician. He will advice You what to take and what not to.....

Hope u'll recover soon...Takecare :)

austins mum
go to the doctor
they are the best people to diagnose migranines
headaches etc etc

o yaeh and the computer is not hte best thing to be in front off when youve got headache
go to bed

You should not be worried, Just go to doctor for general test.

Definitely sinus trouble. Go to your GP to confirm.
I get this quite often.

you need to explain more about your syptoms

it could be your sinus passages.. ears nose and throat are all linked so any slight infection can cause terrible effects in some people.. you could also be suffering from a blood pressure problem or headache/migraine, it could be something your eating maybe lots of cheese or something like caffine

if your really worried go to your doctor

Do you get migrains?
also might be sinus.

Steph B
i would definetely go to the dr. because a friend of mine had a migraine head ache and died an hour later of a brain annurism... so i would see the doc if i was you...

Daniel C
Your brain is swelling from cancer, go to docta now

u should definitely get a professional opinion.

You have the most extreme case of Lippiluittis I've ever heard of. You need 20 cc's of ringers lactate with a lidocane drip. Call rampart and tell them you are on the way!

elizabeth v
At the very least, try a decongestant and a pain reliever or medication specifically for Sinusitis. You really should see a doctor though, to make sure there is nothing else that needs treating, or to get some antibiotics for the sinusitis.

As a basic indicator, if your nasal mucous has anything bright yellow in it, its infected - only antibiotics will deal with it.

Try to keep upright as much as possible and use an extra pillow in bed. But get the headache checked out.

yeah kinda same here!i suggest you go to the doctor 'cause yo shouldn't take any chances!

Elizabeth Dreams
high blood pressure? go see your doctor.

ps. love Tammy's avator.

Sounds like you probably have a sinus infection. Go see a doctor though.

My guess is synus - take syntac/or go to doctors and they will prescibe you with antibiotics in case of a virus.

I had the same thing and thought i had a tumour but it went away pretty fast. Don't worry though - go and see a doctor and they will put your mind at ease

go to a doctor immedietly

you should not worry. sleep on time and wake up on time. donot sleep more than 5 hours. use such things that will purify your blood. the head starts paining only if the flow of blood is slow till ur brain from your heart. use tea or coffee two times a day.

go see your doctor it could be blood pressure

oooh is it only when you lean your head over?

i get that, i had it yesterday, its usualy a cold/start of a cold,
it feels like my head is full of liquid and when i tip my head forward/ bend down to pick something up, it feels like all the liquid rushes to the front on my head,

my ears have been hurting and abit extra waxy and the glands on my neck have been up, so it probably is liquid in my head rushing around,

dispite that i actauly feel pretty ok

You should go to your doctor/GP. I'm sure it's nothing to worry about, but just to be on the safe side. Good Luck x

You need to see a doctor. Nobody here is qualified to answer your question.

not sure..but best speak to the DOC!! hope its all ok!

you should go to a doctor, definitely, for a check up, and then view your results. I mean like a real check up tell him about this and he will help you. I'm not a doctor, so I wouldn't know if is something to really worry about. But, definitely go see your doctor.

it could be hypertension. go to your doctor and find out.

OK, get to the DR as soon as possible!! You can't be too careful with these things!

But if the pain is at the back of your head, near the nape of your neck it could be stress related, at least mine was when I had a similar thing.

Why don't you go the doctor instead of asking amateurs on here?

sounds like sinus you need them draining ,maybe

There can be any number of explanations. Sinus infection, blood cots (hopefully not).

Please see your family doctor!!

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