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Melanie C
Working out while sore?
So i'm trying to start working out on the regular, but when I do work out I get VERY sore the next day so then I don't feel like working out that day even though i'm in the mood. So the next day i'm not as sore and not in the mood to work out. What should I do?

I'm usually always in the mood to work out the day after i've worked out. But if I skip a day I lose my drive.

I personally think that working out while sore is unhealthy, but maybe if you work out a little less on one day, you won't be sore on the day after. If you work out at a pace your body will accept every day, then you can work out every day =].

Well get a program to workout every second day and stick to it either u get sore/bored or not. After a while soreness will cease, as your body will get used to working out regularly.
There is no easy way out of beginner's soreness and don't let that be your excuse to avoid exercising.

1. up your protien intake (whey protein is your best bet)

2. Go to your local nutrition shop and get Glutamine!!!!
Glutamine- This is the main supplement to help Muscle Soreness

3. If you dont already know- Work out Different body parts each day..
For example- Monday: Arms Tues: Legs Wednesday: Core and Aerobics etc...

4. Extreme amounts of Water- and Stretch at Night!!

Zoo Yorker
if you work out everyday then the soreness should go away. the soreness is just your muscles reacting to not being used. However, it's not usually good to work out everyday since this could overload your muscles and then they would really hurt, but if you do light workouts everyday then they should be fine.

Caleb the Hoernschemeyer
the best way to work out is to work out once or twice a day, for a few days if your just beggining, than take that same amount of days off, this gives the body a chance to build its muscle and catch up, than next work out for about a week, than take a week off, and gradually getting longer a longer until you hit 2 weeks, try work out for more 2 weeks straight

this works for guys, and i dont think girls like to be super buff so...
ask a girl
hope i helped

you should do different things each day. Being sore means muscle growth. make sure to relax a bit after each workout, but back to doing this every day, do running one day, then the next day upper body work. the day after your running your legs should be sore, but not upper body. this should let you do upper body and allow your legs to rest

Getting sore is normal and your body needs its rest. Your body is not use to working our so hard every day and needs to get use to that. I slowly incease the amount of workout time and the intensity to where you can work out every day. and don't do the same thing everyday.

Walk or stretch or do yoga or something to keep yourself in the groove.

If you think your too sore to work out hard, go on a brisk walk or something. Just so you can get some sort of physical activity!

Rain The Roadie

Don't work out every day unless your doing very light workouts and NEVER work out if your in pain, you'll just do yourself further injury.

You should probably stick to working out three or four times a week and never over work yourself.

When you work out you are ripping your muscles, and if you don't give them some rest to re-grow, you will never see any results... your body will pretty much stay the same, or else you'll end up hurting yourself.

You Enjoy Myself
You need to use a protein powder 30-45 after your workouts.

The reason you are sore is that lactic acid (a natural by-product of the muscles working) builds up and doesn't leave the muscles quickly. Using a whey isolate, whey concentrate, casein protein powder will help your muscles recover.

Also, add 5 grams of L-Glutamine powder to your shakes. This will GREATLY shorten your recovery time. You can get these things at a reputable health food store like GNC.

Take a multi-vitamin as well, it will help fill in all the holes that are in your diet.

You should skip a day so that your muscles can repair and relax. Try to workout every other day or do cardio and arms one day and cardio and legs/abs the next

What I do i work only a single area of my body each day, then keep it in a cycle (Biceps, Pecs, Legs, Back) so i have about 4 days rest between each time i work out a section again. But for the days when im really not feeling it, i just go on the treadmill at a 9 incline at 4mph. The treadmill keeps you in the mood while giving your muscles another day to rest

Well if you are working a single set of muscles, then you should wait 24 hours before working them again. If you are working different sets, then, work one set one day, and the other set the other!

Example: Biceps Monday, Calves Tuesday

Fat ≠ Curvy.
okay, it's simple, all you want to do is follow a few steps

1. group your exercises....as in, have 1 day for shoulders, 1 for arms, 1 for chest,1 for legs 1 for core 1 day for back

2. increase your protein + carb intake, as well as l-glutamine

3. Vitamin Pill, get a complete one

4. get 8 hours of sleep in nightly

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