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What do I do? will it ever return to its normal size??
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 How Do i know if i broke my hand?
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 How painful does this sound?
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Who to break my leg without too much pain?
don't tell me i'm carzy. cause i don't need that. and i know too break your leg it will require pain so please give me hit your leg with a hammer cause that would really hurt so just tell me ways how to break my leg


Thank You

Happy Thinking!

Certified MA :)
Jump off a roof..lol.

Andddddd Im not dumb..PRESCRIPTION PAIN PILLS! :P shameshameshame

There's no less painful way to break your leg, unless you go to a doctor and their not going to break your leg unless it's for a medical reason, it's going to hurt and hurt badly!

i wanna know to

dude. stop taking drugs. 4 real. break ur arm or something. trust me u dont want to be wheelchair and crutch bound for like 3-6 months.

Whatever your reason it is a bad idea! Nothing is worth inflicting that kind of pain on yourself. Breaking your leg will effect you the rest of your life. You will have pain when it is too cold, when it rains, when you have been moving too much or too little, and when you get older you will have arthritis. Please reconsider you could damage more than just your leg!!

take pain killers, and run off your roof with your eyes closed, and when the adults come, tell them u were just trying to get ur ball and u fell

That's impossible.

Breaking a bone is going to be painful, no matter what, unless you have the condition in which you're unable to experience pain. :|

dude? Why are you even asking this? are you seriously this stupid? there's always bad pain no matter what.

get really drunk, then climb on your roof. call 911 and then tell them you have a broken leg, and you need care immediatly. then count to 100 seconds, and jump off the roof pointing ur less dominant leg at the ground.

by the way if you do this your an idiot

Yea, your crazy but in case your really wanting to know how......
( Why Answer? ) you can just pain pill it and car door slam LOL

Joe P
jump off of your roof or get hit by a car

hav a friend drive over it

You might want to take some pain pills before and brake it were it wont effect you later on in life I dont know where that is but you can always ask another question, personally I'm telling you not to do this but if you are take my advice.

Kelly C
My son went to school with a kid that did the same thing for pain pills and the emergency room gave him ibuprofen.


Бухой Парниша
R u trying to fracture your shin?
Thats retarded... take a bunch of vicadin or norco and then have a sober friend hit it hard with something metal

its going to hurt any way u do it

and then shove the metal object in ur ***... to take away the pain from the leg

there will be pain no matter what...unless ur put to sleep or something. WTF.!!!!!

Chase W
I believe the easiest most painless way would to be to lay on your side with the uppermost leg extended and the other not. Take the lower leg and tuck in to a 90 degree angle with the other leg. Then use boards or bricks or some heavy compilable materials that will fit flush against the lower leg and allows the upper leg to lay on comfortably. Use the base of bricks etc.. to make a square or rectangular formation that hold the leg from the point of where the bricks touch the lower leg and and to about 6-8 inches past the knee cap of the upper leg. So at this point your upper leg is resting on top of some make shift surface pressed against the lower leg at the bottom and there is space under your upper leg's foot 6-8 inches from the knee that has nothing under it ( like laying a pencil over the edge of the table the part that's over the edge is the part this will be broken into 2). At this point I recommend that you be very ridiculously intoxicated off of some time of hallucinogenic drug or a strong dose of anxiety pills accompanied with opiates. Then get a "buddy" to drop at least 200 pounds of weight onto the exposed part of the leg.. ENJOY

Madilyn's Mommie
Who in the hell wants to break their leg??
No, your not carzy, your CRAZY!!
I broke my leg before and it is the worst pain you will EVER feel in your life! I was in a cast for almost a year. I missed SO much. ITs not worth it whatever you are thinkin of...

but if you insist, just do what that girl in Orphan did.
Only your leg instead of you arm.

Break a leg!

um ..you have issues...
fall down a flight of stairs.

Bella babyyy
WTF is wrong with you?!

Um. Well. If you TRY to break your leg on purpose, it may lead to even more injuries than you intended. So i insist you just sprain our ankle badly..it's practiclly the same as breaking your leg. If you break your leg, it may lead to huge fractures, internal bleeding, surgery costs, amputation of leg due to internal bleeding. I hope you change you mind about this. In sum, just sprain your ankle instead of breaking your leg.

caTheR!ne <3 ;)
are you ok? do u have problems? do u need a doctor?....have someone run over your leg with a bike or car...but seriously r u feeling ok???

Im going to tell you that you are crazy, mainly because you said not to but also because thats crazy. I would reconsider mainly because I am now trying to join the army and the amount of doctor's clearances would be staggering enough without adding to it with my broken wrist (and no I didn't have the army in mind when I was young and stupid).

If you must do it I would drink till you puke, drink some more (not really drink till before you puke so you don't die from alchohol poisoning) and then brace your foot on one object, your upper thigh on another object and have someone jump with all their weight on your leg.

I do not condone or endorse doing this as breaking your thigh would require 911 (probably 1k$ or more) and you could potentially kill yourself from blood loss. In addition if you are doing this for a welfare/social security/insurance/workers comp fraud purpose then you will get caught and you will go to jail for fraud. The people that handle those claims can mostly smell BS from a mile away and instead of a free ride you will get a free ride to jail with a broken leg, good luck defending yourself from bubba in that situation.

Understanding Life♥
WHY ??

im sorry but you are crazy. please dont do it. you will not fully recover for atleast 6 months. whatever your trying to get out of it aint worth breaking your leg for.

Kathy T
You're not crazy. Insane.

The breakage will hurt. You will sever nerves and no matter the method, that will hurt.
Try and think of the problem you have and try to solve it in a mature and logical manner. One that won't make you hate yourself and regret ever doing anything dumb.

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