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 what can it be if you are spitting up blood and throwing up and having sharp side pains?

 Head Injury, Blood, Dizziness, and Vomiting?
Saturday, I was on a golf cart with friends and I fell off and hit my head on the road.. There is a huge scab and bump on the top of my head and the back of my head hurts really bad.. Today I felt ...

 My eye hurts really bad?
I woke up this morning for find redness on my RIGHT eyeball only.
I thought it was nothing so i just left it alone. But around the afternoon, i saw that it was STILL THERE, and i started to ...

 what do you do when you hit yourself with a hammer? help!?
my sister was making a book shelf when she hit herself with a hammer. it turned all purple and worst part is moms not home and we can't call 911! D: tell me what do i do?...

 What do you use on a cut so it won't scar?
I have a cut and i don't want it to be a scar.
So help ...

 How to give yourself a bruise?
I have to do this for a project for media class, btw. I'm not like emo or anything.

But how could I give myself a bruise about the shape of a quarter/dollar for various places on my ...

 Who hasn't ever been stung by a bee?
I have never been stung by a wasp, bee, yellow jacket etc. and i was wondering how many other people haven't....

 How can I break my arm with out it relly hurting how can I break it easily? ?
I want to break my ...

 How do I brake my arm quick and easy?
because I already have it ...

 Do you get a warm tingly feeling when...?
Someone calls you duckie?

I do....

 Can you poke the black part of your eye?
I can poke the white part, but can I poke the colored or black part? I really want to but I am afraid that I'll injure myself. ???...

 I got hit in the kidney a week ago, now I'm peeing blood. Should I go to the doctor?
I got hit really hard in the back with a snowboard 1 week ago. There is bruising where my left kidney should be. I just started peeing blood, but there is no pain. Can anybody explain?...

 What should I do for my daughter's bruised, swollen finger?
My 18 month old daughter fell and hurt her finger (the pointer). She can still bend it and is using it limitedly, so I don't think it is broken. It is pretty swollen and very badly bruised, ...

 I wanna break a bone or be seriously injured any ideas?
I hate p.e. Haven't done it since year 8. And i don't intend on doing it. But the only way I can't do it now is to be injured. What could I do to prevent me being able to not do p.e?<...

 how can i break my right arm? (ten point 4 best answer)?
how can i break my right arm i need to break it before the day after tomorroww any ideas please help any way to break my right ...

 Hellp! I think that i may need to go to the docter!!?
I have had a bb from a bb gun in my foot for about 8 years and i was wondering if i may need to have it removed or sumthing! Is it lethal or does it do anything? should i go to the docter or should i ...

 My head hurts really bad...i got hit?
Friday i got hit (which was 3 days ago) in the head on accident at school..it was in the back of my head and it hurt pretty bad. Things got black for a second, and i felt dizzy and in alot of pain. T...

 How can i stop cutting myself?
i have been cutting myself for over a year.. my dad died in feb, and everyone who used to like my left me...that's why i started cutting. i never really cut tha deep but the scars that are lef ...

 i was in a car accident 5 days ago i have lower back pain and rib pain & feels horrible should i see a doctor?

 What's the worst injury you have ever had?

Whats the worst accident or injury you've had?
I used to be really accident prone when I was younger!! It seemed like I spent most of my youth on a hospital ward!

My worst accident/injury was when I fell from a balcony on a three story apartment block. I was 20 years old. I fractured the 4th lumber on my spine. I was in hospital for five weeks, and off work for a futher 3 months. I went on to make a full recovery, although I still have the odd problem with my back!

How about you?

I lost my head in a chainsaw accident. I keep it in a big bowl of vodka next to my bed.

i crashed my car hit the bollards down the middle of the motorway flipped the car over it lucky i didn't have a seat belt on cus i felll out the window and the car got obliterated by oncoming traffic

* Flirt *
my worst is slicing my thumb open last saturday and needing stitches, guess im pretty lucky really...altho im always covered in bruises...bruise very easily.

A few years ago I went on a family holiday, neice getting married, to Dominican Republic. On the second day we had a rain storm, I slipped on wet marble and broke my wrist. Had my arm in plaster and could not join in any of the fun while on holiday.

Stephanie P
Just this past January my kids were at my parents for the weekend so I decided to clear out my closet. I was standing on a three legged wicker stool with my left foot on the edge and my right foot on the center. When I moved my right foot to put it on the floor my left foot tipped the stool over. My legs went out from under me and I landed on the edge of the stool with my chest. I blacked out - when I came to all I could think about was my wrist (I think I hit it on the footboard of the bed but I can't remember). I could move it, so I thought it wasn't broken. I crawled downstairs to get some ice, blacking out twice more. Luckily my freezer is at the bottom of the fridge, so I didn't have to stand to get ice. I iced my wrist for the rest of the day, didn't call anyone (I didn't want to worry them), and lay on the couch. After a few hours I stopped blacking out everytime I tried to sit up, so I thought I was fine.

My husband freaked out when he got home, but I didn't want to ruin our weekend alone so I downplayed what had happened, which was fine until the bruises on my chest showed up the next day (after I spent most of the night throwing up). When my parents brought the kids home I finally agreed to go to the hospital. Turned out I had a broken wrist, broken toe, cracked ribs, badly bruised sternum and a concussion. The ER doctor told me that if the stool had been wood and not wicker (the wicker gave way - you could see the pattern on my chest) the impact could have stopped my heart or broken my sternum or both.

I was interesting though - it's made me less afraid of dying violently. The only thing that went through my head as I was falling was a vague "what the hell" before the impact. It happened so quickly and was so disorienting - it wasn't until I came to that I even realized that I'd fallen. It's also made me realize how something terrible can happen so easily and stupidly. I'm more careful now - and the stool is a plant holder!

matt mcd
when i was 16 i played basketball for my district, i arrived at training one saturday to discover that one of our star players had been in a car accident and broken one of his legs!
this instigated a conversation amongst the rest of the team, we started comparing past injuries and broken bones. i confessed that when i was a in primary school i was forever twisting my ankles but was lucky enough to have never broken a bone in my body.
well, 30 minutes into training i ran to inercept a shot made by an opponent, i must have been overeager as i was running at some speed, i got to my opponent just as he took his shot, i jumped probably higher than i have ever jumped before or since. only problem was my feet were still moving forward, as i reached the apex of the jump i realised that i wasn't going to land on my feet, i put my right hand back to break my fall. all i remember from that moment when i connected wih the ground was the sickening crack and the fact that the whole training session came to a screaching halt at the sound of my wrist breaking! i dislocated my wrist, the lump just below my knuckles that i thought was just swelling turned out to be the head of the radius bone! i had also smashed a couple of the carpal bones in the process!
this was over ten years ago and i have never regained full range of motion of the right wrist, nor could i play bball quite as well i did previously.
the moral to the story...never tempt fate.

kevin p
cellar stairs when we had pub

Ouch, that sound awful, my worst would be when I slipped and fell and broke a bone in my foot, I'm always having accidents, thankfully nothing major, so far!! Spent plenty time in hospital through illness though.

I slipped in the shower at my mums and put my foot through the bath. I ended up with a thrombosis and was on warfarin for 4 months (after spending a week in the hospital)
I couldn't walk properly for months, it was agony!

My daughter was 2 and managed to get hold of some washing up liquid and managed to empty the contents over the kitchen floor - I went out to make a coffee and looking at the kettle and not the floor I went up in the air and landed flat on my back didn't need to go to hospital thankfilly - but i'm still having trouble with my back 4 years later

billie t
my 20 yr. old son had major car accident broke 16 bones lacerated his liver and parylized his rt arm. he spent 3 days on resprirator..he had to have 29 units of blood..he has pins rods, nails and screws holding him together..this happened in march of this year..everyone was amazed he made it through alive and best of all after numberous broken bones in his legs ..hes up and walking and he only spent 3 weeks in hospital..he will have pain forever

well i fell on my back on the bathroom tiles a coupla days ago, really hard, got a splitting headache and back pains. didnt bother going a and e

ouch! yours sounds worse though!

Never broke a bone in my puff, yet as a child I was forever falling out of trees and skinning my knees n stuff.

I have SEEN LOADS though. The one's that stick in my mind however:

A man getting out of taxi into busy traffic, was holding the door frame when a lorry passed and hit the door, slamming it shut on his fingers and all four fingers on one hand were hanging by the skin.

Rugby player with a broken arm, we couldn't get into a sling. It looked so wrong? Got to hospital and consultant came round and noticed that his arm was back to front! He rotated when he fell

Man fell drunk down stairs and scalped himself on the dyson. His skull was showing. His wife was screaming - about the broken dyson!

Now I've seen much much worse and more gruesome but then that's not good at all the ones above have just stuck with me because they were "different" and possibly because the people involved were not so badly injured and would bounce back ok.

J Lo
Hi I'm still recovering from serious injuries I received in a horrific car crash in March this year in which two others were killed I had broken bones all over and torn ligaments my fiance was almost killed he had internal bleeding caused by the steering wheel puncturing his bowel on impact terrifying I'll never get over it!!

Edit: Colorado was it worth breaking the speed limit? the two that caused our crash were doing 102mph no drivnig licence or insurance but they paid the ultimate price and nearly took us too!!

Em x
I got kicked by a horse (both its back legs at the same time) in the stomach - thats the one I remember the most!!

urm im very accident prone and it doesnt help i have osteoporosis (brittle bones)

i have broken 17 bones wrists ankles cervical spine thumbs knees hip ribs, lol

i was a wee bit anarchistic as a kid i was always the one to have skateboarding accidnets etc.

but the worst was when i was 13, i tried to recreate the cliffhanger film by jumping a huge ledge missing my footing and falling 20ft down the side of a grassy mountain hitting trees on the way down fracturing my neck both arms and my ankle. spent a long time in hospital.. still have back pain now. i have to wear a special brace when i sleep.

I driven my car into a river once. and on my bike i when straight in to a tractor. and fallen out about ten trees and broken my front teeth. but i never broken a bone as i bounce well.

Where to begin...

When I was eight... I was knocking and running from my big brothers bedroom door... He finally got to the end of his teather... Opened the door up screamed at me to get lost and slammed shut the door...

There was silence... Followed by my noticing the copious amount of blood literally spurting from my finger...

I screamed..as you do and mum came running...She pulled me into the bathroom, put my hand under the tap and ooops...there was my bone sticking out the top of my finger, the door had chopped the top of it off... But the shock had stopped me feeling anything immediately...

My mums a nurse and kept relitively cool as she wrapped it up and put me in the car to go to hospital....

Took about 5 months to heal..Poor mum had to take me to the hospital once a week all that time to change the dressing...

My other incident was just as I walked along a wooden path.. Which un be known to me was cracked.....My legs just went from under me... I ended up on the floor with my left leg behind me... And the mosr revolting noice and my knee tore...

Owwww!!! Had surgery for that one, crutches for 4 months...Im ok now (the £5000 compensation for that one helped me a little too!!)

Thats excluding the fracture right ankle, concussions and surgerys.. Hope my kids arent like me!!!

andrea b
Broke my leg in 3 places when 31 wks pregnant, ending up having C-Section with leg still in plaster 10wk later.

I haven't done anything near that dangerous. The only bone I've broken is my toe, but I've had several concussions and sprained my ankles a few times.

Actually im not as clumsy as you, hee hee, jus kidding!! I've never had so much as a filling in my tooth! Never had an accident before really chicks...........x x

absolved lemon
i've been electrocuted by household appliances, put my hands and feet through panes of glass been burnt with an oxy acetylene torch had the skin of my fingers ripped off, been savaged by dogs fell 500 metres down the side of a hill fell 20 foot onto a concrete floor, tripped over and tore my ankle ligaments<< very painful, been in 2 industrial explosions, been in a motorbike crash , fractured a few ribs and split my head both work related. only 2 of the incidents have affected me throughout. being savaged by dogs and the motorbike accident. i still suffer 30 years later from the dogs and 3 years later from the bike crash. everything else i bounced back from.

Famey D
Mine is not as severe as yours, but I smashed both my knees after a skateboarding trick went wrong six years ago...
I made a full recovery but they still give me problem sometimes.

Ste fireblade
I once got married by accident never drank vodka since thank got for divorce

Mine was a car wreck. I hit a tree goin 147 mph at my drivers door. It took them over 40 min. to cut me out of the car. Finally i started to die on scene so they just drugged me up and pulled me out. I spent 3 weeks in a comma. Durring that time they had to bring me back to life twice and they put 6 lbs of rods and pins in my leg. I spent a total of 2 months in the hospital and about 6 months in a wheelchair.


No it was not. Thats why i now work with anti-streetracing groups as well as what headed me towards becoming and EMT.

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