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 i am 15, what's wrong?
my lower right side of stomach hurts everytime i get up or walk. what's up with that?
Additional Details
i asked my step da, he said i'm 2 young 2 have an apendicistis, or ...

 Is a knee injury a medical emergency?
I banged the heck out of my knee two days ago. I walk with the pain but it hurts none the less. My kneecap feels kinda weird...any suggestions?...

 what is that called when someones head is cut off?
not decapitated. something else......

 I have a neck pain that doesnt go away,can anybody help?
I have a neck pain that doesn't away. I can honestly say that it has been there for months and doesnt get worst but doesn't get better either.it starts like an inch away from behind my ear ...

 Sprained Ankle?
Today during volleyball practice I landed on my ankle when I jumped to spike. Apparently I rolled my ankle... Right now it hurts really bad, I can't put any weight on it - it's so painful. T...

 i got a shot and my arm hurts realy bad and is swollen i cant go to the doctor for at least a week what to do?

 i broke my foot but i can't let my mom find out i have a tattoo!!?
last night i broke the back of my foot. it hurts so bad i can barely walk on it. i have a small tattoo on my ankle but im only 14 so i cant let my mom see it! so i cant go to the doctors to get a ...

 I went jogging for the 1st time today for an hour, my legs hurt - shall i go tomorow?
I really enjoyed it and really want to go tomorow
is this a good idea since my legs feel tired and stiff? will it be that bad if i go again tomorrow despite that?...

 what's the best thing to do if your stomach hurts and you've been throwing up. like i mean to make it stop.

 What Is Whiplash? Please Answer, Thanks :]?
My friend was in a car crash last week and she told me in school today that she's got Whiplash. I played along like I knew what it was but really, I don't have a clue. What does it mean? T...

 If Stephen Hawking stubs his toe on a corner or something, does he physically have to type in 'ow'?!?

Additional Details
benjoe021 - Oh yes....

 Do I need to get this checked up?
this summer i injured the lower part of my.. i think it's my backbone? it's kinda right over my tush. anyways, there was this spring mattress on the ground, i forgot and plopped on it, and ...

 Haven't you always wanted to push a person in a wheelchair down a flight of staris?
It's mean, but I've always wanted to. What about you?...

 If someone looses a lot of blood, what can he or she do to be healthy again?
My friend said they lost a lot of blood, by some self inflicted injury they will not tell me about, and they are feeling very weak and can't get out of bed. What can I tell this person to do, ...

 I've been electrocuted?
I touched open wires on fairy lights connected to the mains and was electrocuted, my fingers tingled for ages and now my hand and arm have started to ache, should i be worried, what should i do?

 I need to sprain/break my wrist arm or ankle today?
its all i want for x-mas plz tell me how i need to and dont say im werid or crazed i just need to so plz help

happy holidays to all!!...

 If you were walking and ran into a homless guy with 7 toes, and he was dying, would you give him CPR?

Additional Details
Well why not have 7 toes, its like 10 but without 3....

 Working out while sore?
So i'm trying to start working out on the regular, but when I do work out I get VERY sore the next day so then I don't feel like working out that day even though i'm in the mood. So ...

 My husband's eye doctor put drops in his eyes and he hasn't seen clearly since.?
Can this be reversed?...

 i just hit my head really hard on a cabinet and blacked out...?
for a few seconds and i almost fell over cuz i was dizzy.. now my head hurts and i am still dizzy and my vision keeps going weird.. i have ice on it now.. what else can i do to make it stop? could i ...

What is your silliest injury or scar?
:) always funny to hear silly stories!
I have a fork mark in my leg due to my sister throwing a fork at me 'cause I was arguing with her.

When I was about 10, my PJ shirt was wet. I thought, instead of putting in the dryer, why not use the hair blower to dry it. So, I put the hair blower right up to the shirt. My stomach started to burn, I moved the hair dryer, and there was a burn hole on my shirt and a burn mark on my stomach. I still have a burn scar to this day. I was so stupid back then! XD

Sliced the end of my pinky finger off whilst peeling potatoes. It didn't even hurt, I just suddenly noticed there was blood everywhere.

The scar under my chin.

First time I split it open falling over running away from the police at the end of a demo, I was very drunk and ran at full pelt when they decided to charge. The guy in front of me turned around to have a look and I clattered into him, fell over his legs and landed on my chin and lost half my tooth.

Then I split my chin open again years later. This time the speedometer on the front fork of my bike wasn't working. In a fit of frustration I kicked it... while I was riding. Duh! My foot followed through, into the wheel. Next thing I remember I was lying on the road with a bloody chin again and a few cuts down the side of my face too...

Clown Knows
Hitting my head on the exit tunnel between the circus arena and the clown room.

I was working on a checkout and reached past a box of christmas crackers to get something out of the basket and cut myself on the plastic box...about 2 inch cut on my forearm, I had the scar for 6 months!

Jess J
hajahaja ok well my brother once got a spoon stuck In His forehead
The side of it sliced his skin it was funny LOL... But gross

lol i cut my finger open and got 4 stiches because i tripped and it hit the corner of a table ( sharp edges) lmao

When I was younger I was at the zoo with my aunt and some other people. We were looking at the parrots. I was told to not put my fingers through the cage beecause they would bite. I didn't listen. I stuck my left little finger in the cage and a parrot bit me. I've got a scar from that bite. I never stuck my fingers in any more cages after that.

.A. June
i broke my wrist and get this.... it was from tying a shoe! ha ha I was just pulling on the laces and I heard a crack so I went to the doctor's and sure enough it was broken

my mom hit me in the head with the trunk of the car door.
i was young and it is hilarious now!!
i guess it explains a lot!

Super Hygienist
When I was in jr high I was walking to school on an inservice day to go to track practice. I thought I was going to be late so I started running and tripped over my own feet and totally wiped out. I was all banged up and I'm 23 now and have a scar on my knee from it still. A parent from the school was driving by and saw it happen and picked me up and drove me to school, where they immediately drove me home because I was all bleeding and banged up...I was really clumsy as a kid haha

Two weeks later when I was back at track practice, I was running and somebody across the street called my name, I looked over and tripped over the curb and sprained my ankle.

x~Dudette~ x
I was playing tag ball, on the astro at skl, and this boy was running infront of me, I caught the back of his shoe and fell over and he landed ontop of me... the astro cut all my knee and has left me with two big scars.....
he other thing.... was on a Guide camp, and we were cooking dessert, went to check on it and there was a stick on fire sticking out, and as I bent down to check, the stick caught the inside of my leg... It blistered and then the next day, crawling out the tent, I caught the blister on the tent peg..... That kinda HURT!!!lol - I still have a round scar there now!!!

i stepped on a rake... and had a huge bump on my forehead for about a week!

i still can't believe i did it!

I got the lace of my shoe caught at the end of an escalator (those moving stairs) anyway yeah I went thudd & landed on my knees - they were really red all day!
Then another time in school someone was throwing a CD to someone else everyone was sitting down, & I got up to but something in the bin & intersected the throw & got the side of a CD smack into my forehead, it was soooo sore and I had a big dint down my face for about a week!

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