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 How do I "pop" a dislocated shoulder back into it's socket?
I have dislocated my left shoulder three times now. Everytime I go to the emergency room It takes them 2 hours to get me in a room and another 2 hours to get someone to "pop" my shoulder ...

 Have you ever sprained your ankle?
I sprained my yesterday for the first ...

 how to break your arm?
well i have been wanting to break my arm since i was little and i have always been scared and i want to break it because then i can get a cast and everyone can sign it my stupid mom and step dad wont ...

 what have you broken?
tell me all of your painful stories were a bone has been broken or fractured. tell me how you did it, what it looked like, and how broken was it? good luck!...

 Should I pop these blisters (which are on my toes)? I've never gotten them before. HELP!?
Last night, when I was trick or treating, I wsa dumb enough to not wear sneakers. Instead, I wore these shoes that are like 3 inches high and made of leather, but they weren't heels. Me and my ...

 Is it possible to twist your ankle on a trampoline?
I saw a question on here (Yahoo Answers) and someone said they twisted their ankle on a trampoline... Is that possible? bcuz I never thought you could because it's not really a hard surface like ...

 cant get over it?
okay so i ALMOST cut my lil sis's finger off. u know those disposal things that they have in sinks and well her hand was in it cuz she was checking somehtin g and i accedently turn it on she ...

 what is the problem with my back??
i play baseball and i came home from practice and the mid back was hurting what could have happened and how long would it take to heal .. it is near my spine but maybe 2 inches away some one told me ...

 When your head hurts what is the best thing to do..?

 Would you rather get shot in the arm or get stabbed in the stomach?

 how to heal a hikki...faster?!?
i want this dang thing to go away faster...how you might do that is what im curious ...

 Would you please pray for my daughter's father? He got stabbed badly ,?
Had as collasped lung and is having trouble breathing. Thank you so very much!...

 I fell down a hill yesterday?
So yesterday I was kind of upset because I got cut off of swim team and I was walking down a hill in flip flops and it was muddy and slippery and I fell. I didnt notice until today but my side hurts ...

 How can you lick ur elbow? is it really impossible?

 Will they cut my toe off?
My big toe is red alltheway to the first knuckle line kinda. It is white with puss near my nail. Im wondering if its serious it just started today....

 Any good ways to treat a fat lip?
I was at baseball practice today and the idiot catcher was standing in the runners line, then the throw home from third base popped out of his glove and BAM! right in my teeth.

Now my lip ...

 I can't stop sliding around on my forehead. help.?

 Should I get my ankle checked out? (picture)?
I hurt my ankle today chasing around my 12 year old brother in-law. I don't know much about injuries, and there is no one I can ask. Does it look serious enough to get checked out by a doctor? I ...

 what is the fastest unpainful way to die?

Additional Details
dont make things up....

 Should I be alright?
I wanted to know if i am alright because i took a firecracker, lit it about foot above my face, and it exploded too quickly to run, and after it exploded, my ears felt like cotton balls were ...

What is the worst Worst injury you've ever had?

i fell face first in the bath which took huge pieces of my front teeth out!

Underoath Fan
I broke my wrist playing hockey.
i don't know how it happened but i broke 2 bones in my wrist it was tottally disfigured. my wrist was like this ------____-----lol. very painful after getting pins inserted.

Eric W
Broken Tailbone.

Fractured vertebrae and rib. Not quite sure how it happened, but have been in pain for 15 years and running from doc to doc to doc. Have tried PT, chiropractors, accupuncture, epidural steroids, facet joint injections, trigger point injections, every anti-inflammatory drug on the market, ice, heat, electronic nerve stimulation, but am reduced to muscle relaxants and painkillers as only effective treatment for spasms and severe spinal compression pain.

Think it may have happened when I was 12 and jumped into a 4' pool feet first. Turned out the pool was 3' deep. Broke the bones and they healed with bone spurs and warped vertebrae that can't be fixed. Made it worse as a weightlifter in college. You don't realize your body is breaking, you just lift until you reach your max.

broken heart

I have broken my ankle but with a cast I was able to play badminton, do gymnastic tumbling and play ping pong.

My worst injury was when I hurt my back. It was out in several places and very much affected my life. I could not sit, stand or lie down in comfort for months. I started with physio and then went to a chiropractor whom got me feeling better much faster.

Gregory House
luckily i haven't broken a bone in my body but once in YMCA i was running up the bleachers to catch up with my friends and slipped on a step and my front teeth and jaw landed on the edge of the bleacher. It hurt like hell.

I was at Warped Tour a month before my freshman year of high school and a bottle hit me in the face and I lost my whole left front tooth :(

Compound tib/fib fracture...OUCH!

American Woman
The injury itself wasn't that bad, but it was unbelieveably painful. I scratched both my corneas by taking out my contacts while the contacts were stuck to my eyes. Very painful.

the only thing that has ever happened to me is that i ripped a tendon in my ankle...i've never even broken a bone before. i guess im lucky. but then again, im only 14. i have plenty of time to need a full-body cast..XP

Frying pan!
I fell into a glass table, Glass was everywhere.

Smashed off the tip of my ring finger when I was in high school. It was gruesome.

Joey B
when I was in prison this group of thugs pinned me down and violated me anally for three days.

broken leg

Time Will Tell
My heart broke.

William W
Broken (shattered) Femur (thigh bone) from a skiing accident.
6 months in traction
Loss of 3 inches in leg length
Pain for another year
My doctors finally took pity on me; re-broke it, pulled it out to full length, screwed 2 stainless steel internal splints to the bone, then filled in the gape with bone scrapings.
After 30 years its still that way and works fine, except that I'll sometimes set off metal detectors.
p.s. I gave up skiing.

Gunshot wound to the chest. Inflicted by the man who swore to love, honor, and cherish me til death do we part. Just didn't know he intended it to be my death. But I lived. Boy did that piss him off.

I've had a few at the same time that were pretty bad (should have been deadly)

Starting from the top of my body and going down:

A skull fracture (occipital/parietal region) with brain damage, some frontal lobe damage
Both of my lungs collapsed
I had a tear through 2 of the 3 layers of my aorta
grade 4 liver laceration
Oh and 7 fractured ribs and a fractured shoulder down my back.
Oh yeah, a bunch of facial abrasions too where they had to sew parts of my face back together like on my cheek and my eyebrow/eyelid

Then 4 years later I had a blood clot in my lung even though I got an IVC filter put in during the horrible accident with the injuries I listed above - they say the cause is an abnormal gene

I had my gall bladder removed last summer - it was full of stones

♥ £ðx¥ Ðå痢 ♥
I have never really had an injury that was bad...........I've been very fortunate =)

ok is was the most absolute worst day of my life
i was riding my bike wen i was like 13 on a gravel road. I looked down to check my speedometer and i was going 90 km/h then i put my gear into 7 and tried for 100. then i saw the hill in front of me and i realised it could be dangerous so i decided i need to stop. but under pressure i gripped the front break so i flew like 20 metres across all the way down the hill. when i reached the bottom i had broken all my ribs, smashed my front row of teeth, cracked the cartlidge thats holds your skull together. broke everybone in my legs and one arm. the other arm was hanging by a little bit of flesh. my pelvis was shattered and on the way down my cerebrum(part of your brain which co ordinates movement got smashed by a rock. my pelvis was shattered and one of my ribs pierced my lungs. i was bleeding internally and some how small pieces of rock were stuck in my knee. i bit my tongue off and had one long roasty(deep graze) from my neck and over the top of my private. my neck had many cut marks on it from the jagged rocks and part of the muscle of my left bum cheek. i was air lifted to te hospital where they said i have a 45 percent chance of making it. I did. my arm had to be amputated, i was disabled, cause i broke almost every bone in my body except my toes and i had to be given air manually cause my lungs collapsed. i was in a coma for 10 days and had about 1200(internal and external stitches) from back to chest. my tongue was found so they re attached it with 20 of those stitches. ay it was bad. but then my puppy woke me up ha ha. lol went a little over bored there. the part about the fall and the rock in my leg is the only real part but no broken bones

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