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 My mom got hit in the head with a small rock- should we take her to the hospital? HELP?
My dad was brush hogging, and it flew out from underneath.
We stopped the bleeding, and now she's laying on the couch. She looks tired, but her pupils seem fine. However, she says that she ...

 is it bad when your ribs show?
when i bend sideways my ribs show. im not fat im not skinny but they show....

 need help, slammed finger in a car door?
my right thumb got slammed in a car door 7 hours ago. only the right half of my thumb got hurt, and it started to bleed alot. its stopped now, but bleeds now and then. i cleaned it and put a band-...

 Would You Ever Go Out On Crutches Just to See What it's Like?
I know most people really hate them and I would never want to be on them forever or anything like that, but I also really like them. I've actually had them for real injuries due to soccer, but ...

 underneath my left eye you can see it beating!! help!!?
and when i touch it , i can feel a pulse and its scaring me!! it looks like a twitch, but its not, its like a beating vein! and its noticable!! please help!! im so freaked out!!
Additional D...

 my friend had a toy car got stuck up his bum, it's been there for 3 days. should he go to to the doctors?

Additional Details
the car is a small toy car and is red, he thinks if it hasn't come out by now it'll be ...

 My boyfriend punched a wall last night,and 24 hr later his knuckles,palm,and fingers are swollen,is it broken?
They are all bruised as ...

 If I cut off my arm will it grow back?

Additional Details
and what about my legs will they grow back as ...

 i hit my face it is now swollen how do i reduce the swollen?
i hit my face it is now swollen how do i reduce the swollen. I am not sure if I can still use some ice bacause this happened over 24 hrs ago. any ideas?...

 Bad Cut Please Help?
A few days ago I was opening a razor and it went into my thumb. I could see my skin in the razor.There was blood EVERYWHERE and now its kinda swollen and still bleeds. Its also pretty deep. And hurts ...

 Does licking your wounds really prevent an infection?
If so, why?...

 I can't touch my toes?
I'm really tall for my age...5'5'' 1/2, and I am 12. The only thing is that I can't touch my toes...whenever I stretch my legs to touch them it hurts. This isn't sudden ...

 how do you break your leg or arm?
i want to know so i can and i also love breaking bones!...

 Oh my God, I'm in my office. Someone just walked in with a gun and shot Ms. Stephenson the recptionist?
OH God what should I do, he's killing everyone OH GOD PLEASE HELP ME. I have a Beretta in my drawer. Should I risk going out there?
Additional Details
I killed him. I actually ...

 Red Srcatches on my husband's back. He said he got those from working out or he cheated on me? Please help!

This happened last night that I happened to see scratches on my husband's back (I did take 3 pictures of the scratches). The moment I saw those red scratches on his back, I was ...

 is it normal to go number two and then have a drop or two of blood...?
just curious......

 Is it weird for me to be doing this when I am only 13?
I'm 13 years old 5'10 and 195lbs. This year was the first year that I did sports and I really got into it. I play football and basketball. I practice football at school for about an hour ...

 Don't say I'm stupid........?
because I really want to break my arm! I've got a perfectly good reason to but I can't say why!!! Could someone please give me an idea?!!...

 Help! I've just burnt my fingure a few hours ago from the oven! it's swollen..i wanna prevent it from scarring?
can anybody help? what am i supposed to do now?...

 my brother stabbed me in the eye?
last night my brother stabbed me in the eye with the pole end of a feather duster.
it hurt and weeped for about an hour but i could still see.
this morning it still hurts and i can see fine ...

Laila's Mummy!
What is the most painfull thing you have ever stubbed your toe on?
And where is the funniest?
What are the storys behind them?

a tripwire that set off an i.e.d...not that funny

The door, oogey googey stuff came out.

well I was heading to my great grandmas when I was a kid (she lived right next door to my mom and dads house) and I always ran across my yard to hers and jumped up on her porch instead of going around to the steps b/c I was cool like that. and I guess she had got a big a** geode ( one of the rocks with all the crystals in it) and set it on the corner of the porch. So anyways here I come running across the yard barefoot jump up on her porch.. kick the effin rock and it goes flying and smashes on her sidewalk.. My great grandma came outside saw me sitting there crying and she laughs her a** off and says "dammit Shanna you broke my rock"... lol but thats just how my grandma was... lol
and another time one of my exes and I were walking to the gas station and these people had what looked like a beach ball sitting in their yard so my ex runs up and kicks it.. turns out it was cement.. yeah.. he shattered the bone in his big toe... pretty funny stuff..lol

The shopping cart and the chair

The pointy end of a fighter jet!!!!

Kev ~ Now with added moobs
The door frame when I was going to the toilet one night and I didn't think to switch the light on.
I swore very loudly.

the corner of my unfinished deck.
i was running up the stairs and my dad had redone the deck [or porch, whatever you call it ] but there were still a few rails missing and i hit my toe on on of the spots a rail was missing.

when i was at school we had a cross country run in the autumn...a large pile of leaves lay at the side of the path.
as i kicked in to them as hard as i could i found the block of stone hidden beneath...............it hurt so much and cost me three toe nails.......just thinking about it hurts.....ouch

the end of a table :P

a wall. happens buch o times. they like to run in to me..

definateley the leg of the bed whhen i stubbed my little toe..brought me to my knees..very painful

Tyro A
A cement block was the most painful
hiding from in my friends bedroom closet was the funniest -at the moment
Stories behind them?
Most painful -when I was young, playing at cousin's construction site (barefoot), ended by trying to run away from a vicious dog and ran into a cement block.
Funniest - I wasn't supposed to be there, and when you're on a buzz and doing something against the rules, it just seems funny.

on the door as i was opening and my toe got stuck under door funny now but very very painful at the time

Chantol๛ ดวงอาทิตย์๛
dad backed up on my toe with a car once. Let me tell you that it wasn't funny when it happened. but after we laughed at it.

a door jam it sprained my foot!!!

as a child I would run around without shoes and stub the toe nail right off, ( most painful)

another time i was running after my son at a wedding,
trying to make him quiet down while they were giving speechs

when i bashed it I let out a grunt , and everyone turned and looked at me,( very humiliating, but funny NOW)

I have stubbed my toe on an old rusty nail and a saw blade!! Ouch!!!! That hurt like heck!!!!!

Where's that pesky fraggle?
The freaking thesaurus my bf dropped on my little toe on new years day!

Wolves No Surrender
Chainsaw I only have 3 toes left

on an ex's leg, broke my toe but it was worth it lol

I ran into the side of the door - my foot went one way & my little toe went the other way!! Ooouch!

erik w
coffee table. lost my toenail.

Those tiny tile in the swimming pool........lmao!!!
i fell and unfortunately one was lose and it caught my toe.............ouch!!!


omg the worst pain ever!!!!!!!!

I don't personally have a thrilling toe-stub story, but your question made me think of one:

In 1911, Jack Daniel, founder of the Tennessee whiskey distillery, died of blood poisoning six years after receiving a toe injury when he kicked his safe in anger at being unable to remember its combination.

Talk about a dumb way to die! LOL

The Wikipedia link below where I found this is a GREAT read!

Hope you got a pair of steel-toed boots for Christmas! :D

nail went right in (ouch)

Ferrari Babe ¸.•*´`*♥ ♥*´`*•.¸
I didn't stub my toe but I once pulled off a drawer front which landed on my toes. It's was really painful and ended what was looking like being a passionate night with my husband. Apart from missing a night of Lurve, every time the quilt touched ny toes it was agony so I didn't get much sleep either.

Pleasant Peter Perkins
Not me..but my Dad.

He was pulling a sock on and accidentally lost his grip on the sock. he kicked out and broke two toes on a table leg!

I still wince when I think of it!!

Well I'm not sure about the STUBBING but I've once had my toe slammed in a door. The door was shut all the way and my friend who slammed it was so freaked out I had to PULL my toe out of the slat.

Andrez P
i was riding my motacycle and i was going fast and stubbed against a wooden light post ( i was wearing flip flops)

My dog. The stub wasn't so bad, but the bite afterwards hurt like hell. It was dark, he's a black lab - how was I to know he was sleeping there?

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