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 What Is Whiplash? Please Answer, Thanks :]?
My friend was in a car crash last week and she told me in school today that she's got Whiplash. I played along like I knew what it was but really, I don't have a clue. What does it mean? T...

 If Stephen Hawking stubs his toe on a corner or something, does he physically have to type in 'ow'?!?

Additional Details
benjoe021 - Oh yes....

 Do I need to get this checked up?
this summer i injured the lower part of my.. i think it's my backbone? it's kinda right over my tush. anyways, there was this spring mattress on the ground, i forgot and plopped on it, and ...

 Haven't you always wanted to push a person in a wheelchair down a flight of staris?
It's mean, but I've always wanted to. What about you?...

 If someone looses a lot of blood, what can he or she do to be healthy again?
My friend said they lost a lot of blood, by some self inflicted injury they will not tell me about, and they are feeling very weak and can't get out of bed. What can I tell this person to do, ...

 I've been electrocuted?
I touched open wires on fairy lights connected to the mains and was electrocuted, my fingers tingled for ages and now my hand and arm have started to ache, should i be worried, what should i do?

 I need to sprain/break my wrist arm or ankle today?
its all i want for x-mas plz tell me how i need to and dont say im werid or crazed i just need to so plz help

happy holidays to all!!...

 If you were walking and ran into a homless guy with 7 toes, and he was dying, would you give him CPR?

Additional Details
Well why not have 7 toes, its like 10 but without 3....

 Working out while sore?
So i'm trying to start working out on the regular, but when I do work out I get VERY sore the next day so then I don't feel like working out that day even though i'm in the mood. So ...

 My husband's eye doctor put drops in his eyes and he hasn't seen clearly since.?
Can this be reversed?...

 i just hit my head really hard on a cabinet and blacked out...?
for a few seconds and i almost fell over cuz i was dizzy.. now my head hurts and i am still dizzy and my vision keeps going weird.. i have ice on it now.. what else can i do to make it stop? could i ...

 I'm embarrassed but?
I have real bad gas and not the burping kind.. I must have to pas gas 50 times a day if not more and not little farts either . Family members say it isn't normal to fart that often. and i'm ...

 Do you BRUISE easily?
I do - the slightest knock and I've got a lovely big bruise to show for it.
Additional Details
I've been tested for anaemia recently but it came back okay. The only thing I was ...

 Will calcium help heal a broken bone faster?
I'm looking for an answer from a doctor or specialist. I have a buckle fracture in my wrist and I was wondering if there is any way to speed up the healing process....

 I have severe pain in my heart area and it's spreading to the sholders?
I ate two big macs a few hours ago and I am typing this in sharp pain. I have been addicted to fast food for the past two years and I wonder if I am in any trouble?
Additional Details

 I cant stop hurting myself....?
i cant stop cutting and burning myself. i dont know whats wrong with me. i see a therapist once a week for my depression and OCD issues. i cant stop though......

 what is prosthetic leg?

 I've stepped on a wasp: What will make the swelling go down?
I've taken anti-histomine and used ice and made a baking soda mix, but it is still very itchy and swollen. Any ideas?...

 I got shot in the leg with a pellet gun by my friend. It was a steel pellet its in my inner thy. Doctor???

 how did you break a bone.......?
i have a science project on broken bones, please could you tell me how you broke some of your bones?...

What is the dumbest injury you've ever gotten?
Once I was playing volleyball on the beach at night and I ran into the wooden post while trying to hit the ball, and my forehead swelled into a huge lump. I also got a few splinters.

I was in my pool and with my friends we were being stupid and a micheal jakson song came on and I did a micheal jakson move (you know the one) and when I leaned I wanged my head on the concrete and started bleeding

A very long cut on my knee

It had been raining for days so I was not paying to much attention to the puddles on the ground when I stpped to gas up. Turned out to be diesel : I slipped, dislocated my elbow and broke my arm in two places. Im still in P.T.

A broken heart.

basketball lover
i was playing soccer and i was trying to kick the ball i missed then slid in to a pole the pole went inbettween my legs and rammed up against my balls. owwwwww

Threw sand at a wild dog's eyes in the middle of the night. It mauled my right leg right after. SO DUMB.

Even dumber was when I tried climbing a 10 foot spiked fenced and got pierced under my knee by the first set of spikes(there were 4).

I also ran into a volleyball post in gym once... haha.

shoving garbage in a dumpster and slamming the lid the thing fell on top of me. I was pinned under a garbage dumpster and it cut my foot really bad. A neighbor found me and a few men moved it and got me to the hospital but not before I passed out from lack of blood. I had to have a blood transfusion and was in the hospital for 3 days. Thinking back I guess I should have read the warning on those things that says do not over fill. Medical bills over $6,000 and tried suing the garbage company because it turned out one of the wheels on that thing was broken and it was sitting on a piece of wood but never saw a penny. Still paying that hospital bill because I didn't have any insurance.

Somebody's Sister
This is really dumb...
When I was about 15 years old, a friend of mine had a grandma who had just bought a motorized wheelchair. Her grandma was letting everyone take turns driving it around the driveway. This particular model wheelchair had no basket or anything on the front, it was just open. It was also a rainy day and the driveway was quite slick. I misjudged how fast those things can actually go and I slammed right into a tree. But before I hit the tree, I hit a chair that was sitting in front of the tree and I got wedged underneath the chair. I was laughing so hard that I didn't realize how badly I was hurt until I got to work. My knees where bruised and swollen (not to mention really scraped up) for weeks.

i was swimming in a pool for a while so my finger was soft
went to go sit down in a lawn chair
put my hands down so it wouldnt come-out from underneath me
and it pinched my fingertip off to the bone
it was nasty
but they couldnt sew it back on

I broke my arm from falling down from a horse. the horse was standing still.

okay, well, me and my sister were playing follow the leader. in the pool. it was a long time ago. and everything she did, i'd do. so she jumped out of the side of the pool(it was above ground) and i tried to do that too, but i fell onto cement. and i ended up getting 7 stitches in my forehead. =[ the scar is so ugly

Kevin M
Chasing my son down a slide. I tried to go down as fast as I could, and sliced my finger open on a piece of metal. Ended up in the emergency room getting stitches.

I was at work and pinned by pinky finger between my desk and chair! I severed an artery, broke the finger, had my fingernail removed and sewn back on! ouch, I was out of work for 2 weeks on Workman's comp and in so much pain! I also fractured my tailbone rollerskating with my daughters Brownie troop! I could go on and on lol

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