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Tod C
What is the best exercises to rehab a severely strained knee joint?
I fell at home down stairs but did not sever the ACL, MCL, or PCL. I am taking injectios into the knee of chicken collegen to rebuild the shock absorbing qualities of the knee. Yet I lack strength in the joint to stand from a seated position and to run after my toddler daughter. I need to get this joint rehabed as quickly as possible since my wife is undergoing neck fusion surgery early in December. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

you may want to try doing leg lifts from a sitting position. start out slow then increase them as you get better. that should help make it stronger.

Put a hot compress on the area for 20 minutes a day or as needed. 20 minutes and 30 minutes has no difference on the effect but you can of course have it longer if you want. Heat increases circulation thereby washing away the painful metabolites on your knee. Also it will relax your leg muscles. Also, try not to sit on very low stools. Try not bend your knees for more than 45 degrees as this will further cause damage to the knee. Good luck!

Red Sawx ®
ice it

even my wife who has a tear the doctor tells her to live with it and ice it

You need to discuss this with your health professional. They usually recommend therapy & exercise when you are ready for it. Something like this has to be handled carefully & unfortunately you can't rush recovery.

There is a comprehensive help site for knees based in the UK, (FREE). Try this site for more help.


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