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What are the signs of a broken finger?
Today I was playing basketball, and I think I jammed my index finger. My finger is swollen and has a little purple underneath my middle knuckle. It also hurts to move it. Is it broken or just swollen?

Araceli Jackson
u cry if u break..so u can know better

when it looks different from all your other fingers. its common sense, really.

broken dude

It might just be a jam but to find out for sure, you need to get an x-ray done for it.

Here is some thing I hope it helps.....

Broken Finger Symptoms
Broken fingers rarely go unnoticed. Frequently, you have immediate pain after trauma and sometimes a deformed finger either at a joint (commonly a dislocation) or through the bone as a fracture. If there is no deformity, a sharp pain usually is felt very specifically at the injury site and will get your attention.

Sometimes you are not really sure if the finger is truly broken, and you try to bend the finger in question. A true fracture usually will be painful, but do not be fooled by a finger that has some range of motion and dull pain. Fractures are common. Depending on their stability, some may hurt more than others.
As time goes on, usually within the next 5-10 minutes, you will notice swelling and redness of the finger. The finger will become very swollen and stiff to move. Swelling is not as specific as pain and therefore may affect the adjacent fingers as well.
If the fracture is severe, bruising from released blood may be seen.
Finally, if the swelling gets too massive, numbness of the finger may occur because the nerves in the fingers are compressed.

Broken Finger Treatment Self-Care at Home
Make a splint (immobilize your finger even if that means putting a popsicle stick or pen next to it and wrapping something around the stick and your finger).

Apply ice to the injured finger as you head to an emergency department. Do not apply ice directly to your skin. Put a towel between the ice and your finger.

I hope your finger gets better!


Pain, swelling, hot to the touch, deformity, inability to move the finger, displacement, bruising etc. However, each patient and break is different. I just recently broke my pinky toe and I heard it break, saw it sticking out to the side and felt excruciating pain immediately. My younger daughter broke her leg when she was younger and there was hardly any bruising or swelling. It's safest to go have it looked at and probably x-rayed. Good luck!

When your bone is sticking out. That's a pretty good sign.

It's hard to tell. Usually if it's broken it's excruciating pain and you can't move it. The only surefire way is Xray

sk8trchick! :D
its broken. if im not correct, u should go to your doctor and check!

very sore and unable to move it alot.

Fingers are easily injured from everyday activities, and finger injuries are some of the most common traumatic injuries seen in an emergency room. Injuries may range from simple bruises or contusions to broken bones and dislocations of the joints. Understanding the basic anatomy of the hand and fingers is useful in understanding different types of finger injuries, broken fingers, and how some treatments differ from others.

The hand is divided into three sections: wrist, palm, and fingers. There are eight bones in the wrist, which move together to allow the vast ranges of motion of the wrist. The palm, or mid-hand, is made up of the metacarpal bones. The metacarpal bones have muscular attachments and bridge the wrist to the individual fingers. These bones frequently are injured with direct trauma such as a crush from an object or most commonly from a punching injury.

The fingers are the most frequently injured part of the hand. Fingers are constructed of ligaments (strong supportive tissue connecting bone to bone), tendons (attachment tissue from muscle to bone), and three bones called phalanges. There are no muscles in the fingers. Fingers move by the pull of forearm muscles on the tendons.

The three bones in each finger are arranged in the same manner. The finger bones are named in their relation to the hand. For example, the first bone is the proximal phalanx. The second bone is the middle phalanx. The smallest and farthest from the hand is the distal phalanx. The thumb is the shortest finger and does not have the middle phalanx.

Knuckles on the back of the hand are joints formed by the bones of the fingers. They are commonly injured or dislocated with trauma to the hand. Each joint has a specific name depending on its location and the bones involved.

The first and largest knuckle is the junction between the palmar bones and the fingers. Medically, it is the joint of the metacarpals and phalanges. This joint commonly is injured in closed fist activities, and a fracture of this area is commonly known as a boxer's fracture.

The next knuckle out toward the fingertip is the joint closest to the hand and between the finger bones. It is termed the proximal inter-phalangeal joint (PIP). This joint may be dislocated in sporting events when a ball or object directly strikes the finger.

The farthest joint of the finger is the distal inter-phalangeal joint (DIP). Injuries to this joint usually involve a fracture (a break) or tendon tearing (avulsion) injury.

i play basketball too, and that finger thing happened to me too. mine wasn't broken, but you should still go to your doctor.

You cant move it. & nothing on ur body should get swollen like that if it has a bone

It could be broken or just be a really nasty bruise it would take an Xray to tell. If it is straight but swollen, apply ice to fully bring out the bruise and reduce the swelling. If you still think it is broken, use a lolly-stick as a splint between index finger an middle, strap them both together and get medical advice.

wn u cant move it

The Phoenix
it's just swollen, if it's broke you wouldn't be able to move and you would literally be in agonizing pain, as you'd have broken bones around in your finger but still go to the doctor, it sounds like it's really badly swollen and if you don't get it checked, it'll probably get worse.

I have jammed lots of fingers and the best thing to do is just ice it. If it is not broken the swelling will go down. Being able to move it more then likely means that it is not broken. But you could have a fracture and still move it. If the swelling goes down after a day or so and it does not hurt you will be fine but if the swelling and pain is still there after a couple of days go see a doctor.

swollen. hurts to touch/move. possible bruising. Just head over to a local clinic and they'll check it out.

When you try to exert force on it and you can't, meaning, trying to grab or lift something with that one finger, and if you feel a lot of pain and can't lift anything and feel weak, then it's likely it's broken. If you move it with full range of movement and only feel like only the swelling is preventing it from moving, then it's not likely it's broken. And if you feel like setting a certain position of your finger ease the pain more than moving it, then it is likely it is broken. Go and see a doctor right away, if you waited for too long, like a week or more, the joint might fuse without a splint, and your finger could get stuck crooked.
I've broken ring finger from jamming basketball, it was a sharp and numbing pain, as in you feel something is pinching the nerve. Then I've broken my thumb jamming into another basketball and it didn't swell as much but purple, x-rayed it and found it inside bone between joint was chipped. Even the physician themselves can't tell sometimes by just "looking".
To sum it up, don't guess too much, go see a doctor and have it X-ray as soon as possible.

oo.. sounds pretty bad, when it hurts get an ice pack to numb the pain and make a doc. app to see if its broken

when its numbed and you can not fell it

if it doesn't hurt that badly try cold packing it for about a day. if won't get better, you should see a doc but i would say its better to visit a doc now for an xray.

could be the bone is broken but probably its the joint instead which is damaged - in which case you need some medical attention.

If you can move it but it feels like its on fire then it is probably broken. I'm no expert but I broke my finger last year. Still make sure you get it checked out my a doctor.

Is it at the joint? If so, then probably sprained it(ligament tear). If fracture,


I dont think the ball will break it. If your finger is being compressed instead of bent, it will most likely give at the joints, causing ligament tear, not fracture.

This will be best answered by a doctor who can actually look at the finger.

Well if you broke your finger...trust me, u'd no it! It's either sprayned or something else....dunno what tho.

I have broken 1 finger and have jammed fingers hundreds of times. Trust me, you will know the dif.

Purple, unable to move, swelling, and looking crooked.

If you aren't sure, get an xray.

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