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 I need help with an injury???????PLEASE ANSWER!!! I NEED URGENT HELP it's an easy question?
Ok well i might have broken my toe but my parents don't think it's broken so they wont take me to the hospital. But I CAN"T EVEN WALK!!! how can I convince them to take me to the ...

 i had my ears pierced about 2 weeks ago and they still hurt when i touch them what should i do?

 I've just cut my arm off. What should I do?
There's quite a bit of blood. Should see a doctor?...

 Can Someone Please Help its and EMERGENCY!!?
Ok i hurt my Pinky fingure for the

3rd time
Its swollen
black and blue
and i cant bend it
i know its broken but i cant get ot the doctor my parents arnt home and i ...

 how long does it take to bleed to death?
say you have a rather large cut on your wrist, and its deep, how long would it roughly take for you to die?

im doing some research for a story, it doesnt have to be the right times, ...

 Sneezed a second ago, what just happened?
I saw a bunch of little stars floating around.

Never happened before. Am I going to die?
Additional Details
Trigger nerve endings in my eyes?

That sounds dangerous....

 What is the most painfull thing you have ever stubbed your toe on?
And where is the funniest?
What are the storys behind them?...

 I want to break a bone ?
like an ankle or my thumb something i will admit i want attention but from my husband he takes me for granted and i want him to know just how much i do around here i know how much it will hurt so ...

 i need to sprain my ankle today?
i cant fake it because my parents will make sure its sprained but i really have to get out of ...

 Is it worth going to the doc after my ex violently attacked me & choked me?
I've already filed a restraining order(well, its in the process), filed an assault charge and he was sent to jail for domestic abuse. The day after he viciously attacked me, threw me all around ...

 i was strangled yesterday and?
today there is this swelling in my neck and when i touch it, it hurts!
Additional Details
well, he strangled me because he was angry when i said that he has nothing to do with me...and ...

 When you break your arm can the bone pierce the skin?
Me and my husband were at a rugby match that my brother was playing at, when someone was badly tackeled and fell down hard and broke there arm, and someone said that the bone that he had broke had ...

 A firecracker just blew up in my hand, what do i need to do?
I lit one in my hand, and threw it. like a split second after i lit it, it went off right in my hand. the pain was unbearable for a while but now its doesnt hurt as bad but two of my fingers are very ...

 How do I get rid of cuts on my wrists and FAST!!?
I cut uhh, 2 nights ago and they werent deep but they are still there and i really needa get rid of them before saterday.. How can i do it fast?
dont tell me the best way to get rid of them is ...

 should I go to the hospital?
I fell earlier and hit my arm, it hurts like a mofo and there is a bruise, I can still pick up stuff, but cant lean my arm on ...

 is my nose broken? easy 5 points?
Okay about three days i got punched in the face(cheap shot haha). Anyways there was no swallowing. My eye is starting to blacken. There was a small cut on the nose where i got hit, i think my finger ...

 Just jammed finger really bad. Ice it or warm water?
I was just playing basketball and jammed finger really hard. I can bend normally but cant bend it back, its swollen a bit too. One guy told me to ice it when i get home, another told me soak it in ...

 My mom got hit in the head with a small rock- should we take her to the hospital? HELP?
My dad was brush hogging, and it flew out from underneath.
We stopped the bleeding, and now she's laying on the couch. She looks tired, but her pupils seem fine. However, she says that she ...

 is it bad when your ribs show?
when i bend sideways my ribs show. im not fat im not skinny but they show....

 need help, slammed finger in a car door?
my right thumb got slammed in a car door 7 hours ago. only the right half of my thumb got hurt, and it started to bleed alot. its stopped now, but bleeds now and then. i cleaned it and put a band-...

What's the worst pain (physical) you've ever experienced?

I fell off a stage in school and broke my collar bone and my shoulder blade. Because you cant put these in any kind of support, they hurt so bad for 6 weeks. Cried every day! the pain was worse for this than when I gave birth to my son.

infection in my jaw bone, felt like i was being electrocuted, i wanted to throw myself out of the car to make it stop, luckily i was pumped full of morphine and didnt care when they drilled into my jaw, yak, makes me cringe.

[email protected]
coma 4 months carcrash

Lyndsey B
Toothache wiv a difference!!!!! I had a filling done on the friday when the anaesthetic wore off i was in hell with unbearable pain, was given loads of industrial strengh painkillers with no effect and worse still it was a bank holiday so my dentist couldn't see me again so eventually an emergency dentist looked and said i think the nerve is trapped in the filling!!!!!!!!!! owie owie owie so he removed filling and nerve ahhhhhhhhhh bisto the relief was instant thank god

other than childbirth 3 times ( a 10lb 3oz natural, a 10lb 7oz c- section and a 11lb 1oz natural) and fracturing my spine the most pain i've had is arthritis in my jaw, imagine constant unrelievable toothache that continues for months at a time...

childbirth with no drugs!

Kidney stones definitely
Even after childbirth

Giving birth. Try it. .. Maybe not. But, I am gonna do it again! It's a pain which is worth it! Isnt that something?

When I was 7 years old, back in the stone ages, I had surgery on both of my eyes. I really wanted to die with that pain!!!

Knee reconstruction. I had my ACL, MCL, LCL, and patellar tendon replaced or repaired, and my meniscus was removed. My first one took the surgeon over 6 hours, then after recovery, my mother walked in before they had hooked the morphine drip up to my IV set and shoved my knee (the one that had just under gone surgery) over so she could sit down.

I spent 8 years of my life as a Heroin addict. I can promise you that withdrawing from that was the most painful experience I have ever had. You can be burning hot 1minute and freezing the next. Imagine the worst cold you have ever had and times it by 200.

dean b
being stabbed

being born.

Georgie's Girl
other than childbirth 3 times ( a 10lb 3oz natural, a 10lb 7oz c- section and a 11lb 1oz natural) and fracturing my spine the most pain i've had is arthritis in my jaw, imagine constant unrelievable toothache that continues for months at a time...

Broken arm .. snapped the two bones straight across and took seven weeks to heal .. ouch!

Gone fishin'
Childbirth....ouch ouch ouch then a baby.....

When I was 15 a horse I was riding slipped going over a fence and threw me forward where I broke my jaw upon hitting a pole - then the horse fell ontop of me breaking all my ribs down my righthand side - trust me thatssore but what was even worse was when I had to have my jaws wired together for 6 weeks - they weave wire in between your teeth and kinda tie em so you cant open your mouth - after the six weeks was up the surgeon literally ripped the wires out - where the gums had kinda grown over em - Ive never since experienced any kind of pain like it since - thank God

Following the 'whoops!' of taking the tops off two fingers with a scalpel & having they re-attached I suffered some nerve damage lower in my finger (where injected repeatedly). About twice a year I get an incredible pain that has actually had my nearly whimpering in pain. Best described as a pair of pliers crushing your finger just above your knuckle for 30 to 60 seconds.

Other than that - migrane (thankfully only ever had two so far) that induced vomiting, and a desire to die as the pain in my head was so bad.

All of the BIG accidents I've had don't hurt at the time as they are fairly traumatic to the body - smashed teeth, cracked knee cap, chunks of skin removed, road rash, burns & electrocution...hmm..maybe I should just sit still!!

Carli B
wisdom teeth removal.. oh the agony! i overdosed on painkillers (not intentionally), i was in so much pain.

Tonsillictomy at the age off 28, would not wish this on my worst enemy, one month off work and a carrier bag off drugs to take when I left the hospital, all the drugs had to be taken with food and I could not eat food with out first taking the drugs. (but it did help me give up smoking and I lost a stone and a half in one month)

Toothache....so much worse not being properly numb for a C section(baby 1), giving birth to a 10lb baby (no 2)& that was fairly grim.

However it was the tooth ache that had me OD'ing on painkillers & ready to pull out the bloody thing myself.

burning my finger tips brazing metal in metalworks in school. That hurt alot, I have little scars on my finertips now heeh.

Highly comminuted bi-lateral os-calces fractures in 1995.

kidney stones are the worst thing ever! I would much prefer childbirth over kidney stones any day! That is the only time I ever wished someone would have put me out of my misery!

I have had three C sections... not fun at all! But, I think it hurt more (and longer) when I broke my foot!

As any man will probably say.... being kicked / hit by anyone / anything in the testicular area!!!

When I was painting my house and I fell of and landed on my moms car.

Stubbing my toe or hitting it off a door. That hurts like hell.

Emma O
Had far too mny but here's the top 10 not in order though

1) Smashed my jaw when I got hit in the mouth by accident, 3 months of liqui-food, I couldn't even scream in pain as it made it worse

2) Broke my wrist in 9 places, squashed the thumb bone and torn two ligaments...youch

3) The surgery 18 months later because the doctor I had refused to believe I had tendon damage (he really nicely sent me to a shrink for the 18 months though). I had a fab 6 hour surgery to take a tendon and made it into ligament and I had three bones removed. Though I have to say it would have been worse if I didn't have the morphine

4) Cracked my skull in an outdoor pursuits activity. Fun!

5) Working with a 15 stone, 11 year old lad, with autism who picked me up in the excitement of being taken on holiday and threw me across the room and smashed 2 of my ribs on a chair...I still had to do all the outdoor activities for the rest of the week..Ever kayaked with broken ribs...The pain oh the pain

6) Or this summer working with a lad with schizophrenia who attacked me when I was wading in a lake, he was in his kayak, he bent my elbow back pushed it under the rim of the kayak and threw himself repaetedly at it, I couldn't move my arm for days, then my best mate was running because another kid had a nightmare at bedtime and he ran straight into my elbow, I nearly decked him with my other arm.

7) Being in a car crash and having wiplash, I haven't felt anything like it i wanted to die it was awful.

8) Falling down the stairs and getting a shin splint, that is when a tiny sliver of bone breaks off the shinbone and lodges further down...My leg was black as can be, not to mention the fact that in A & E they crashed my bed into the wall, and I tore a muscle in my shoulder and neck and I partially dislocated my elbow...I wouldn't have minded but I was going out to a party and got my stilleto caught in the turn up of my trousers, the paramedic nearly wet himself laughing at me he told all his mates while he was in the book in area

10) I'm an adrenaline junky and love mad sports so anyone of the 90 breaks i've had or the 11 torn muscles, 6 torn ligamants, 2 wiplashes, 1 surgery, over 50 stiches. Then again getting scepticimia off an injury I forgot I had comes close to the most sever pain I have ever had.

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