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 At 40 it's still acceptable crying because of physical pain?
Last week I slipped and broke my big toe against a concrete wall
Shocking pain! I wanted to cry but I thought it's undignified for a lady in her 40th and, with indescribable efforts I ...

 how do i......?
How do I make my body stop being so sore?I worked out really hard yesterday for the first time in 3 months.Now my legs and my stomach are just so sore.what can i do so they can stop being so sore?...

 what would be the signs of a broken leg??
i slipped on ice sunday morning and fell really hard on my leg i'm going to the doctor on friday but its a little swollen and hurts like hell. i cant put any pressure on it so im using crutches ...

 what can it be if you are spitting up blood and throwing up and having sharp side pains?

 Head Injury, Blood, Dizziness, and Vomiting?
Saturday, I was on a golf cart with friends and I fell off and hit my head on the road.. There is a huge scab and bump on the top of my head and the back of my head hurts really bad.. Today I felt ...

 My eye hurts really bad?
I woke up this morning for find redness on my RIGHT eyeball only.
I thought it was nothing so i just left it alone. But around the afternoon, i saw that it was STILL THERE, and i started to ...

 what do you do when you hit yourself with a hammer? help!?
my sister was making a book shelf when she hit herself with a hammer. it turned all purple and worst part is moms not home and we can't call 911! D: tell me what do i do?...

 What do you use on a cut so it won't scar?
I have a cut and i don't want it to be a scar.
So help ...

 How to give yourself a bruise?
I have to do this for a project for media class, btw. I'm not like emo or anything.

But how could I give myself a bruise about the shape of a quarter/dollar for various places on my ...

 Who hasn't ever been stung by a bee?
I have never been stung by a wasp, bee, yellow jacket etc. and i was wondering how many other people haven't....

 How can I break my arm with out it relly hurting how can I break it easily? ?
I want to break my ...

 How do I brake my arm quick and easy?
because I already have it ...

 Do you get a warm tingly feeling when...?
Someone calls you duckie?

I do....

 Can you poke the black part of your eye?
I can poke the white part, but can I poke the colored or black part? I really want to but I am afraid that I'll injure myself. ???...

 I got hit in the kidney a week ago, now I'm peeing blood. Should I go to the doctor?
I got hit really hard in the back with a snowboard 1 week ago. There is bruising where my left kidney should be. I just started peeing blood, but there is no pain. Can anybody explain?...

 What should I do for my daughter's bruised, swollen finger?
My 18 month old daughter fell and hurt her finger (the pointer). She can still bend it and is using it limitedly, so I don't think it is broken. It is pretty swollen and very badly bruised, ...

 I wanna break a bone or be seriously injured any ideas?
I hate p.e. Haven't done it since year 8. And i don't intend on doing it. But the only way I can't do it now is to be injured. What could I do to prevent me being able to not do p.e?<...

 how can i break my right arm? (ten point 4 best answer)?
how can i break my right arm i need to break it before the day after tomorroww any ideas please help any way to break my right ...

 Hellp! I think that i may need to go to the docter!!?
I have had a bb from a bb gun in my foot for about 8 years and i was wondering if i may need to have it removed or sumthing! Is it lethal or does it do anything? should i go to the docter or should i ...

 My head hurts really bad...i got hit?
Friday i got hit (which was 3 days ago) in the head on accident at school..it was in the back of my head and it hurt pretty bad. Things got black for a second, and i felt dizzy and in alot of pain. T...

What's the worst accident or injury you've had in life?
Has it changed the way you treat your body or do you still take it for granted?!

you take it for granted the second the pain is gone and you forget about the pain you had.

I completely shattered both bones in my body when I was 12.

I could literally tie it in a not, although it would have been far to painful.

I now have more caution for my arm whenever i use it...

I cut my head open and had to have 10 stitches from one side to the other !.

I broke my back in 6 different places playing in a game of basketball in high school.

I was in a cast from my shoulders to right above my waist for 9 months. It gives me trouble now from time to time but isn't to bad.

And I have noticed it has put a slight curve in my upper back that I am trying to control at the moment.

Don't want a hunchback when I get older.

I had a car wreck when I was 16. I drove an older car with no shoulder strap and a hard steering wheel. I knocked my front bottom teeth loose on the steering wheel and the lap belt caused me some problems with my back. I have to watch what I eat and be careful picking up anything. I also have issues bending over now. I just have to remember, I cant do it like I used too.

My worst injury wasn't that bad compared to the rest of the answers here....I was taking part in a sport and during warm up we had to run a lap that had small benches at different intervals, after a while I got really tired and tripped and fell over one of the benches. My lip burst open and there was blood literally everywhere...I didn't need stitches but it took along time to heal and was very painful. I was only 7 when that happened but since then Ive been terrified of falling...it keeps me awake at night with nightmares. So I guess Im pretty careful with how I carry myself so I dont fall again....

when i was young i fall and broke my arm
i learn to take care when running!

I dislocated my right knee just over 3 years ago, and it's not really been the same since. I still get pain when I bend, and it's not as strong as it was before. The injury came about because I slipped on something, so now I am really cautious on slippy surfaces - to the point where I will avoid them if possible. I really dread winter because of the thought of ice, I end up walking so slow it takes about ten times as long to get where I want to go.

i had the end of my finger chopped off!! just a little bit, but it really hurt and still hurts when it gets cold now.... (it got stitched back on though)

Sassy OLD Broad
Had a near fatal car wreck 5 years ago. Crushed femur, ulna, hip, toes, three arteries in my stomach. After 16 surgeries, I'm in one piece, although it ended my career as a nurse and I have to use a cane to walk since my right side is 1" shorter. I have a total hip and a total knee replacement on the right hand side. I've learned that after a years of recovery, pain can be a constant companion but you can learn to ignore it. And there is always someone worse off than you are. I go out dancing and enjoying whatever I can. Every day above the ground is a good day for me! Godloveya all....amazing what a human body can endure!

I fell into the sharp edge of a door frame and split my forehead open, I still have the scar

I severely strained my whole lower back muscle at work, spent 3 months off work and have been told that my back will now be very weak so not to lift anything too heavy or it will go completely and ill be in a wheelchair for life, my back has never been the same since esp on cold days.
Also breaking my ankle in a game of football, foot went half on half off in a crater and my ankle gave out the loudest crack that was heard by a friend on the other side of the pitch... 6 months off work...

had a car crash at 80 miles an hour and i have no nerves in my right hand, and i used to be a professional stylist

SORRY nevermind Saasy OLd Broad beats all

I had a glass bottle thrown in my face, luckily it smashed or it would have broken my jaw. My front teeth were chipped and I had to have a plastic surgeon do my stitches. Everyone says the scars don't notice but I see them clearly everyday. They damaged my face and the damage was caused by another person.

I broke my thumb when I was in preschool. Now it doesnt bend, so I guess I'm a bit more aware of what I do, though I was only 4 at the time.

Mr B
A heartbrake...

When i was drunk, i fell from the top of the stairs, and crashed through the stairgate at the bottom which knocked me out unconscious. Ended up breaking a finger, snapping my big toe & the one next to it, and worst of all fracturing my spine! Im ok though, i can still walk! just get a slight pain in my back when its cold.

I have had a number of injuries including loss of index finger right hand and a complete rebuild of my right knee. I can't say that I have treated my body any differently because of these injuries. However after reading an article on the dangers of ingesting growth hormones used in the production of meat and similarly the use of antibiotics I became a vegetarian and do not take any medication unless it is 100% natural. Strangely for the first time in my life I put on weight and have been really healthy since

When I was sawing a small tree and it fell on my leg. I couldn't push the tree off my leg and couldn't get anyone to hear me. Eventually my husband came and found me. I only had a bruised leg and bruised pride. I felt very foolish and realised how easy it was to get trapped and injured by such a simple act.

well it wasnt an accident but the worst injury iv had is i got stabbed wich wasnt cool,it didnt change the way i treat my body im just abit more open eyed to wat is going on around me!!!!!!!!!!

both bicep tendons ripped completely off, but i really think that it hurt worse when my foot got crushed by a 35000 lb. forklift

when i had just learned to ride a 2-wheel bike, i wanted to be like the older kids on the block and ride my bike down the big, steep hill. There was gravel at the bottom, my bike went one way and i went the other. i was lying in the road for about an hour before someone saw me and brought me to the ER, i had road rash over the entire right side of my body and face, and had a broken arm, fractured knee, and 2 broken fingers. mY helmet was cracked in 2 peices straight down the middle. if i hadnt been wearing the helmet i would have died. i was in the hospotal for 5 days before they relesed me.

When i was twelve i cleaned the underneath of my parents rotary lawnmower and yes you quessed it, my knee caught the power button and it sliced halfway through three of my fingers.
I use extreme caution with all blades now. OUCH.

Tired Old Man
When I was 6,I got hit in the head by a swing that had a steel plate across the bottom. I went for 5 days before they found out I had a fractured scull. Spent 2-weeks in Children's Hosp. I now have a silver plate in my head,which drives the scanners crazy at air ports. I figure every day of my life since then is really a gift from God!!

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