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 I slammed my finger in a car door what should i do?
half of the fingernail is black and one white. the bad part is some skin is hanging out from under the nail any answers? Please!...

 How many bones have you broken?
Ive broken My ankle And elbow
And now my leg from a dirtbike accident
i just came out of the hospital a couple days ago

But how many have you broken
and what bones where ...

 Have you ever woke up and got ready for work on your day off?

 help with wound closure strips (don't read if squeamish)?
I sliced my thumb very badly at work today chopping an onion and not concentrating on what I was doing. Too busy chatting!! It's a clean cut and I washed it thoroughly but it's quite deep ...

 help I'm scared!?
my mom was in a car accident and she went to the ER because she was complaining about back pain and neck pain and that is all I know. I can't do anything right now because I am in school. Dop ...

 Why is there a long crack on my butt? ?
I've had it since birth and it hasn't gone away. Please help........

 NEED HELP NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!plz?
My dad and I were ice skating and he feel on the ice and hit his head!!!
He was down for 1 min and then when he lifted his head i noticed it was bleeding BAD!
I went and go my mom,
My ...

 My ingrown toenail PLEASE HELP ME?
ok i cut my ingrown toe nail out and it was fine a little red for the ingrown toenail aggrevating my skin but thats it so it was 4 days ago and now the very corner of my toe hurts now i dont know if ...

 Worst injury you've ever had?

 did i sprain my ankle?
i know i posted this question yesterday, but i want a few more opinions.

yesterday morning i was stepping off of my front porch when i landed on the side of my foot and put all of my ...

 whats wrong with my son's eye??
my son accidently poked himself in his eye earlier today, it seemed ok afterwards but now he keeps complaining about it and it is very red and watering constantly. why do you think it is doing this?? ...

 i got hit in the nose...how long until the swelling goes down?

Additional Details
noooo it's actually from cheerleading during a stunt...
but it's not swelled on my nose, it's on the right side right next to my nose, mostly on ...

 Is it possible to make your elbows touch your toes?

Additional Details
I'm not fat!
I'm 14 and way 89 pounds!
I'm just extremely inflexible....

 which shoulder do i throw salt over?
i spilled some salt and i wasn't thinking and i threw it over my right and i think it's suppose to be my left but i'm not sure so i just threw it over both. is that okay? and which ...

 How can you break a bone?
Im not going to do it I just wanna know what causes a bone to break?
Additional Details
Also how much weight would it take?...

 whats the worst injury you have ever had?

 i just threw up blood.... help?!?
ok im freaking out and i can't get to a phone... what now?...

 Does it hurt getting stitches taken out?
i was out at the weekend and glass went straight into the top of my foot because i was in a bar. and before you ask yes i did have my shoes on! ive never has stitches before and i get my stitches ...

 18 days ago I fell on my elbow. The bruising and swelling has gone but I still have pain.Should I go to A&E?
The pain is on the tip of the elbow, there is a slight red mark but on bruising. I have full movement, but can't put any pressure on my elbow without pain....

 Will this heal?
Well a couple of months ago I had a shard of glass penetrate over half way through my foot and I bleed for 2 days,I had two huge gashes in my foot,one that went completly through my foot,the other ...

What's the Most Painful Experience You've EVER Had?
Mine aren't that bad since I'm a wuss and don't do things which I'll think will result in pain.
I've almost had a time where I dropped a knife because my fingers were numb. It hit my foot but LUCKILY it fell the handle way.
I've fainted from a deep cut into my finger from someone pulling a zip which got stuck to my finger.
Another is where my feet were so cold and I stubbed my 2 toes on the corner of my door. Made me cry!
I'm sure people have had a lot worse than me!
Additional Details
The second comment reminded me also of the time where my dad hit the cricket ball full power. The ball went straight into my eye. But this was when I was 4. I don't know if I was knocked out :|

.A. June
oh my lord I have had sooooo many injuries all my friends know about that subject ha ha but the most painful I shoul say when I tore my ACL in my knee

Aside from mental pain, which is the worst, I'd say severe toothache. I had an abcess that was sooo painful and my tooth fell out in bits due to the infection.

Another awful experience I had was a cystoscopy - a camera inserted into the urethra to look at the bladder. To this day I still swear I was supposed to be given pain relief for it.

That's not pain, that's a slight twinge.

I'm a gymnast and ballet dancer, pain is my life, I've had some painful injuries in my time, I broke and dislocated three toes falling off pointe during a performance once.

But by far the most painful thing I've ever done was snapping both my achilles tendon's at the same time. I was physically sick the noise and the pain was so much (I think it was the noise more, never in my life have I heard such a horrendous noise, I can't stand the noise of dislocated joints being popped back into place [I'm a first-aider, I do it a lot] and snapping my achilles sounds so much worse than that)

I've had a kid, and breaking both those tendons even surpasses childbirth in the pain scale.

Look after your achilles kids.

Well let's see...
Breaking my foot, breaking my nose, my 5 surgeries on the same spot, getting bucked off my horse when i was breaking him in, having my appendix rupture..
that's all I can think of right now...

I was play fighting w/my boyfriend and I broke my metacarpal bone in my hand (the small bone going from the bottom of your finger to your wrist..so painful!!!!!!

* Ava *
about 3 months ago when I damaged my knee...

playing hockey and someone whacked me with their stick causing my knee to shatter into 5 pieces, shudders were sent down my leg which cracked my shin bone and split my ankle into 2 pieces!!!! I passed out for a few minutes then awoke when the ambulance came!

So painful!!! I have had 7 opps in total now and have been on crutches for 3 months and coming off in a few weeks!!!

Hypocrite - Nice and Cosy
Getting shot in the eye with an air gun. It's not recommended to people who dislike pain.

Trying to eat to stay alive

loads from car crashes,stabs,falls from heights(fractured neck) but the worst was on a climbing frame as a kid & i lost my footing at the top,fell down & landed with a bar between my legs!!!!! .......straddling in mid air coz my feet didn't touch the ground.......had to just fall off sideways hit the floor & crawl home........managed to stand up to put key in the door .....then crawled upstairs & lay on my bed .......trying to block out the pain for about 5 hours........OUCH!!!

wow u lot r heartless......only 1 thumbs up 4 all that pain!!!...lol

when i first fell ill with meningitis i had the worst head ache imaginable, the nurses gave me pain killer after pain killer but it didnt go away even a teeny bit. i was just laying there scrunched up in the hospital bed banging my head with the palm of my hand wanting it to stop hurting.

having a tattoo

having my children was by far the worst but the most rewarding thing in the world
hope my answer helped have a nice day x

Lucky Man 2
You are a stranger to pain. I have had broken ribs and that was really painful I have also had both shins fractured at the same time. For both of them I was on morphine I was in so much agony.

Diana H
Having had my back molar pulled out with no painkiller as it did't work cause of an inflamed cist at the roots. I almost fainted...Never had anything like that before...

Holly C
Me and my friend were carry an oil drum and she dropped it on my foot! It broke my foot. I didn't cry or scream but I swore, a lot!

Allan K
Broke my wrist in 2 places. The rollerblades have since found a new and happy home elsewhere

i fractured my cheekbone because somebody hit a golf ball at me by mistake.

An extraction of bone marrow from my hip to test for Leukemia.

Blimey - you'd crumble under my life then....

At the age of 26 i lost my husband, nan and dad within a year of each other.

Last year i was fighting for my life when my lungs packed up due to Pneumonia.

I've been in a near fatal car crash when a drunk driver hit me head on in a country lane..

The list is endless......

Dental abscess caused by cyst on root of tooth.
Worse than having a baby.
Pain lasted longer and no delightful result.

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