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Stress fracture foot is cold, other foot is not, is that OK?
I've had a stress fracture for around 11 weeks. Constant reinjury is making my foot heal really slowly. However, I have finally gained insight and am doing all I can to make it better. Walking as little as possible, etc.

I noticed (might have been like this for a long time) that my stress fracture foot (the whole thing) is more red and more cold than my other one. And when I compare them, my stress fracture foot's toes are always just hanging, and my other foot's are always kind of standing up.

I think this might be because of the fact that I am really careful on my stressed foot, and move it as little as possible. But I'm not sure.

Is this a self diagnosis or did your doctor do xrays to tell you about the fracture?? It sounds like you may have compromised blood flow to your foot and/or nerve imbingement as well. Either way I would get with your doctor and have the foot rechecked and definitely mention these symptons.

Brad H
Be sure to see a physician as soon as possible. Cold extremities are usually a sign of decreased blood flow to the extremity. This could be a result of damage to the blood vessels.

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