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 I need to sprain/break my wrist arm or ankle today?
its all i want for x-mas plz tell me how i need to and dont say im werid or crazed i just need to so plz help

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Fix you
Sprained Ankle?
Today during volleyball practice I landed on my ankle when I jumped to spike. Apparently I rolled my ankle... Right now it hurts really bad, I can't put any weight on it - it's so painful. There is a huge lump on my ankle and I hope it is just sprained. What's the fastest way for it to heal? I really want to make it to volleyball training on Thursday, as well as my game. It is so painful right now!

I have sprained my ancle 3 or 4 times in ballet, and my tip for you is keep it elevated put ice then a hot rag on your ancle.stay off of it as much as possible, andI'm sure you will be at your game thursday.

loving boy
Go for best doctor

ouch i remember my first sprained ankle..thank goodness so far its my last sprained ankle..well heres the dilio im sure its just a sprained ankle..so what u wanna do is have a cold ice pack around ur ankle...at ALL TIMES and you DONT want to put ur ankle down...the reason for ur swolleness is cuz the blood is all clotting around there...my sister has the wrst case of sprained ankle and once her blood clotted so much that it turned nasty purple..so keep ur leg up as much as possible so the blood doesnt rush down there and just dont put ur weight on there ok? and use crutches and in class or w/e have a chair next to u so u can lift ur leg up :D good luck!!!! i hope u make it to ur volleyball game :D

erin w
You should definitely put ice on it. 20 minutes on 20 minutes off and just keep repeating. You should also keep it elevated and wrap it in an ACE bandage. Just make sure you don't wrap it to tight. you can also take some Motrin for the pain and it might help with the swelling too.If the swelling doesn't go down some and you still cant put any weight on it by morning I would call your doctor right away. If it is feeling better in time for your game and practice you should keep it wrapped up for 1 to 2 weeks Just to give your ankle some extra added support.

Aaron G
You would have to put it in Hot salt water then tape it and compress ice for 20 mins after 3 hrs of putting it in hot water than tape it again

I don't care how dedicated you are to your team. Let a wound heal. It can lead to worse injuries if you play on a weakened appendage.

You need to put ice on this constantly! Take a pain reliever and wrap it up at night and stay off of it! Keep it elevated, good luck!

keep it elavated and dont put pressure on it unless neccessary. also ice will bring the swelling down dramatically and the lump should get smaller overnight. you can try things like nurofen gel which is available at the chemist, but no gurentees.

good luckk :)

June Bug or Ray
hot pack it then ice pack it and stay off of it as much as you can. If that doesn't work, see a doctor.

RICE it (Rest, ice, compression, elevate). For the first 48 hours ice it frequently, put a compression bandage on it, take some ibuprofen for the swelling. After 48 hours, alternate heat and cold (always ending with cold). The easiest way to do this running hot/cold water over it in the shower. After 48 hours do as much physical activity with it as you can without pain (note: this could be zero for a week!). This will take 4-6 weeks to heal; you can probably walk comfortably on it after 5-7 days, but it will be over a month before you can run on it (I don't know about jumping). Wish I had better news for you. If it happens again, the faster you get ice on it the quicker it heals up. As for keeping in shape, biking and elliptical trainers should be doable after about 1 week.

Forget practice you need crutches. I have rolled my ankles so many times from basketball and volleyball that I can't even count. I would always get up and shrug it off and keep playing, and would be okey, but in pain. 15 years later, I am having an ankle replacement because of bone damage. I have bone fragments in the ankle that destroyed the cartelidge. For the short, you will be fine, but in the long run, you will have some serious problems. It is simply not worth it.

"Your Name" on my *SS


yep ive left
cold compress ...anti inflammatory medication and staying off it...u still might not make it thursday but if u dont let it heal properly before playing again youll end up out of action for several weeks instead of days

vanessa c
i sprained my ankle a month ago, and i work in a restaurant. its taking forever to heal. put ice on it. take 300 mg of ibuprofin 3 times a day,,,this is will reduce the swelling. after a week or so, apply heat instead of ice. have untrasound therapy,,,this is a deep tissue massage. keep it elevated at least half an hour a day. i put an ace bandage around my ankle while i'm at work, and this has worked wonders. start under your foot then go up around your ankle. this pushes the blood up instead of down. write the alphabet with your toe. this will take 4-6 weeks to heal under normal conditions.

Koter Boters misses Rufus!
Nonsurgical Treatment

Walking may be difficult because of the swelling and pain. You may need to use crutches if walking causes pain. Usually swelling and pain will last two days to three days. Depending upon the grade of injury, the doctor may tell you to use removable plastic devices such as castboots or air splints.

Most ankle sprains need only a period of protection to heal. The healing process takes about four weeks to six weeks. The doctor may tell you to incorporate motion early in the healing process to prevent stiffness. Motion may also aid in being able to sense position, location, orientation and movement of the ankle (proprioception). Even a complete ligament tear can heal without surgical repair if it is immobilized appropriately. Even if an ankle has a chronic tear, it can still be highly functional because overlying tendons help with stability and motion.

For a Grade 1 sprain, use R.I.C.E (rest, ice, compression and elevation):

* Rest your ankle by not walking on it.
* Ice should be immediately applied. It keeps the swelling down. It can be used for 20 minutes to 30 minutes, three or four times daily. Combine ice with wrapping to decrease swelling, pain and dysfunction.
* Compression dressings, bandages or ace-wraps immobilize and support the injured ankle.
* Elevate your ankle above your heart level for 48 hours.

For a Grade 2 sprain, the RICE guidelines can also be used. Allow more time for healing to occur. The doctor may also use a device to immobilize or splint the ankle.

A Grade 3 sprain can be associated with permanent instability. Surgery is rarely needed. A short leg cast or a cast-brace may be used for two weeks to three weeks.

Rehabilitation is used to help to decrease pain and swelling and to prevent chronic ankle problems. Ultrasound and electrical stimulation may also be used as needed to help with pain and swelling. At first, rehabilitation exercises may involve active range of motion or controlled movements of the ankle joint without resistance. Water exercises may be used if land-based strengthening exercises, such as toe-raising, are too painful. Lower extremity exercises and endurance activities are added as tolerated. Proprioception training is very important, as poor propriception is a major cause of repeat sprain and an unstable ankle joint. Once you are pain-free, other exercises may be added, such as agility drills. The goal is to increase strength and range of motion as balance improves over time.

All ankle sprains recover through three phases:

* Phase 1 includes resting, protecting the ankle and reducing the swelling (one week).
* Phase 2 includes restoring range of motion, strength and flexibility (one week to two weeks).
* Phase 3 includes gradually returning to activities that do not require turning or twisting the ankle and doing maintenance exercises. This will be followed later by being able to do activities that require sharp, sudden turns (cutting activities) such as tennis, basketball or football (weeks to months).


Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) may be used to control pain and inflammation.
Long-term outcome

If an ankle sprain is not recognized, and is not treated with the necessary attention and care, chronic problems of pain and instability may result.
Surgical Treatment

Surgical treatment for ankle sprains is rare. Surgery is reserved for injuries that fail to respond to nonsurgical treatment, and for persistent instability after months of rehabilitation and non-surgical treatment.

Surgical options include:

* Arthroscopy
A surgeon looks inside the joint to see if there are any loose fragments of bone or cartilage, or part of the ligament caught in the joint.
* Reconstruction
A surgeon repairs the torn ligament with stitches or suture, or uses other ligaments and/or tendons found in the foot and around the ankle to repair the damaged ligaments.

sprains can be worse than breaks as you fell you can put wieght on the injury before its all the way healed. if its a bad sprain you may need to stay out of action about 3 weeks. if its minor you should be ok in about 4 days

keep it elevated and switch from ice bags to heating pads back and forth every hour. the ice will reduce swelling. the heat helps blood flow which is important to healing the injury.

You also need to get a doctor to look at it and make sure you did no ligament damage i knew a guy i played rugby with rolled his ankle and tore several ligaments and had to have surgery

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