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Something is wrong with my anus ?
whenever I have a crap it is all bloody, but the crap is still solid, there's just a lot of blood comes out. When I pee and wipe there is blood on the toilet paper when I reach back too far. Also, it doesn't hurt to crap but it sometimes does to pee. The bleeding stops after a few days but then comes back when I crap again. What could this be?
Additional Details
Sorry for being so explicit I just don't like going to the doctors if I can help it

Dip O




just go to the doctor its the best answer to give u

Honestly, I dont really want to do research with my mother right next to me, but you may have a urinary tract, bladder, and or a kidney infection. Definately GO TO THE DOCTORS OR THE HOSPITAL

I really suggest that you should go to a doctor =/

Hollywood Prod.
I had a gf that pist me off, like that's unusual, and I had that too. When we broke up I was normal again

I think theres something wrong uranus

Well you better get to the doctor!

c the doctor NOW

last time i got kick in the balls (turned purple) i dint c doc 4 a year but end up forcing my 2 do it any way

urinary tract infection? the whole blood-out-of-your-*** thing is probably rectal bleeding, which is what i had when i was younger.

you need to go to your doctor asap......don't waste time on here.

brainy smurf
Contact me if you need.
It sounds like you have either an anal fissure
or a hemorrhoid
Either way you need to see a doctor.
If the blood is mixed in with the stool then you are bleeding from higher up in your bowels.
a hemorrhoid will hurt when you sit down and it will itch.
An anal fissure will not hurt but you will have some bleeding and pain.
Contact me if you need more help

Sounds like you have something a doctor has to look into. Don't be embarrassed as they are used to scoping out that area. It could be a hemorrhoid or anal fistula . Remember as they say that area is one way so if you have a boyfriend remind him.

Gloria A
You need to see a doctor asap. Every time there blood is dangerous, I don't want to scare you. The doctor should send you for a colonoscopy and a prostate examination.


Seriously, blood in your stool is something you should have looked at by a doctor. I found only a small amount once and needed to have a colonoscopy to check things out...turned out that I had polyps in my colon. Luckily, they turned out to not be cancerous, but that was an unusual thing to find in a 25-year-old.

The Brain ^.^
Go to doctor!

it could be fissures which are little cut around your anus

Deaf wolf
hemorrhoids? sweetie get to a doctor..fast. Thats not right

It sounds like you might have anal fissure. It's usually when there are little fissures around our anus. Especially if there is pain present while defecation. If there is no pain, then you might lower rectum/intestinal bleeding. Check your anus for large lumps or swollen veins if it might possibly be hemorrhoids. I think it would be best to see a doctor because it could be something simple at first and might lead to complications later if left untreated. Good luck.

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