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 I'm bored in hospital, i'm here til next monday :/ any suggestions of what to do? :)?
Hey, I got hit by a car on friday :/ not too serious my leg is in a cage holding the bones together so i can't put weight on it. I'm just really bored.
I'll tell you the story so ...

 I cut my foot on the top of a nail the other day in our house. I dont think It was rusty. do i get tetanus jab

 What is the dumbest injury you've ever gotten?
Once I was playing volleyball on the beach at night and I ran into the wooden post while trying to hit the ball, and my forehead swelled into a huge lump. I also got a few splinters....

 Can I be fired from my job if my doctor signs me out of work due to back problem caused at work?
I pulled a back muscle at my workplace and was unfit to perform my duties. I went to my doctor for advice and she asked if I feel fit to work and I said no because I am in a great deal of pain. And ...

 i am 15, what's wrong?
my lower right side of stomach hurts everytime i get up or walk. what's up with that?
Additional Details
i asked my step da, he said i'm 2 young 2 have an apendicistis, or ...

 Is a knee injury a medical emergency?
I banged the heck out of my knee two days ago. I walk with the pain but it hurts none the less. My kneecap feels kinda weird...any suggestions?...

 what is that called when someones head is cut off?
not decapitated. something else......

 I have a neck pain that doesnt go away,can anybody help?
I have a neck pain that doesn't away. I can honestly say that it has been there for months and doesnt get worst but doesn't get better either.it starts like an inch away from behind my ear ...

 Sprained Ankle?
Today during volleyball practice I landed on my ankle when I jumped to spike. Apparently I rolled my ankle... Right now it hurts really bad, I can't put any weight on it - it's so painful. T...

 i got a shot and my arm hurts realy bad and is swollen i cant go to the doctor for at least a week what to do?

 i broke my foot but i can't let my mom find out i have a tattoo!!?
last night i broke the back of my foot. it hurts so bad i can barely walk on it. i have a small tattoo on my ankle but im only 14 so i cant let my mom see it! so i cant go to the doctors to get a ...

 I went jogging for the 1st time today for an hour, my legs hurt - shall i go tomorow?
I really enjoyed it and really want to go tomorow
is this a good idea since my legs feel tired and stiff? will it be that bad if i go again tomorrow despite that?...

 what's the best thing to do if your stomach hurts and you've been throwing up. like i mean to make it stop.

 What Is Whiplash? Please Answer, Thanks :]?
My friend was in a car crash last week and she told me in school today that she's got Whiplash. I played along like I knew what it was but really, I don't have a clue. What does it mean? T...

 If Stephen Hawking stubs his toe on a corner or something, does he physically have to type in 'ow'?!?

Additional Details
benjoe021 - Oh yes....

 Do I need to get this checked up?
this summer i injured the lower part of my.. i think it's my backbone? it's kinda right over my tush. anyways, there was this spring mattress on the ground, i forgot and plopped on it, and ...

 Haven't you always wanted to push a person in a wheelchair down a flight of staris?
It's mean, but I've always wanted to. What about you?...

 If someone looses a lot of blood, what can he or she do to be healthy again?
My friend said they lost a lot of blood, by some self inflicted injury they will not tell me about, and they are feeling very weak and can't get out of bed. What can I tell this person to do, ...

 I've been electrocuted?
I touched open wires on fairy lights connected to the mains and was electrocuted, my fingers tingled for ages and now my hand and arm have started to ache, should i be worried, what should i do?

 I need to sprain/break my wrist arm or ankle today?
its all i want for x-mas plz tell me how i need to and dont say im werid or crazed i just need to so plz help

happy holidays to all!!...

Someone chopped off my leg and its falling apart!? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!?
sorry, my leg is not falling apart its just to get attention. the reall question is, why are people being mean to my little sister. thanks. im 16 my little sister is 8. we go to the same school its an elementary school, middle school, and a high school. she has a lot of friends but some people in high school are mean, well the girls are nice to her. she is small for her age. people at our school they will push her and all that. and a guy who goes to our school lives in our neighborhood and on friday i was playing football with my friends and my sister was outside too and i told her not to go far away and then this guy who goes to our school pushed her to the floor and i said stop and he said no and i tackled him down. btw i play football. and they are just mean to her. well the people in high school the other people are nice. so why do you think people are mean to her?
Additional Details
zookid6 if i that acually happened i would have done that, but thanks anyways.

If you put it on ice, it can last up to 3 days with the possibility of being reattached. Otherwise, prosthetic technology is progressing these days, and you can probably be fitted with a robo-leg.

In the meanwhile, maybe ice it to reduce swelling.

Because they know they can't pick on someone their own size, so they pick on the smallest one, your sister

ummm maybe because you ruining her reputation....you shouldnt talk to her anymore

Memory P
its obvious shes short they are going to make fun of her!!! and she is younger than yall. she might have been in the way!!!

first of all...I dont think you can stand the pain and type...sooooo, I didnt beleive that you were hurt...everyyone else probably thinks this 2.

they are probably just trying to prove to themselves that they are strong. and maybe they like to hurt little girls


Em-z and K-T
That is mean, maybe you should tell these people it's not funny to make fun of younger people... itz cool that you care about your little sister... my 18 year old brother's friends make fun of me all the time and my brother encourages them...

I'm short for my age too (I'm 15 and I'm 5'1) and I've been discriminated all my life. Even my parents make fun of me and blame me that it's my fault i'm short. People are not just mean to her but people like to discriminate anyone that has something different about them. In your sister's situation they found something that they can pick on and discriminate her for, which is her height. I don't have any advice as to how to make them stop. In my situation people just got tired of making fun of me after they realized I don't make a big deal or have a big reaction when people made fun of me. I usually just ignore those people or give them a blank look that says so what at least I'm not some insecure person that has to discriminate another person to feel better about ourselves. What also helped is that people stood up for me when someone else tried to make fun of me and then the person will feel uncomfortable making fun of me. Hope that helped somewhat.

I can't understand why big football jocks would pick on a little girl. They are not only bullies, but haven't got a brain in their head. Why do you even associate with them? I think you should tell your parents and the school authorities. I'm sure you don't want to see your little sister get hurt, but somebody has to come to her aid and put a stop to this. I think you would be the likely one. Good luck!

Taylor S
Sometimes you just get people like that. Theres rely no reason, and i doubt there anything is wrong with her. Your best bet is to watch her back.

Maybe they are using her to like get you angry. I think it is awesome how protective you are, but your still the "cool" guy.

Contact the school authorities and let them know what is going on. They can catch anyone that is being a bully to your sister if they are aware of it. If you see that guy in your neighborhood bullying your sister again, make a police report. One day you will not be around and what will your sister do then? Make your parents aware of what is happening also.

I think it's because she's little and they want to take advantage of her.

S n o o p y
dnt listen to the guy above me.
i think that ur a lovely and kind older brother and i would kill to have u as my older bro.
it's very nice that ur sticking up for her.
school kids are immature and wil do nefing to get attention.
tell an adult that u trust.
gud luck

highschooler's are asses they just have nothing better to do and so shes little so they go after her just because they can

First of all it is your DUTY to protect and stand up for your lil sis. If anyone messes with her you go and handle them no matter what. If you let people get away with it everyone will run right over your whole family. You find the biggest baddest guy who messes with your sis and you handle him. After that no one will ever mess with your sis again. Youtube has alot of great self defense videos you can watch for free.

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