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 Just jammed finger really bad. Ice it or warm water?
I was just playing basketball and jammed finger really hard. I can bend normally but cant bend it back, its swollen a bit too. One guy told me to ice it when i get home, another told me soak it in ...

 My mom got hit in the head with a small rock- should we take her to the hospital? HELP?
My dad was brush hogging, and it flew out from underneath.
We stopped the bleeding, and now she's laying on the couch. She looks tired, but her pupils seem fine. However, she says that she ...

 is it bad when your ribs show?
when i bend sideways my ribs show. im not fat im not skinny but they show....

 need help, slammed finger in a car door?
my right thumb got slammed in a car door 7 hours ago. only the right half of my thumb got hurt, and it started to bleed alot. its stopped now, but bleeds now and then. i cleaned it and put a band-...

 Would You Ever Go Out On Crutches Just to See What it's Like?
I know most people really hate them and I would never want to be on them forever or anything like that, but I also really like them. I've actually had them for real injuries due to soccer, but ...

 underneath my left eye you can see it beating!! help!!?
and when i touch it , i can feel a pulse and its scaring me!! it looks like a twitch, but its not, its like a beating vein! and its noticable!! please help!! im so freaked out!!
Additional D...

 my friend had a toy car got stuck up his bum, it's been there for 3 days. should he go to to the doctors?

Additional Details
the car is a small toy car and is red, he thinks if it hasn't come out by now it'll be ...

 My boyfriend punched a wall last night,and 24 hr later his knuckles,palm,and fingers are swollen,is it broken?
They are all bruised as ...

 If I cut off my arm will it grow back?

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and what about my legs will they grow back as ...

 i hit my face it is now swollen how do i reduce the swollen?
i hit my face it is now swollen how do i reduce the swollen. I am not sure if I can still use some ice bacause this happened over 24 hrs ago. any ideas?...

 Bad Cut Please Help?
A few days ago I was opening a razor and it went into my thumb. I could see my skin in the razor.There was blood EVERYWHERE and now its kinda swollen and still bleeds. Its also pretty deep. And hurts ...

 Does licking your wounds really prevent an infection?
If so, why?...

 I can't touch my toes?
I'm really tall for my age...5'5'' 1/2, and I am 12. The only thing is that I can't touch my toes...whenever I stretch my legs to touch them it hurts. This isn't sudden ...

 how do you break your leg or arm?
i want to know so i can and i also love breaking bones!...

 Oh my God, I'm in my office. Someone just walked in with a gun and shot Ms. Stephenson the recptionist?
OH God what should I do, he's killing everyone OH GOD PLEASE HELP ME. I have a Beretta in my drawer. Should I risk going out there?
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I killed him. I actually ...

 Red Srcatches on my husband's back. He said he got those from working out or he cheated on me? Please help!

This happened last night that I happened to see scratches on my husband's back (I did take 3 pictures of the scratches). The moment I saw those red scratches on his back, I was ...

 is it normal to go number two and then have a drop or two of blood...?
just curious......

 Is it weird for me to be doing this when I am only 13?
I'm 13 years old 5'10 and 195lbs. This year was the first year that I did sports and I really got into it. I play football and basketball. I practice football at school for about an hour ...

 Don't say I'm stupid........?
because I really want to break my arm! I've got a perfectly good reason to but I can't say why!!! Could someone please give me an idea?!!...

 Help! I've just burnt my fingure a few hours ago from the oven! it's swollen..i wanna prevent it from scarring?
can anybody help? what am i supposed to do now?...

Sneezed a second ago, what just happened?
I saw a bunch of little stars floating around.

Never happened before. Am I going to die?
Additional Details
Trigger nerve endings in my eyes?

That sounds dangerous.

Am I going to go blind?

that sounds random dude! lol

Chula M
haha, no you are not going to die. it was probably because you sneezed to hard or just illusions .

Kmk I
that happened to me a lot of times.
nothing happened to me though.
it went away like in 10 seconds

No you're not gonna die, you'll be fine.

right....are you jj?????

that happens to me.
im still alive.
so you will be ok

Sally Cat
Yup, you are going to die. The sneeze killed you.
*this is sarcasm btw lol*

You're fine XD

your still alive right now arent you?

ur fine

Niki G
Thats happened to me a few times too! it's all good bud, don't wry

WTF?? well sneezing is 1/8 of an orgasm...

your probably tired, either that or your too close to the computer screen

thats brain tissue

yes. you're going to die.
we will miss you dearly.


Arsenal FC till death do us part

reminds of me of my sister

she used to hate the dark because she said she saw little colorful dots

floating everywhere

I told her they were part of her eyes, she believed me but she's still scared of the dark

your fine it was probably a temporary oxygen loss to the brain.
when you sneeze EVERYTHING STOPS every function in the body just goes limp even your heart. . . its scary but if it persist call your doctor.

Tanairi R
allegies!! nothing wrong that is no just thing as littles stars floting around when you sneezed!!! :-{

No your not going to die. It means that your blood iron is low. get some vit. with iron and you will be fine.

You may be right
You must have sneezed so hard, you knocked your brain loose.

Why would you think that your going to die. Everything that seems unusual doesnt mean your going to die just get over it and get on with your life dont worry so much its prbably nothing.

get a telescope

Andy D
Yes. one day.

The stars are actually the aliens trying to communicate with you. Go outside while they are still around and broadcasting. Strip naked and rub crunchy peanut butter all over you and lay on the grass and stare at the stars. Then start singing Hit me baby one more time real loud. That will let them know you want to be taken to the mother ship!!! Good Luck and tell Zentara that I said hey!!

No, you're fine. That's normal

o.o sometimes that happens to me but not wen i sneeze idk y though

nah, it's just your brain bumping the back of your skull becuase maybe you sneezed too hard

no, you just probably shut your eyes too fast... if it is gone, u r fine

no - your eyeballs changed shape literally - the aqueous and vitreous fluids resettle - light is refracted on it,there is a short lack of oxygen to the optic nerve,what you are seeing is 'visual pins and needles'

i am sorry to here that

Sneezing increases inter-cranial pressure. That will cause you to see stars and even bright flashes of colors,

just a little lack of oxygen to the brain. not going to die.

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