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Should I sue a nightclub - Got a concussion from bouncer slamming door on my face.?
Hey Everyone,

I was at a nightclub in British Columbia, Canada for new years and at around 1AM I went outside the front entrance of the club to call my brother (so I could hear him without the music in the background). After talking to him, I headed to go back inside, and was right in front of the entrance door when it suddenly SLAMMED open and hit me in the forehead and nose. It turned out just as i was about to enter the door, a bouncer at the club slammed the door open as he was kicking someone out of the club. All he did was ask if I was okay, and that he would buy me a drink, I was so out of it that I just cooperated and ending up leaving right after because I was seeing stars, dizzy, and light headed. I have the bouncers name, and I now realize I have all the signs of a concussion.

* "seeing stars" and feeling dazed, dizzy, or lightheaded
* memory loss, such as trouble remembering things that happened right before and after the injury
* headaches
* blurred vision and sensitivity to light
* slurred speech or saying things that don't make sense
* difficulty concentrating, thinking, or making decisions
* feeling anxious or irritable for no apparent reason
* feeling overly tired

I didn't go to the doctor today, because I didn't realize I might have one until my family pointed out I probably did. I am going to be going first thing in the morning.

What steps should I take in this situation?

I'll be going to the doctor tomorrow morning to see how bad it is.
Should I contact the nightclub? Or a Lawyer?

Thanks very much for the help.
Additional Details
I still have all the symptoms as i write this today.

It's a busy entrance and if there was a small girl or guy on the other side of the door they would probably get knocked out at the speed the door hit me at. I just slouched over and felt like ****. It's the bouncers responsibility in my mind to make sure the other side is clear before they slam it open.

call a lawyer

tina w
If the doctor says you have a concussion you should definitely sue them. Not only for the cost of your doctors bills and pain but also for the traumatic experience he caused you to have.

lmao call a lawyer..............................

you sue the nightclub and the guy that punched you.

I would not sue him because it was an accident and he deserves a second chance. But he could have been nicer and offered a ride to the hospital instead of a drink.

Call an attorney. Use something called Legal Aid, or so that is what it's called in USA...it is a resource where you should be able to find lawyer pretty cheap.

Start taking omega-3 fish oils softgels to help heal your brain. Also, take bio-astin or astaxanthin.

Wait to see what the doctor has to say. If you got hurt, and the doctor can prove it, get a lawyer and sue. If the doctor can't find any injuries, then don't even deal with wasting money on a lawyer.

I would say that you would get farther just contacting the nightclub and seeing what you can get out of them. They might give you a lot more than you would get out of a long expensive legal battle that you might not win.

The mom
You probably can find a lawyer and file suit. However, you are bound to run into a few challenges. First, you did not go to a doctor today. You may have a slight concussion, but you have no witness aside from the bouncer who hit you, and the drunk he was tossing out. The bouncer isn't likely to be a witness against himself, and the drunk won't likely remember. Nor be a really credible witness. I'm not sure what else the bouncer could have done, aside from ask the obvious question- which you say he did. If you said you were okay, then he didn't really have any reason to suspect anything different. It doesn't sound as if he meant you any harm, you just happened to be in the wrong spot at the wrong time. Now, if you end up losing work or school time due to the injury, you can certainly ask for compensation for that. You can even ask for the doctor's bill to be paid. But I wouldn't expect a large chunk in settlement, and you will have to wait some time to see anything at all. Most of the money will end up eaten up by the lawyer's fee as well. Since you are typing here at YA, I think you have at most a mild concussion, which shouldn't cause you any major problems. And if you do file a suit, trust that the lawyer for the nightclub will likely dig this little tidbit up as evidence that you were not as badly injured as it sounds. I'm not trying to be a smart alek here- just telling you what you face in challenges. As far as your symptoms now, if they are what you list then you really should seek medical attention now and not wait until tomorrow. The sooner you seek medical attention, the better your chances will be if you do chose to sue. It also means you will recover faster as well if something needs attention. It will also help, if you have bruises on your face- because the ER will take a photograph of you to document the physical evidence. A photo you take may not be credible, and a good lawyer could block it being admitted as evidence. They won't have that chance if the hospital takes the photo, and you will have it documented today as opposed to tomorrow. The decision to sue or not is yours- but you really should seek help today and not tomorrow, as far as a doctor is concerned.

give the bouncer the middle finger and all will be fine.

you would think that if they saw you all dazed and confused that they would have called an ambulance at least to cover their own *** in case you were really hurt. i would definatly call a lawyer. good luck and feel better!

SUE THEY *** .

Get a lawyer and get them losers for all they've got!!!!!

Oh babyy!!(:
Yes you should it happened to someone i know they won and got payed ALOT!

Taylor H
i wouldn't only because he didn't know you were there and he did try to see if you were ok. you could proabably tell he felt bad. i mean you coukld try to sue him, but you obviously arent using the money for medical payments.

loves christmas lights
Wait until you get the Drs info on your head. You may wish to contact the club and let them know that you are at the Drs because you are pretty messed up and waited a day to see if it was a simple headache that would go away. Be polite now. Get the Drs info, and if you have to get tests etc, recontact the club and let them know what is going on, if they will listen. Sometimes we are simply at the wrong place at the wrong time in life. You may find they may offer to pay the bills once they see a Drs report. They may not speak to you, that would mean youd have to sue them. An attorney will cost alot to find out just to see if you have a case, since so far there is no evidence yet of a life threatening or maiming incident. They have insurance for something like this. The bouncer did take the time to ask you if you were ok, this is nothing new for the club, he offered to make up for his mistake with the drink offer. So guilt has been admitted. So take it from there, if they are dips about it all, then see what you can get, you may find its not worth the hassell and hard lesson learned. You might score a new car out of it you never know.

a concussion is hardly a reason to sue, especially if there arent any long term effects. but if there were witnesses u could probaly get away with suing the nightclub. you would just have to ask yourself if its really woth it.

colin h
call a lawyer. dont say anything to the nightclub. thats what lawyers r for

shabam him in the face :D

Concussions are easy to fix. It's important that they get treated as soon as possible. I wouldn't sue them, it's a painful process- getting a lawyer and all that stuff. I recommend just talking to the manager, I'm sure he'll offer you something in exchange for not suing them.

You just got owned.

***** SLAP THEM MOTHER *******!!!!! CALL A LAWER!

Mystrey M

Spencer H
NO!, your gonna end up wasting a load of money and they'll probably win becuase nightclubs cover their ****

Well it looks like the Bouncer's quite sorry about what he did. Theres no need to sue em'. Besides, you'll be spending more money on the lawyer even if you won the case. I don't think its worth it. But hey, its your choice. Go nuts.

Just me
HELL YEAH! Sue 'em!

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