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 i was strangled yesterday and?
today there is this swelling in my neck and when i touch it, it hurts!
Additional Details
well, he strangled me because he was angry when i said that he has nothing to do with me...and ...

 When you break your arm can the bone pierce the skin?
Me and my husband were at a rugby match that my brother was playing at, when someone was badly tackeled and fell down hard and broke there arm, and someone said that the bone that he had broke had ...

 A firecracker just blew up in my hand, what do i need to do?
I lit one in my hand, and threw it. like a split second after i lit it, it went off right in my hand. the pain was unbearable for a while but now its doesnt hurt as bad but two of my fingers are very ...

 How do I get rid of cuts on my wrists and FAST!!?
I cut uhh, 2 nights ago and they werent deep but they are still there and i really needa get rid of them before saterday.. How can i do it fast?
dont tell me the best way to get rid of them is ...

 should I go to the hospital?
I fell earlier and hit my arm, it hurts like a mofo and there is a bruise, I can still pick up stuff, but cant lean my arm on ...

 is my nose broken? easy 5 points?
Okay about three days i got punched in the face(cheap shot haha). Anyways there was no swallowing. My eye is starting to blacken. There was a small cut on the nose where i got hit, i think my finger ...

 Just jammed finger really bad. Ice it or warm water?
I was just playing basketball and jammed finger really hard. I can bend normally but cant bend it back, its swollen a bit too. One guy told me to ice it when i get home, another told me soak it in ...

 My mom got hit in the head with a small rock- should we take her to the hospital? HELP?
My dad was brush hogging, and it flew out from underneath.
We stopped the bleeding, and now she's laying on the couch. She looks tired, but her pupils seem fine. However, she says that she ...

 is it bad when your ribs show?
when i bend sideways my ribs show. im not fat im not skinny but they show....

 need help, slammed finger in a car door?
my right thumb got slammed in a car door 7 hours ago. only the right half of my thumb got hurt, and it started to bleed alot. its stopped now, but bleeds now and then. i cleaned it and put a band-...

 Would You Ever Go Out On Crutches Just to See What it's Like?
I know most people really hate them and I would never want to be on them forever or anything like that, but I also really like them. I've actually had them for real injuries due to soccer, but ...

 underneath my left eye you can see it beating!! help!!?
and when i touch it , i can feel a pulse and its scaring me!! it looks like a twitch, but its not, its like a beating vein! and its noticable!! please help!! im so freaked out!!
Additional D...

 my friend had a toy car got stuck up his bum, it's been there for 3 days. should he go to to the doctors?

Additional Details
the car is a small toy car and is red, he thinks if it hasn't come out by now it'll be ...

 My boyfriend punched a wall last night,and 24 hr later his knuckles,palm,and fingers are swollen,is it broken?
They are all bruised as ...

 If I cut off my arm will it grow back?

Additional Details
and what about my legs will they grow back as ...

 i hit my face it is now swollen how do i reduce the swollen?
i hit my face it is now swollen how do i reduce the swollen. I am not sure if I can still use some ice bacause this happened over 24 hrs ago. any ideas?...

 Bad Cut Please Help?
A few days ago I was opening a razor and it went into my thumb. I could see my skin in the razor.There was blood EVERYWHERE and now its kinda swollen and still bleeds. Its also pretty deep. And hurts ...

 Does licking your wounds really prevent an infection?
If so, why?...

 I can't touch my toes?
I'm really tall for my age...5'5'' 1/2, and I am 12. The only thing is that I can't touch my toes...whenever I stretch my legs to touch them it hurts. This isn't sudden ...

 how do you break your leg or arm?
i want to know so i can and i also love breaking bones!...

Should I see a Doctor? (picture)?
i cut it all the way through its only hanging by a piece of skin. Its been a few days since i did it...so sutures are out of the question.
whats next?

Additional Details
btw i was cutting lettuce with a 10 inch knife lol

YES you should go see a doctor. Why didn't you go in the first place? It doesn't look like something that's just going to heal on its own. Go now before it gets infected.

Go to the doctor.

clean it with betadine....and keep it bandaged when you're not at home. It will heal okay...but will take awhile.

Ya Umm!
oooouuuucccchhhhhhhhh........ i actually had something similar some years ago while cutting some cards with a sharp cutter.. if there is no pain and bleeding has stopped, i think its alright...it will heal itself..but it will take time..the skin will grow and it will be back to normal. Take care!

oh if there is an open wound, do take extra care in cleaning it to prevent infections. Do dress it and cover with a tape so it will heal faster.

Man, my husband has the same thing right now, just not as bad.. Epsom salt, I think its too late to go.... I feel bad 4 you. If anything you should go for pain relief....

well a doc could cut it off and clean it really well and make sure there is no infection. it wont heal right if you just leave it like that. Personally, if it were me, id probably cut it off myself (im a clutz and am always hurting myself and fixing what I can..lol), but if it were my husband, id haul his butt to the doc and have the doc do it.. lol...

yes go to the doc...

hi! I am a doctor so read this closley! the cut in the photos dosen't look so bad! DO NOT peel the extra skin off! it will pretect the cut from being infected! do not bandage the cut either it needs to be aired out! 1 more thing once a day you should put poroxide on the cut it will protect it from any thing to small to see!
[email protected]

wrap it up and put neosporin on it

Taylor B

michelle :]
yes because you don't want it to get infected

i think you should see a doctor. just to be safe.

Kristina G
i think that you should see the doctor.

and eeewww...
how did that happen??

you should defenetly see a doctor or your finger(s) might get infected.

Check out WebMD first it helpful and free

The Taxpayer
I didn't see the picture...but NAW...let 'er go. If you're healthy enough to do this stuff...you're fine

Ian Wright
please see a doctor, he/she will know what to do

Melisa S

I am a Certified Medical Assistant
Keep it clean and dry do not bandage it because it will fester and create a breeding ground for bacteria. It is too late for stitches ( 8 hr Rule) The skin will eventually fall off.


kiki Dee
See a doctor, keep it bound up, make sure it's disinfected.

Dude... YES!! Go see the doctor before it gets infected or not healed back...

if u dont want to go then put on a bandaid till it heals but if u think u should u probly might want to go.

NO, just keep it wrapped in sterile gauze. Keep neosporin on it or another triple antibiotic ointment on it, and put peroxide on it 2 times a day.. Thats basically what the doctors going to say.

it looks like it hurts !

I would definitely keep it elevated until you see the doctors, and go right away.

Good luck, and if you want some pain relief definitely take some aspirin or Tylenol. :)

I hope it gets better!!

Dude I do crap like that all the time. Get some neosporin put a bandaid over it and no more whining next time. haha. Kindly though, you're fine.

um no how old are u first aright no u cut a pice of ur skin

billy bob joe H


heather l
Your right, too late to sew it back on. your worry should be infection. if it looks and feels fine, no oozing or odor, put on a bandage and keep an eye on it. if money is not a worry for you, go see a doc.

first of all, ew.
second no i cut off half my toe one time and i was fine. no need to see a doctor

put a plaster on it it will fall off in time a its only a Small cut ...

I would go yes, they may somehow be able to bandage it for you or glue it back on....you really just should have gone in the first place.

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