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Luv 311!
Should I pop these blisters (which are on my toes)? I've never gotten them before. HELP!?
Last night, when I was trick or treating, I wsa dumb enough to not wear sneakers. Instead, I wore these shoes that are like 3 inches high and made of leather, but they weren't heels. Me and my friend had to jog to the houses all night because we had an early curfew.
Anyway, when I got home, there was a blister on each of my pinky toes. I've never gotten blisters before. Last night I put on some neosporin on the blisters. I don't know what to do!
My homecoming dance is this Saturday! Should I pop the blister? HELP!!!
Additional Details
How long will it take to heal if I just leave it alone, put neosporin on it, and put a banaid on it? Homecoming dance this Saturday!

tO tHe bAtMoBiLe!!!
popping the blisters will only make them spread and grow new ones....keep putting neosporin on...i'tll help and work fast....also try bengay!!

let the blister pop itself=you could get infection doing it too early =wear loose shoes to the dance

Mr. Omg Awesome
If your worried that much than yes.

do not pop it..... cover/pad it and keep it clean......{do not introduce staph into your opened tissue}


Don't pop them. I am in boy scouts, and what you should do is not put neosporin on it, but get some moleskin if it's a sheet of it cut so its a little bit larger than the size of the blister, and cut a hole in the center of the moleskin a little larger than the blister to help it breath in air to help it heal, and tape the moleskin to the toe. Hope this helps and have fun at homecoming this weekend.

tiffanyy =:]
DO NOT POP THE BLISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
u will be in pain for DAYS if u pop it. get cortisone, u know the red and white tube with white cream inside? i really hope that helps cuz ive had blisters in the same spot and they HURT!!!!! also u can try soaking your feet in warm water it'll soothe it. get some kind of cream for it. go to rite aid they will help, too. use neosporin too. GOOD LUCK!!! also if it hurts that bad you can take some tylonel. I ALWAYZ take tylonel when im in pain, lol.

do NOT pop them, that can lead to infection because your feet are always in warm, damp places(shoes). Blisters will naturally decrease and form a soft callas on them as they do. At the store. they have these doctor scholls blister cushions. Get those, or surround them in band-aids with neosporin. You should be fine, wear comfy shoes until homecoming, and soak every night in warn Epsom salt water if painful. Good luck!

No! DOn't pop your blisters, they give your ski strength nd it's best to let them be, it will make it so it doesn't hurt as much if you do stuff like that.
Blisters aren't bad, stop freakin out!

I used to get them ALL the time when I was younger, going on the monkey bars at first it hurt but then I didn't notice.

big mommasweeta
do NOT pop them, that can lead to infection because your feet are always in warm, damp places(shoes). Blisters will naturally decrease and form a soft callas on them as they do. At the store. they have these doctor scholls blister cushions. Get those, or surround them in band-aids with neosporin. You should be fine, wear comfy shoes until homecoming, and soak every night in warn Epsom salt water if painful. Good luck!

well usually when you get a blister if you pop it a liquid comes out and if you pop it soon it should heal by saturday.....also if ur gana pop it use a tac or sewing needle. do not squeeze it. that will irrataer it and take longer to heal

Super Ruper
No, don't pop them. Just cover them with thick bandages and let them heal...and perhaps, you can get some of the clear plastic bandages for Saturday, cause they won't be healed completely by then. But if you pop them, you'll be in even more pain...so leave them be, and just cover them up...

bobby boy

ash l
ok dont pop the blister. see a skin doctor or just talk to a school nurse or someone. you dont want to get an infection or something, talk to a professional. in the mean time google search info on that sort of thing

no, a blister forms to let the skin under it heal without infection. they form to protect your skin, if you leave it alone, it will heal faster. just cover with neosporin and a bandaid. goodluck.

steve l
Yes you can. Wash your feet with hot water and soap. With a pin slide it into the side of the blister, not in the centre as most people would. You slide it in and not jab it in. One it is in slide it out and press the blister so the little bit of fluid drains out. Do not cover it in tape or plasters, let it breathe.

You can boil the pin to sterilize it to make sure it is clean.

I served 12 years in the military and have been running marathons for over 20 years so I have had plenty of blisters.

Try and make sure everything is clean when you do this to limit the chances of infections.


Popping the blisters will make your skin hurt just as much as it is now. All you can do is ice them a little and put a band aid so the friction of shoes does not hurt as much.

I have had blisters many times & I always popped them with a sterile needle. (just a small hole.o the fluid can drain out) Using a sterile piece of cotton & hydrogen peroxide, wipe up the fluid. Then, apply more Neosporin to the blisters. When going to school, apply more Neosporin, then put a band aid on each blister. At night, let the air get to the blisters to dry the skin.

No, don't pop the blisters, this can cause a bacteria infection, just keep them clean with soap and water and don't wear tight shoes for a week, they will heal on there own.

Issac G
ur not suppose to pop blisters or u will just have an open sore if u want take a sewing needle with some string behind it and poke and pull threw the blister the string will soak up the fluid but leave the skin

Laurie D
I wouldn't pop it. Instead just make sure you keep the areas clean and covered with bandages until they pop on their own. It's sterile (not prone to infection) until it's popped.
If it really bothers you then try to pop it in as sterile as a manner as possible, use antibiotic ointment and keep it covered with a bandage.

NO NO NO do not pop them. soak your feet in warm water and wait. if you pop them they may get infected. go get a pedicure they'll know what to do .

The treatment of friction blisters varies from doctor to doctor.
e-medicine.com recommends that you "POP" the blister .
From e-medicine:
Medical Care

Management of friction blisters includes sterile drainage of the site while leaving the blister roof intact to serve as a dressing. This method helps relieve some discomfort and protects the site from superinfection. A donut of moleskin may also be applied to minimize additional trauma to the blister and to relieve discomfort. If the blister roof is already fully or partially removed, treat the site as an open wound with appropriate antiseptic and surgical bandage application. Hydrocolloid dressings have also been proven to decrease discomfort and encourage healing. Some recommend debridement of the skin of the blister, the use of a topical containing nitrofurazone, and the application of a bandage.3

* Prompt attention to friction blisters is important to prevent the development of secondary impetigo with possible cellulitis and sepsis.
* Institute appropriate systemic antibiotic therapy if impetigo develops.

***Basically what they are saying is:
Clean the area with antimicrobial/antibacterial soap (Dial or any antibacterial soap including liquid dishwashing detergent)
Dry the area by blotting with a piece of gauze.
Take a needle or pin that you have wiped down with alcohol or betadine or peroxide (what ever you have at home) and insert it into the blister from the side. NOT the top of the blister as that will cause the skin to tear. Just gently nick it from the side and all of the fluid will drain.
Keep blotting the site until all of the fluid has drained and then cover with Neosporin and a bandaid.
Change the bandaid/neosporin daily.

***You want to keep the top layer of the blister because this provides a protective covering to the new skin underneath and your blister site will be less painful. That layer of skin will eventually scab/dry off.

Make sure you keep the area clean and dry.

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