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sandy f
PLEASE!!! HELP Whats wrong?
About a little more than a week ago I hurt my finger playing basketball. I hit it on the poll and then desided to keep playing and jammed it a couple of times.(I have a really high pain tolerence) It got really swollen like my regular knuckle times 2. I didnt want to go to the doc. cause its just my finger even though my mom wants me too. But its been a week and its still not better. I can move it but not all the way(it just wont go) and when I move it, it hurts. What do you think could be wrong with it?(a chipped bone or broken or just sprained) and what should I do about it? Could it be broken even though i can move it a little bit?


its most likely aids

You prop broke it...I just got out of a cast on my leg like 2 weeks ago...go to the Doctor.

sounds like u have a hair line fracture....just splint it and u should be ok ....if ur feeling sick or anything else like u have more symptoms than pain go to see a doctor could be bone marrow escapping into ur blood u have to be careful

I think that it is pro-bally broken cause u can hardly move it. Sprained is not that bad it recovers in a few days. But ur saying this is been happening for a week so its most likely broken
go to a doctor

You might have fractured it, I would go get it checked out, it could just be a stave but if it is broke or chipped, it could get a hell of alot worse. Just do it and make sure everything ago
And tie a spliter to it for now to keep it in place

Braces are my SPECIALTY!
It sounds like a crack. But a very tiny one. Go check it out!

ok you either jammed it Wait one more week if u jammed it it'll be swollen for 6 months if it's purple its broken

~Captain Jack~
Go to the doctor you ***********

sorry hun i think its broken or fractured , not a big dif, but c'mon see the doc he'll help

you probably broke a bone, and then chipped it on top of that
go see a doctor
you don't want it to start to heal out of place

**** luck!

u should reaally go see a doctor. even if its just ur finger.

b t
Just because you can move a joint does not mean that it intact. Other things that you can ask your self does it hurt more when you move it. How does it sound when you move it(you'll know what i mean if you hear it). What your describing does sound like a jammed finger(trust me i know many times over). You will know better than anyone except the doctor. Your the one feeling it. In my mind the biggest thing is is it getting better. If its getting better at a good steady rate your probably good. If its not or getting worse GET TO THE DOCTOR! After a week it should already be feeling better. Most of mine took about 2-4 weeks to heal but were much better after only one week.

mike m
Most likely you just jammed it. To test if its broken or shipped place a bright light under the swollen area to look for chips. if the ball hit the tip of your finger than im willing to bet its just jammed.

You probably just jambed it... you should go to a doctor just in case..but for self care go to the store and buy a finger splint... moving the finger will keep irritating it and keep it from healing longer.

hope this helps

Injured my pinkie playing basketball when i was younger but i thought it was just a sprain. After it healed up it was crooked and clearly i had broken it. Too late to go to the doctor at that point. Be safe and see your family doctor before it's too late.

Good luck

happened to me once i forget exactly but it was like a really bad sprain and it hit the growth plate which is why it hurt so long but if u broke/chiped the growth plate u would have a weird finger cuz it be like one short *** finger and other normal ones go to the doctor just to be safe

yeah it probably broke or chipped go to the doctor... man it will be better .

Alice Cullen
calm down, it's a finger and as long as it isn't green and limp it won't be amputated lol, it's a possible sprain, if you can still move it ....you didn't break it i think you also could have chipped a piece of your bone but also i'm thinking a possible dislocation of a metacarpal [a tiny finger bone, you have lots so one may be out of place] best way to know go to a doctor, check it out and an ex-ray may be needed but I'd try not moving it for a couple days and put some ice on it and see what happens, if nothing progresses, then i would recommend a doctor :p

To answer your question, you MUST go see a doc. You need an xray or other test to determine what the problem is. It could be sprained, strained or yes, even broken, even though you can move it a bit.

I must say here to all Yahoo members: Why do you think a diagnosis can be made online? A GOOD doc won't even make a diagnosis over the phone with his/her chronic patients let alone make one here... My advice to all who lurk here is for Yahoo to delete the health section of this ANSWERS site. I think, as a nurse, it is so unsafe. (OK, am off my pedestal now)

Astrid S
You should really go to the doctor because nobody here can really tell you what you have unless they are retired doctors or are in or graduated medical school. So really make an appointment to see what you have because it might be kind of serious you never know.

sounds like it's just sprained, but it's hard to tell without examining it. obviously try not to move it, since most injuries like that heal by themselves, given ENOUGH time. oh, use ice, rest it, compression probably helps. it's pretty simple to pick up some sprain bandages and clips at a local store/pharmacy.

cheers o.O


well i would see a dr cause if you dont than, its possible that your finger could be permently damaged.

oh this has happened to me before playing volleyball and soccer. u just jammed your finger and its basically like a sprain. so its probably going to be swollen and blueish color for about 2 weeks but it will go away. if you broke your finger you wouldnt be able to move it.

go see a doctor i think its best considering the fact tht it has been a week

Bone-Z Dekay
You really need to see a doctor because nobody on here is going to be able to properly diagnose you.

Read the answers you have received the last 14 times you asked this question. Yup, I counted. You have asked this question a grand total of 15 times. If you're that concerned, go to the doctor. If you feel you need attention from strangers this badly, make it a psychiatrist!

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