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NEED HELP NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!plz?
My dad and I were ice skating and he feel on the ice and hit his head!!!
He was down for 1 min and then when he lifted his head i noticed it was bleeding BAD!
I went and go my mom,
My friends mom came over(and shes a ER nurse),
she said he wont need stitches,
but we don't know if he has a concussionon?
How can i tell?
plz answer quick!!
Additional Details
The ER neurse doesn't now thats not what she does

and we can't go to the doctor's it is night and it is all so the weekend

so plz help

he needs to go to sleep,take some medicine,amd get a ice pack he will be good as new!!

Dilated Pupils are apparently a sign of concussion- also feeling drowsy or collapsing (well the latter is clearly saying something is wrong) don't let him sleep apparently.

Also tell the ER nurse she should go back to school.

Stop panicking, your being over emotional. If she is an ER nurse then the only reason your on here is cos you wanted to tell someone, go and make your Dad a coffee

♥ Irish princess ♥
do you hav a hospital by u? if so i would go in.
usually u can tell if u hav a cuncussion by if there eyes dialate, like shine a light, not in, but by his eye and see if his pupils change sizes.

Sarah M
If he forgets what happened or starts forgetting things right before or after the accident then he has a slight concussion, but it's nothing to worry too much about, your dad will be fine in a few days.

The ER nurse should be able to tell, or take him to the hospital.

I hear you man, but this is all I can give at such a short notice:

The symptoms of a concussion include temporary unconsciousness, headache and, often, a loss of memory concerning the critical incident.

Vomiting and nausea are also common.

If you want to have proof he has a concussion then ever few hours or so ask him if he can say his name or repeat important info such as his adress or parents full name. If he can't then he needs to be taken to a doctor ASAP.

This website will really help:


hope this helps.

If there is no any discharges from the nose and the ears, no decrease of your father LOC, & no changes in his orientation to TPP, SO he just need some sutures to stop his bleeding.

Darb D
wow not very helpful answer hey?

theres 3 grades of concussion.

one where you just see stars and have a slight headache after, maybe a little dizzy

two where your knocked out cold but get right back up

three where your out for a period of time and have to be woken up

first one is nothing, many fighter get a few of these every match or a few times a round

the second is one you watch a little, make sure no vomitting or passing out later or slurring of speech etc.

the third has specific precautions a doc would need to advise.

sounds like no big deal, can't be as bad as 12 rounds in the ring

Musical Girl
well I think he has a chance because I saw my grandma fall backwards on the drive way and her head was bleeding. Also if he throws up or something like that.

If your friend's mom is an ER nurse, she should know if you dad needs more medical attention - trust her judgement.

Bella L
you need to get him to a hospital just to get him checked on to be sure hes all right. you can tell if he has a concussion if he doesn't recognize who you are, falls down, or feels dizzy.

work on neuro floor....THIS IS CRAZY...out for a minute???? didn't go to the hospital?????? WOAH!!!!....
1. he needs checked...if he has a concussion..he needs to be checked and waken up every 2 hours to ensure he is alright and is oriented to name place and year.
2. he could also have a subdural hematoma which is basically bleeding on the brain...would need a CT to be sure.. if so, sure they can reabsorb and go away on their own...BUT sometimes you need a drain to drain off the blood...

never fool around with a head injury...loss of consciousness is a big deal..

Chloe D
go to a hospital, if he is acting strangely

Did you ever think of getting him checked by a doctor??

You really dont know if he has a concussion? You just treat it him as he does, Ibprofen and Ice. You need to make sure he is woken up though out the night.

Paper Wings
he probably has a concussion
dont let him sleep for a few hours
and take him to the ER

maddiee <3
You might just want to go to the emergency room to be positive because you never really know even if she is a ER nurse!

To check for a concussion, look at his eyes. Carefully determine if one of his pupils is dilated (Or appears bigger than the other.) Uneven pupil size can indicate a brain injury. If this is present, seek prompt medical attention.

Helpful Link: http://www.wrongdiagnosis.com/c/concussion/signs.htm

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