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okay. last month i was a concert and people were stepping on my toe. when i got home it hurt a lot. and i didnt think much of it. but like a week later it bruised and turn purple. 3 weeks later my ...

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My son got kicked in the thumb and it's swollen and very bruised but he can move it. Any thoughts?

cutie pie!
if he can move it its not broken, that i can almost promise. so therefor its either sprained or dislocated. either of these options are nothing to be concerned about and will heal themselves eventually. just put some ice on it and maybe ape a splint to keep it immoblie for a while to ese the pain. nothing to worrries about tho

Laila L
I would say that it's probably just bruised, but you should keep an eye on it. If it starts to turn black, it could be broken. Call his Doctor if you are really concerned.

Random Person
Even if you go to the doctor and find out that the thumb is broken there isn't much he or she can do. I don't think that it is broken though because your son can move it. I suggest making a homemade splint out of popsicle sticks, tape, and gauze just to be on the safe side. It'll probably heal itself.

It's probably sprained if he can move it.

What I want to know if why you haven't taken him to the doctor instead of playing around on your computer?

What's wrong with you?

Sounds broken or jammed to me. I would personally take him to the doctor (no need to rush him to the emergency room, just set up an appointment pretty soon)

Road Warrior
Take him to a DR the thumb might have a broken bone ?

Jhoncie R
it probably needs to b checked out . i messed up my pinky by hitting something and it bruised and swelled a little and i never went 2 get it checked out it still moved fine but now one of the joints stays bent all the time and i cant straighten it out . it moves like normal and doesent impede my daily schedule but it kinda looks funny

It could be broken. I would take him to the E.R. just to be safe.

First put some ice on it give him some ibuprofen for the inflammation. He should avoid using it as much as possible. Meantime I am always amazed at the number of folks that thing if you can move an extremity it cannot be broken. This is NOT true and should never be used to judge the possibility of a fracture. They only way to determine a fracture unless it is obvious such as if the bone were poking through the skin, is by having an xray done. Movement, however, does rule out a dislocation. Dislocations on the other hand should always be reduced by a physician and never tried at home, even fingers. I shudder to think how many times young people have suffered life long problems with a finger "put back in place" by a gym teacher!!

It probably got jammed. There's very little you can do except allow it to heal. It's also initially one of the most painful injuries in sports. It would still be good to let a doctor look at it to make sure no bones are cracked.

take him to the doctors put ice on it and try not to move it=]

its mostlikly broken get an x-ray on it

daniel p
u neeed pit base ball bat pu his ***

If he can move it then it is more than likely sprained. Put ice on it for swelling and Tylenol for pain. It should heal fine. Running him to the doctor would only run up a couple of hundred dollar bill-all for nothing.

Well, My daughter is an avid karate fighter. She has had ailments and bruises galore! But as far as your son goes, all you can do is alternate hot and cold compress and give him tylonol. Then he just waits till it heals. OOH, tender, difficult area, poor dude. My get well quick wishes to him.

Put it under some cold water. It should make the swelling go down. Im very protective soooo I would make a doctors appointment.

I would splint it and use some ice. Make an appt. with a dr. if he is not in alot of pain if he is go to the er. Good Luck

take him to the hosptial to get it checked out

kayla w
it probably just got poped out of place!!!
keep ice on it and if it dosent get better...go to the doctor and have them pop in back in place
♥..kayla..i know everything

Bad Kitty!
Best to get it checked by a doctor. Contrary to common belief, you can still move a body part when the bone is broken.

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