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My mom got hit in the head with a small rock- should we take her to the hospital? HELP?
My dad was brush hogging, and it flew out from underneath.
We stopped the bleeding, and now she's laying on the couch. She looks tired, but her pupils seem fine. However, she says that she sees a yellow, black, and green zig zag line, and it's been getting bigger.
We're short on money, so she's resistant to going to the hospital.
One of the problems is that she wasn't feeling well today anyway, (she vomited earlier, before) so if she has nausea or anything we don't know if it's from the injury or not.
What should we do??

She should rest, if there is any change in her vision and/or if she gets a really bad headache and nausea she should go to the ER.



Your mother should be fine just get her to a high altitude maybe on the roof if posible the high pressure will level out her cerebral gland and if you dont get that leveledc out she will lose conciousness and slip into death equatia

Better safe then sorry, I'd go to the hospital because there is no price on life. But if you really aren't sure you can go to this site and click the symptoms and itll tell you what may be best


You should go to A&E! Even a small injury can be dangerous! It won't cost any money. PLEASE take her! It could be quite dangerous. How big was the rock and how big is the injury? Seriously, she might need it glued. Good luck! xxx

Take her to the ER. Sure it costs money but, as long as you pay something you are usually OK. Just pay what you can. Your mom's health is more important than money.

Blue Haired Old Lady
How big was the rock? How far away was the brush hog from your mom? How big was the cut on her head? Does the cut need stitches?

I understand being short on money and wanting to avoid a hospital bill. Head injuries can be deadly though.

Concussion or bleeding in the brain would be the biggest concerns. If the brush hog was close and the rock was very big then your mom should go to the hospital. If it was a small rock and the brush hog was pretty far away - she will probably be okay.

Have her stay laying down and check on her every 15 minutes. If she gets confused, really nauseous or gets a really bad headache - then take her in right away.

Follow these instructions very carefully:
1) Get a wet rag and soke it in vinegar.
2) Leave it out in the sun for about five minutes.
3) Let it rest on the wound for about fifteen minutes.
4) VERY IMPORTANT! Do not follow any of these instruction as I am making them up.

if you have a family doctor take her to them or mabie like a walk in medical center, because its beter to be safe amd make shure thers nothing wrong and go a couple months short on money then have her pass out and possible be permently hurt becuase you thought about money before her.

i thinks its kinda of important to take her to the hospital!
seeing a zig-zag line isnt a good sign!
i think u should take her to the hospital, even if u r short of money, i think health is more important than any thing else.

Stop asking questions on yahoo answers and go to the hospital...nobody here can truly help your Mom on here!!!!

Tale her to the hospital now don't worry about the money. Your gonna have bigger problems if she lay there and die take her to the hospital please I wouldn't want your mother to die waiting around and listening to her so do what you think is best and you know to take her to the hospital.

yes take her! she could fall asleep into a coma. or have an cucussion. Take her immediately!

go to ER --- social worker will file for your mom Medicaid!

You should go to a neighborhood clinic like CareNow they are pretty cheap to go to

Get off the computer and take your mom to the hospital! Did you ever read the story about Natasha Richardson?

Does your local hospital system have a hotline you can call? If she goes unconscious or gets dizzy you definitely need to get her to the ER. Do her pupils get smaller when you shine a light directly in them? If not, Get her to the ER. Don't let her go to sleep.

Mum Mum
Call the ambulance !

Take her to the hospital asap.

She could have a concussion - these can range from minor to serious. I'd reccomend her going to the hospital just to be safe.

take her asp she may have a concussion or head trauma

Captain Spalding
Take her to the hospital.

My Life
Take her NOW. It sounds like a concussion if she is seeing things like that. ANY head injury should be taken seriously. She will be alright if you go.

Teri S
In an emergency, don't write to Yahoo Answers, call a physician or the hospital!

Good luck.

Amy B-G
Yes, it would be good to get her checked out at the hospital as soon as possible.

Alex H
take her to the hospital. the last thing you want is a sub-dermal hemotoma that you're unaware of to get worse and possibly become fatal. I know money is tight, but if that line she's been seeing is getting worse it could be an indication that her occipital lobe has been damaged, which could lead to blindness or loss of vision of some sort.

hospital sweat heart.

Anna E
Any time you get a head injury and a change in vision occurs, a trip to the doctor or emergency room is warranted. Even if she felt ill earlier, it is doubtful that the colored lines she is seeing are related to that. If you call the ER I'm sure they would tell her to come in.

take her to go get checked, it might be serious. but to be on the safe side, take her to the hospital. better to be safe than sorry

Why the hell are you writing this on yahoo answers? How long were you planning to wait if everyone said yes?

Robin G
Vomiting and dizziness combined with blurred or impaired vision spells concussion. Take her to the hospital immediately. Do not let her sleep.

If it seems bad take her to the hospital,
but its up to you to choose money or life.
seems simple to me

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