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 what's wrong with my finger?
About two days ago when I went to get something out of my pocket. I ripped off about the corner of my nail off, and ever since then it's been hurting really badly, and it seems like it is ...

 I'm scared...please help me!?
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 What should I do about my foot?
A couple of hours I tripped while walking down a flight of stairs. I scraped my foot and the side of it is extremely swollen right now. It's unbearable to walk on and I've been keeping it ...

 My toe nail is about to fall off?
It looks like it split horizontally all the way across and is hanging on on the left right side of my right big toe nail about halfway down. Should i just take it off(it doesnt hurt), should i super ...

 Something is wrong with my anus ?
whenever I have a crap it is all bloody, but the crap is still solid, there's just a lot of blood comes out. When I pee and wipe there is blood on the toilet paper when I reach back too far. A...

 Ever broken a leg or anything else?
I've broken my leg and still can't do any sports and I broke 3 teeth and have a fake one but apart from that, nothing.


** Holden Fan **
Additional D...

 how do you break your left wrist?
This is the only way to get out of cheerleading....

 What is the worst Worst injury you've ever had?

 What's the worst pain you've ever felt?
For me id have to say it was food poisoning....

 .-My Girlfriend has not had a bowl movement in 3 dayz and as just tried a suppositoreies but is scared?

 hi ive got self harm scars that i need to hide any ideas how to do it?
i havent self harmed in 9 months but ive jut been offered my dream job as a nursing assistant which will mean ive got to wear a short sleeve uniform. i normally only wear long sleeves but im not ...

 A girl who attacked me 9 years ago is working at the doctor's surgery i go to,can she gain access to my record?
I went in this morning as i suffer with asthma and had an attack a few days ago and had an appointment to see the nurse. Anyway, as i walked up to reception a girl was bending down tapping into the ...

 How do i heal my broken heart?
well... i fell in love with this boy for sometime and i thought he liked me back.But i soon discovered that he likes my best friend.But she doesnt like him.What shall i do?...

 i fractured my foot 2 weeks ago and now its turning blue and purply is this normal?
i only fractured it in this one spot. my foot is stronger and i can only feel the injury if i turn my foot at a certain angle. so as long as im careful, i decided to hit the gym again a few days ago....

 i think i broke my toe?
OKay, so I stubbed my little toe three times today! The last time, it hurt so bad I screamed and started crying! A few minutes later, it swelled and turned beet red. I can't walk on it, and if I ...

 I accidentally cut myself, but my mom's going to think I did it on purpose. Can someone help me?
I used to cut (as in a few months ago) but only very little. I mean, I barely ripped the skin. It was very minor and not a big deal. However, my mom managed to find out one day, and she's been ...

 how can i heal faster?
i play football and i get really sore and banged up any secrets to heal faster?...

 Cracked finger and now it hurts really bad?
Okay.I, myself, did not crack my finger. I was playing with my cousin when he hit my hand and my middle finger cracked. It hurt really bad, and I thought it would go away after a while,but its the ...

 How do I "pop" a dislocated shoulder back into it's socket?
I have dislocated my left shoulder three times now. Everytime I go to the emergency room It takes them 2 hours to get me in a room and another 2 hours to get someone to "pop" my shoulder ...

 Have you ever sprained your ankle?
I sprained my yesterday for the first ...

My head hurts really bad...i got hit?
Friday i got hit (which was 3 days ago) in the head on accident at school..it was in the back of my head and it hurt pretty bad. Things got black for a second, and i felt dizzy and in alot of pain. Things were also blurry ..a few minutes later i still had a slight headache and my neck began to hurt extremely bad! When i got home i felt all of the sudden extrememly tired and my shoulders were hurting later on down thrgouh my arms.. i got hit like in the back of my head like close to my neck? i really dont remember what happened All of this past weekend ive been in slight pain and my headaches havent gone fully away.. it still hurts but not bad and my neck and shoulders are still alittle hurting but im not bruised or anything
is this something serious? do you have any suggestions of what it is?

you're fine. captain caveman used to get banged on the head quite often. It had no long-term effects on him.


Wear a helmet

Angie J
it will probably pass soon

maybe a concussion?

Weeeeezy !
DONT ASK THIS ON HERE MAN GO TO THE DOCTOR! it could be serious!!!!!!!!!! go get yrself checked up

If you are still having headaches see your GP.

It could be a concussion. You should have it checked out.

sounds like a concussion. go to the dr.

Im no doctor but it sounds like some sort of nerve or brain damage you need to see a doctor ASAP i dont know what the score is in america but if you can just walk into a hospital and get checked over like we can in the uk, do it ! It sounds serious.

um sounds like you blacked out. it is probably a small concussion. if it is still hurting i would call your doctor, but otherwise, i think you are okay

i hate school.
it seems that you only have a little short-term memory loss but you'll be fine after a week or two. You should probably look into it on the internet.

you should deffanatly go see your doctor and get it checked out and get medication or pain killers to help get by.

I don't understand why the school didn't send you to the emergency room, even if it was an accident you always have to check a head injury for any trauma.You should ask your parents to take you to the emergency room as soon as possible, your dizziness and vision and tiredness is not normal in my opinion. Better Safe Than Sorry!

Jimmy D
You definately have a concussion. That is the only thing that can cause long lasting dizzyness and fatigue. You should get to a hostpital immediately because with concussions you never know how serious they are until test are done. If you have one it could cause you to faint or worsen if untreated. This is coming from a person whos going to med school

All knowing
Go to the doctor! It sounds like you could have a slight concussion or even hurt your spine both very serious and not something to ignore! So this is a case of better safe than sorry go to the doctor if its nothing than yay if not then its good you went.

you should see the doctor about it. have an x-ray done and stay in bed. i think it could be [in your arms] that you pulled a muscle or something and [your head] you could have hit a bone on your neck that caused a major killer headache and that could be really bad, it could've caused something bad to your skull.

i would suggest see a doctor and stay in bed a lot. dont take too much medicine because it could make pther parts of your body ache.

You have a concussion.
Go to the doctor immediately!
DO NOT take any painkillers.

That sounds very much like a concussion. You need go to a doctor to make sure you are alright inside your head because there can be bad injuries, but most of the time, you just need some rest for it to get better. But seriously, go see a doctor.

could have been a concussion. go see a dr.

I Hope the school knows..i wouldn't let it go .it may have caused you some kind of injury . if you reported it ..tell the teacher how ur feeling.-----.the school has to pay for it

Jungle J
Yes it's serious. Get it checked out.

It sounds like you may have whiplash. Consult your GP or chiropractor ASAP. You may even have slight concussion don't leave it see a professional

worst case scenario; it could be a concussion.

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