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Eesha H
My daughter hurt her arm when she fell of her horse she is complaning of pain in it what shall i do?
my sophie age 8 fell of a horse right on to her arm she said it hurts so much shall i take her to hospital except she does not want a plaster cast on it

alwyas take her to the hospital please....
it's very simple to observe a broken arm...
but then again...dont move it...
if she can't grasp things or put pressure on it..
its broken.
but even if she can....just get it checked out,
especially if u have a gut feeling.
if u decide not to...keep a very good eye on it..
it if's in horrible pain within a couple hours rush her to the ER.
but srsly get up and take her! please!

broken now fixed
I find it amazing that you haven't taken her to the hospital already. All sorts of complications can arise if bones are broken and not dealt with immediately. Even if she hasn't broken her arm she could have sprained something - her bones are still developing so it is best to get it checked immediately before she ends up with a deformed arm. It's possible that the 'I dont want a cast' is because she is afraid of the hospital. However you are responsible for her health and if you let it go without being checked earlier and something else developes you could have the police knocking on your door - as hospitals are quite hot on this sort of thing nowadays. The longer you leave it the more suspicious it may look. Doctors are able to tell just how long an injury has been left unattended. Hopefully it is a minor injury and not a break, good luck.

Ac Dc
Get off yahoo, and contact a doctor. (by phone)

Regina R
A very informative website you can also get much information in website

bonnie b
or of it is broken and you do nothing about it--the bone will die (necrosis) and never heal....you are her parent until she's 18--despite her protests--get het to the hospital ASAP

Tough if she doen't want it she may need a cast anyway--especially if it's broken

Don't give her a choice--she's only 8--do what YOU know is right Don't let her manipulate you. Whether she likes it or not a cast may be needed.

I didn't like casts as a kid either--but I had to have them

Olivia B
If she is complaining of lots of pain, can't move it and it is cold then most likely fractured/broken. Do these hand tests with her:

1) see if she can twist her wrist
2) can she bend her wrist much
3) can she get her hands into the position as if she is praying

if she struggles with these take her to the hospital, if she doesn't then it is either a bad bruise or a soft tissue injury.

Definitly take her to the Dr. for x-rays. Casts can be fun though, everyone can sign it & draw cool pix on it. It may not be a plaster cast though, they are using air casts alot these days. If you suspect her arm is broken, dont wait any longer to find out.

Try being a good parent and take her to see a doctor.

She needs it looked at in any case. She might not need a plaster cast: It depends on what the x-rays show.

Good luck.

Tom P
i would take her to the hospital, if you leave it to long and the bone heals it's self they will have to re-break it.

andre b
she's 8. she doesn't get to make decisions on things like that. OF COURSE TAKE HER TO THE HOSPITAL WTF.

We have these places in America for people who are injured. They are called hospitals. Maybe there is one near you. Take her there and they can tell you if she broke her arm or not. I'm surprised you never heard of these places.

Princess Iva
Shes EIGHT .... bad luck what shes wants... Take her to the hospital.

who cares what she wants its what she needs that matters, take her to the doctor.

Unless she wants a deformed arm she will have to get plaster, unless you want to be investigated for negligence you need to take her to the hospital.

Cheryl P
My 7 year old fell off our trampoline. She said her arm hurt but not too much! I finally took her to the hospital and I couldn't believe it when they said it was broken. Casts have come a long way and my daughter was able to choose from 4 colors and was able to swim and shower in it. Wasn't half as traumatic as I thought it would be. I would get her arm checked out - The staff know how to calm a child. Good Luck!

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