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 Is there anything fun to do while on crutches?
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My dad fell down wooden stairs today. He can't really walk or stand without pain. What should I buy to help?

jit bag
bengay, icy hot, doctor's visit

If his regular docter can't see him TODAY, take him to an urgent care clinic. If one is to far away, then take him to the ER Room.

A Chiropractor

wow, did he go to the Doctor? Tell him to take a hot shower and maybe some ibuprofen or Tylenol.

its may just be nothing, but id go for x rays if he cant even stand

good luck

some pain pills thats what id b doin

sharon w
How old is he?? The older he is the more likely he's injured himself,as in a bone fractures especially hips and legs,and spine.The older you are the more fragile the bones becomes.Not to mention muscle and joint and head or neck injuries.If my "Dad fell down a flight of stairs,regardless how he would gripe and complain,yell and holler at me ,I would have him in the ER ASAP.Even if I had to call 911! SW RNP

Terry Z
Get him to a doctor. If you can't afford a hospital or doctor, there are what are called walk-in clinics (check the web). It sounds like maybe he has internal injuries maybe.


A doctor visit then the Tylenol and the rest~

He should probably see a doctor to make sure he didn't injure himself. He could have broken, sprained or dislocated something. Other than that he should rest. Icing the aching parts helps too. There's products like IcyHot and Biofreeze that work really well to relieve the pain. Also have him take Ibuprofin.


norma jean
Take a bath towel moisten it and put it in the clothes dryer for
a few minutes and then place on the area in pain. This helps.
If pain is really bad perhaps you should seek medical attention.
He may have fracutured a bone.Over the counter take tylenol
or alleve and get him some heat pads that you adhere.

Lisa B
He really should see a doctor to make sure he didn't do any serious damage. For any bruise or sore areas, an ice pack and heating pad can help. Taking an anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen (if he is not allergic) might help with pain and swelling.


i would recommend you take him to the doctor

He should probably go get an xray.

However, a heating pad and some Tylenol will help.


dont buy him anything. take him to the doctor and if the pains are realy bad take him to the ER PRANTO. he could have broke somthing or damaged some insides and even at worst be internaly bleeding. The ER is there for the citacins

Rick R
You should take him to the doctor, he may have a serious injury. Motrin is an anti-inflammatory. You should really take him to the doctor though. Let the professionals handle it.

Sounds like you need to get him the a doctor or the ER. Now.

Geez, maybe you should take him to the ER, he may have fractured something.

Nunoyvgvna Awi
a doctors visit for xrays

a doctor's visit.

Nurse Annie
I would advise that he most definately go to the ER to get checked out. He might have some fractures or some other type of serious injury that needs to be taken care of by a doctor.

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