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My boyfriend punched a wall last night,and 24 hr later his knuckles,palm,and fingers are swollen,is it broken?
They are all bruised as well

he shouldn't be your boyfriend anymore. that could be your face swollen and broken.

Your boyfriend should be your ex-boyfriend. He has anger issues and it may not be long until you are next. None of us on this web site have x-ray eyes. If his hand is broken, it serves him right for his lack of control.

Can he move his fingers? if so does it hurt? if it does it probably is i would check it out

if bruising comes through then there may br a break.

i would be more worried about what's going on in his head than his hand, to be honest......

it could be, and it could not be.
go see a doctor anyway :)

possibly, he should get an xray

Jay S
I heard that if it swells, It's not broken. have him ice it for 48 hrs, heat for 24

Yep, sounds like it.

idk go to a doctor

Karen H
He should go to the ER and seek help for his hand as well as his head.

Terry O
No, I have had broken a hand once, a leg, an ankle and collar bone. When you break a bone, Swelling is immediate and massive, there is no room for question. Bruising follows quickly (about 8 to 12 hours) behind the swelling. Next time tell him to punch between the studs.
The stupid idea you can't move your fingers is what kept me from going to the doctor for 8 hours on that one I kept fishing for the rest of the day. When my hand had finally swollen to the point I couldn't work the reel (about 2 hours) I changed hands, but my fingers still worked. I might also add my hand was only cracked, not fully broken.

I hope so.

...yeah but u can call me cookie
Sounds like it.

SHS Cheerleader
First, what the heck was he doing punching a wall? Doesn't that spell out STUPID? Honestly, no offense to you or your boyfriend!!

It doesn't definitely mean that it is broken. First, I would start by applying light pressure to his knuckles, fingers, and palm. If he twitches, definately take him to the docter to get it checked out. Even if he doesn't, I would definately go to the docter. Nobody could determine whether it is broken or not than them. Good Luck and sorry for any offense!

Juan P.
well maybe, take him to the doctor, if he can move his fingers it means they're not broken, but maybe only very hurt

by the way: why did he throw a punch at a wall???, doesn't he know they are almost unbreakable

Alexis P
if he can't move it then yes, but if he can a little bit they are probably just jammed put ice on it

Thats showbiz kid!
Anger issues much???
If he can move them, then they aren't broken...

Brandon C
maybe, theres really no way to tell from the exterior unless bones are sticking out. try running your fingers over it then compare it to his other hand.

and you probably shouldnt be dating him if he is punching walls. you could be next.

doubt it just put some ice on it and in a couple of hours or minutes it'll be ok just make sure he doesn't do much with that hand like mastur...ehhh playing video games -.o

dog whisperer
Sounds like your boyfriend has anger issues. He needs to go to a doc and tell them how he did it and then maybe they can treat it and reccomend some treatment for his anger also. the next time it may be your face!!!!!!

Possible, maybe fractured some bones.

John six pack
There is no way to know without an Xray. Tell him to hit a pillow next time.

Brenda J
Could be. I'm more concerned with his aggressive tendencies. Right now it may be a wall, but very soon it could be you.
Be careful!

Go see your doctor

oh d*mn he chris brown'd that wall!

ur boyfriend is retarded.......

good job!


Peter M
you should get a knew boyfriend before he punches you!

Emma E
if he can wiggle his fingers, then no. If not, then yes. Also, may i suggest a boyfriend with more control over his temper :)

Kelly H
wow he need some real help

probably hence why we don't punch walls.

Yeah, he did. Its been 24hrs since the incident, you should do the warmth therapy. Luke warm water. Also, let him take some pain reliever, that really hurts. For the swelling on the wrist, you should put on some ointment in em. Declofenac (voltaren) should do. That is anti-arthritic, serves well the purpose for your boyfriend's swollen palm. Also, try not to move the that hand on him.
Lastly, let your boyfriend work on his anger management. He might really damage his carpals with that thing he does.

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