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 how to break your arm?
well i have been wanting to break my arm since i was little and i have always been scared and i want to break it because then i can get a cast and everyone can sign it my stupid mom and step dad wont ...

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okay so i ALMOST cut my lil sis's finger off. u know those disposal things that they have in sinks and well her hand was in it cuz she was checking somehtin g and i accedently turn it on she ...

 what is the problem with my back??
i play baseball and i came home from practice and the mid back was hurting what could have happened and how long would it take to heal .. it is near my spine but maybe 2 inches away some one told me ...

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Had as collasped lung and is having trouble breathing. Thank you so very much!...

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 How can you lick ur elbow? is it really impossible?

 Will they cut my toe off?
My big toe is red alltheway to the first knuckle line kinda. It is white with puss near my nail. Im wondering if its serious it just started today....

 Any good ways to treat a fat lip?
I was at baseball practice today and the idiot catcher was standing in the runners line, then the throw home from third base popped out of his glove and BAM! right in my teeth.

Now my lip ...

 I can't stop sliding around on my forehead. help.?

 Should I get my ankle checked out? (picture)?
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 what is the fastest unpainful way to die?

Additional Details
dont make things up....

 Should I be alright?
I wanted to know if i am alright because i took a firecracker, lit it about foot above my face, and it exploded too quickly to run, and after it exploded, my ears felt like cotton balls were ...

 i need help?????????????
ok so i was in goal someone kicked a ball at my wrist the whole wrist went backwards. it hurts so bad and i cant put much pressure on it. it hurts really bad. and i don't want to go to the ...

 Serious question....I've been stung by a wasp!?
OK I was out in the garden about an hour ago, barefoot, and I must have stood on a wasp, as my toe really hurt, I managed to get the sting out, and put some antiseptic cream on my toe, but now my toe ...

Brandon S
.-My Girlfriend has not had a bowl movement in 3 dayz and as just tried a suppositoreies but is scared?

Am I a Nerd?
beat the **** out of her

instead of the supp. - have her try some herbal tea to help things going. like "smooth move" (I know that sounds whacked), or the brand "Yogi tea" has some really good teas to help your digestive system.

YeahSure O
A bowl movement? What the hell is a bowl movement? Dayz? Suppositoreies?

I think you are more full of sh1t than her...no one can be this stupid.

you should have put details.
well i hope she gets better :]

Aubrey. <3
What a great (poopy) couple! Always looking for whats best in eachother, even if there's, umm, yeah.. nuff said :)

When I entered basic training (military) I went for 21 days (no shi!) Don't sweat it. Put it into play.

why did you capitalize My Girlfriend????

Dude... really? Is there a question?

Take her bowling.

Thats happened to me at music festivals.
Make her drink LOADS of water, about 8 pints, really! it worked for me. Also, I can't **** with people around, my body just don't let me somehow, maybe you should leave her for a bit?
Best of luck!

coloring outside the lines
Why is she scared? If the suppository doesn't work call the emergency room they are good for giving advise over the phone.
If she still doesn't p--p then go get some prune juice and have her sip it. She should be fine.

What goes in, will eventually come out. Two days is quite normal. Three days is a little constipated. Use a stool softener. (also, stand back.)

Mrs. Ronaldo
get help

DOCTORS DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

And your question is what?

try drinking applejuice or cranberry juice.

Ummmm.... make sure it doesn't say Analgesic. If it's analgesic... the pills go in your mouth.

Sarah Townen
she shouldn't be scared, it's prob just constipation
if she just tried suppositories, tell her not to venture too far fro the bathroom
sometimes those things have a way of working and it feels like...'whoa'

if the suppositories don't work, then i would suggest she see a doctor

hope she feels better soon

Her diet may have changed.
If it last much longer just talk to a doctor.

Jeff Donahue
stop banging her in the butt. jesus how effin hard do you have to damage the poor girl.

have eat a lot of fiber, a lot. veggies, fiber cereal, fiber bars and fruit. that should unclog her butt from all the toothpaste thats in there. holy cluck

Why is she scared? Is this normal for her?? Not everyone is "regular" in which they have bowel movements at least once every single day. If she becomes constipated in any way, a great solution (in which you are able to get in any drug store of anykind) is Senakot. It was recommended by my family doctor for my brother many years ago when he had bowel movement issues.

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