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Eggroll Jenkins â„¢
My 8 year old daughter fell at school and hurt her finger??
my neighbor said that if it the finger was broken, the bone would be sticking up or out....is that true? the finger is swollen and it hurts her....no bruising though.

Bret J
A sore finger???? God save us.

clavinova x<3
when your or someone elses health is involved do not come on here an ask your question...go to a doctor

i hope your daughter is more important to you and that you take her to the doctor immeadiently

you cant trust everyone, but your doctor should be pretty darn trustworthy. go see him. bring your daughter. show them her finger.

That's the point of hospitals!!

leah y
Go to the hospital, thats what hapened with abunch of people I know and they have broken their finger. ASAP

Depends. Is the finger completely severed and left on the school yard? If so, it's broken.

Tell her to toughen up. Modern parents are so ******* scared of every little thing. When I was younger, I would be told to shut up and walk it off

OK first if the finger is broken it doesnt mean it would stick through the bone.

A break can be anything from a simple fracture in the bone or a compelte snap of the bone. I have broken my finger many times and they have not come out of the skin. The doctor will most likely put the finge rin some sort of splint.

I have also broken my arm and my bone did not stick through the skin either. I was put in a cast for 8 weeks.

SO to those people who say it has to stick through the skin are idoits.
It is very possible it is broekn with out sticken through the skin.

What? Take her to the doctor NOW, there's no reason not to. If it's not broken at least you'll know from a professional.

That is not true. My daughter smashed her finger in the door. I was not going to bring but my mommy instinct made me. Sure enough it was broke. there was no blood are visible bone. Take her or you will be answering to social workers later

That would be a compound fracture. A simple fracture or hairline fracture wouldn't show externally. The finger has to be X-Rayed to determine whether the bone is broken - and the school should be paying for it.

it can still be broken and not have to be sticken out

Only an "open fracture" will stick out, meaning the bone has gone through an opening in the skin. A closed or hairline fracture is intact but is still a break. If she is unable to bend it, and the swelling and pain is great take her to the ER. However, she may have "jammed" it which is kind of like a sprain and doesn't need to be seen in the ER, should feel better in a few hours. Put Ice on it, have her lie down with her hand elevated slightly above the heart (she can put her hands on her chest if she likes) and rest. If the pain does not get better in a few hours, go to the ER. GOoOD LUCK, Elizabeth RN.

okay, don't panic, if she can move her finger, then it's fine, but make sure you put some ice on it to lower the swelling. It should get better within a week or so. If she is still in pain then you should take her to a doctor.I know from experience!

It may be a sprain, i found that when i broke my finger there was alot of brusing my friends sprained hers and it looked like what you said

the bone doesnt always stick out so it may be broken. However, it is more likely not and is sprained. Still you may want to have it seen by a pediatrician soon.

yup its true,if it was a broken a bone would've bin out of place,which means in a awkward position that its not usually in,so its just swollen thats all. Hope she feels better!

go to your local pharmacy they'll tell you like rite aid

hope she gets better!

[email protected]
go 2 a doctor and get a x-ray

Vicky L
The bone will not be sticking out of a finger with just a normal break. The only time a bone protrudes in a break is if it's a compound break. If your daughter can move her finger, even if it's extremely painful, it's probably not broken. Breaks usually bruise very quickly, too. Chances are she sprained it, or, perhaps, dislocated it. A trip to the emergency room or local medical clinic is certainly warranted in this case so that you will know exactly what is going on and how to proceed in taking care of it.

Alex C
i once sprained my finger and it heart really bad!
but it didn't brooze or have a bump if it still hearts her after 1/2 hour -1 hout then bring her to the doctor!

DOnt litesn to ur stupid ******* neighbor they r full of it Igo to a doctor and if it is broken slap ur neighbor

asdf jkl;
Take her to the doctor. I slammed my finger in the car door and my mom looked at my finger and said "Oh, honey its just a little bruise." It kept hurting so she took me to the doctor. My finger was broken.

It doesn't have to be sticking out of the skin. I broke my finger and it was swollen and eventually went blue from bruising, i could barely move it with out it hurting. I would highly recommend going and getting x-rays taken of it, you wouldn't want it to heal wrong and cause her problems in the future (arthritis could occur)

Suraj P

For fingers, that is sometimes true, but it could just be a small fracture or really bad bruise.
On the contrary, I was once hit in the arm with a baseball. The bone was pushed out and you could see it under my skin (it almost broke through the skin), but it wasn't broken.
I would give her until tomorrow afternoon, and if it still hurts her, you should go to the doctor.

Banin K
It can be broken slightly, its called a fracture. Its like a small break in the bone that doesn't go all the way though the bone. It would be like cutting a tree to the point that it will almost fall over itself. (see the source I posted.)

You would *know* it if it was broken. Broken bones really, really hurt. You're welcome to get it x-rayed, and I'm no doctor, but I would guess based on your information that it's not broken.

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