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Mello Jello
Is it worth going to the doc after my ex violently attacked me & choked me?
I've already filed a restraining order(well, its in the process), filed an assault charge and he was sent to jail for domestic abuse. The day after he viciously attacked me, threw me all around the house and choked me until i nearly died, I've been feeling a lot of pain in my neck and especially my arms. My neck deosnt feel too bad, it just has swelling... but my arms are honestly killing me.

Should i just wait it out, not worry about the doctor? Im not too sure its worth it but I'll take a second opinion...
Additional Details
i know they aren't broken or anything but it just hurts badly too lift them up, or even when i slightly move them

I am sorry to hear what your ex did to you.
I feel that it is better for you to be safe than sorry.
See a doctor and get your wound treated properly.

Yes, I think you should go to the doctor before the pain gets worse.Nothing is more important than your health. Just go.Take care and all the best to you.

Amanda C
They might be sore from being tossed around like that, but a doctor visit might not be to bad. there could be something wrong, or maybe not.

good job on a restraining order. those are very helpful.

If you feel you need to go to the doctor, I would go. You know your body better than we do. The arm pain is possibly pulled muscles, and it's probably normal to have swelling after being choked that severely.

Take your beat up self to the doctor and get checked. Let him take pictures of the bruises. Don't deny yourself because of the idiot that did this to you.

I'm sorry for what happened, glad you got a restraining order.

If it was me, I'd go to a doctor and charge my ex for that.

m&m collector
well you filed a restraining order now go to the doctor and you should of called the police to. don't wait around next time you could be dead don't play games your life is worth more than that

First to the police and than to the doc or vice versa. I would not wait until I'm dead. He must get to a violation camp and feel by himself what real pain is.
Don't wait, go.


You definitely should get checked out by your doctor. You may have a fracture and not a broken bone but it should still be attended to. If there is anything wrong with you, you'll have medical proof that he caused your injuries and you can use that against him if you decide to sue him for mental anguish and pain and suffering.

Honey I think you honestly need to go see a doctor right away and you need to explain the entire situation. Don't wait on something like this. there could be some issues now with discs in you're back because you said that you're arms are in a lot of pain and that your neck is swelling. could be tissue damages you just never know. listen to your gut and go

yes go to the doctor and make that sorry husband of yours pay the bill. Never go back to him please it sounds like you were in real danager. Let the doctor check you over its possible to have some pretty sever sprains and not even realize ti. I hope you feel better soon.

renee k
go to the doctor!! u need everything about this attack documented in case he tries it again

go--or to er--you need documentation any time he attacks you--going to the dr or er gives proof of how violent he is--and don't ever wait to call police either--they can take reports and pictures of any bruising--everything should be documented for any future court hearings or processes

Miss America
Absolutely go to the MD!!! You need as much documentation as possible. You don't want the ex to have any room to wiggle out of this.

You should go and have them document everything and take pictures for the record. This way you have extra proof.

You definitely should go! You're lucky to be alive so now you need to keep yourself healthy. BTW.... I'm so sorry this happened to you. I've been there. Good luck and be well :)

Document everything with pictures just in case. Go and see the doctor too just in case.

Always a good thing to go to the Dr., your body is telling you something isnt right, better safe than sorry.

Yes, you should go to make sure your okay and that i's documented.

He should have been charged with attempted murder.

Yes, you should go to the doctor.

suzanne b
Sweetheart,don't walk,run if you are able.......Go by all means to your Doctor,ask to be refered to a Social Worker..............
You must not be at the same residence if at all possible.I don't know your financial situation.I hope there are no children involved...............Because if there are,your baby's will be "IT'S" next victim/victim's...............Your Ex is a cowardly
piece of xxxx.Nothing more ,nothing less...............S

Dea B
yes u should definatly go to the doc.. if not the ER... since u have already filed the assult charges, any injuries that u have recieved from the attack would help with speeding up the processing of the restraining order and also assist with his charges...

if u havent already i would change ur locks and maybe even add a deadbolt to ur doors and maybe even windows to be sure that he dont come back...

best of luck to u... hopefully its not too serious

Monky Spark (Harry)
As somebody who spent 14 years dealing with domestic violence, go to your doc and make sure he records the injuries.

Does not matter that you don't pursue stuff at this time......the record is there if required in the future.

Second opinion is good, but not necessary if you MAKE your own doc record your injuries..........all good at court at a later date, IF it ever comes to that.

Also, and I'm serious about this.........lay off the golf for a few days.......it can be a ***** with shoulders if they are a bit tender. ;o)

YES!! If nothing else, you need it to be documented for the legal case. Every time it happens you need to go immediately (as soon as you can) in order to get the abuse documented to support your legal case.

wow....................sounds like you are gonna live after that, however I would go just to have it documented.
because it is a violent act, very often doctors either won't see you, or don't want to cause they don't want to get involved, and they have to report it..
On the other hand the hospitals have to see you..at least thats the case in California

YES. You should get photo documentation, and a physical exam. You may not see a need for it now, but if later you wish you had the paper trail, you can't go back. Why not get at least some pictures to document? You can always just keep them or throw them away. Better safe than sorry, and please take care of yourself !

go to the doc, have them take pictures and document everything. you may need this information if charges are filed and there is a trial.

You MUST see a doctor immediately, so that the doctor can medically DOCUMENT the attack-you have to have this proof in court-otherwise it is just 'he said-she said' and you can't prove anything he did to you-and he'll be released!

Go to the doctor.Even if a doctor can't make you feel better it will be benificial in your case against your ex.The doctor will probably give you meds to make you more comfortable as well so it's kind of a win win.

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