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 Should I go to the doctor?
I jammed my left index finger about 4 weeks ago playing rugby, and its still in pain when i put pressure on it (at the joint between the palm and the finger). The first week, I decided to ignore it ...

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i would really like to get them pierced but i'm alittle afraid too....

 had bloodtest few days ago and the nurse was'nt very good and i've got a painful bruise still. should i sue?

Additional Details
first she told me she was good then push needle in first arm and no blood came, she said sorry and went for the other arm and somehow hurt the inside as almost ...

 How do you heal a broken heart?

 Who to break my leg without too much pain?
don't tell me i'm carzy. cause i don't need that. and i know too break your leg it will require pain so please give me hit your leg with a hammer cause that would really hurt so just ...

 i hit my head and blood is gushing....help please?
how many cups will i need to catch all the blood because i think i should put it back. i dont want it to go to waste...
how many band aids will i need?
should i get a needle and thread or a ...

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I fell down the stairs and broke the fall with my wrist. It hurts a lot, like when i bend my wrist down, the whole area around my wrist and forearm hurt. I am also not able to bend it down all the ...

 My 8 year old daughter fell at school and hurt her finger??
my neighbor said that if it the finger was broken, the bone would be sticking up or out....is that true? the finger is swollen and it hurts her....no bruising though....

 Do you think this is a serious head injury?
Today in dance class, I did a handstand.
I accidentally put too much force in it & I fell.
I hit my head on the wall, then a metal trashcan, then hit the floor.
Everyone said it ...

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I think it is, my friend thinks it is not. Just want some other ...

 i twisted my ankle its swollen a lot please help (please please read) ?
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 quick!! only got 45 minutes left!!! need help!!?
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 how can i break my ankle?

 Should I sue a nightclub - Got a concussion from bouncer slamming door on my face.?
Hey Everyone,

I was at a nightclub in British Columbia, Canada for new years and at around 1AM I went outside the front entrance of the club to call my brother (so I could hear him ...

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 PLEASE!!! HELP Whats wrong?
About a little more than a week ago I hurt my finger playing basketball. I hit it on the poll and then desided to keep playing and jammed it a couple of times.(I have a really high pain tolerence) It ...

Is it weird for me to be doing this when I am only 13?
I'm 13 years old 5'10 and 195lbs. This year was the first year that I did sports and I really got into it. I play football and basketball. I practice football at school for about an hour then I come how and play basketball for maybe another hour-hour and a half then I lift some weights and run a couple of miles. But sometimes I get really bad Back aches that really annoy me especially when I don't get very much sleep. But sometimes I do get good sleep and I still have back aches. I recently started taking pain Medicine and some Vitamins and that has really helped. I take about 2 pain pills a day when ever I wake up and my back is hurting. So my question is, is it normal for me to be getting those kinds of back aches and is it ok for me to take pain medicine? What else could I do to prevent or help ease some of the pain? It's not really unbearable or anything and it has been a lot better lately. Also please don't tell me to see my doctor, my family can't afford that.
Additional Details
Btw it is my lower back

I think u should stop taking vitamins and especially pain med. Your body will start relying on it. remember "No Pain, No Gain."

Stephen J
well I guess a good ol' fcuk you to the US is in order here..healthcare in Canada is free for everyone, how it should be, how a government SHOULD treat it's people, it's TAX PAYERS..

ok..195 at 13?!..are you fat or on steroids?..and taking pain pills is a ridiculous choice..that's the worst thing you could do..the pian pills don't make the pian go away..they make you unable to feel it..it is still there..the pills aren't fixing anything and you will end up injuring yourself further..back injuries are serious and can hurt you for the rest of your life, for real..

the lower back muscles take the longest to recover of all the muscles in the body..

if your parents told you that you can't go to the doctor, that's borderline neglect..

im sorry but you really need to see a doctor

get one of those icepacks for your back, the icy hot ones. and maybe cut back on the sports.

um...ur a lil too young to be lifting weights...like seriously...not lifting a bar a something, but if ur benchin and going into that hardcore stuff..thats not good..also...really a child ur age should usually average in havin 60min of excercise..ur over doing it.....ur playing football...basketballl...lifting weights..and running more than 1 mile...EVERYDAY..thats not good for u...and to answer your question...its weird...SOOO

Minimize the time ur doing all this stuff..ur only 13..ur gonna end up with serious back probs for the rest of your life if u continue to do this...

sad truth is u really need to see a doctor

Its becasue of so much lifting. Weight lifting is NOT for kids,, or even most teens lol. It strains growth and can seriously injure you. Other workouts work better. Adults even shouldnt lift weights because people think it helps, but it can hurt you alot worse.

Suzie L
Where are you getting the pain pills? If they are not prescribed to you, it is not "weird" it is dangerous. Don't worry if your parents can't afford a doctor. You still need to tell them. Lighten up on the sports a little bit. You are working out too hard. Also, it could be your bed that is causing the back pain.

well your back might hurt if you are lifting wrong

You've probably strained a muscle. You must go to a school that has a coach who can give you advice about how to not mess up your back when you lift weights. That's where you can mess yourself bad. If you don't have much money go to internet or library to get a book on how to do weights correctly. I got a book like that and now I notice everyone does it wrong lots of times.

You are still growing so make sure you get alot of rest because that is when your body does most of its growing and stretch alot. Make sure you are stretching before you play sports drink alot of water and take your vitamins. You back muscles are probably just tight or even tight chest muscles can cause you back to hurt. Also make sure you are giving your body a break. Your muscles need time to heal after you lift weights so do cycles. Monday Arms tuesday legs wednesday rest thursday back ect. . .

sleep on the floor - doesn't sound comfy I know but if your back is hurting from too much exertion it might help. Make sure you drink plenty of water so your joints stay lubricated. If nothing else works see a chiropractor (which is usually cheaper than seeing an MD).Good luck

Elmo watches you at night
you might be pulling your back muscles when lifting the weights, don't overexert yourself and maybe try lifting weights every other day if you don't think you are.

when u say life wieghts wat do u mean?? do u do like deadlifts and squats? cause if u do them wrong u can really wreck ur back, do some research on weights maybe. basketball, running and footy shouldnt be the problem, unless its league, cause its like the toughest game in the world, just try not to land directly on ur back

Lukey Pooky
I feel for you! I remember being your age, and wanting so bad to grow in strength. But it backfired on me. I injured my back and it hasn't been the same since. Remember that your body is a temple, if its treated with respect, it will respect you right back. Make sure to talk to a good friend about this, it will help. Hope everything goes well for you.

you should be doing this much physically activity.
your bones are still growing,
its not good !
you really need to see a doctor and maybe try not do so much, rest your body !

2 pain pills is way too many for 13, or for anyone for that matter. When you lift weights make sure to bend your knees. Before you run stretch. heat for a back ache then cold is good and it helps, only take pain pills if you cant move or the pain is unbearable. First you should buy a heating pad theyre not that expensive and they last for years ive had one for many many years over a decade, then ice your back. Sleeping positions also have an impact on your back too high pillows could hurt your back.

Right on
Go see the school nurse..tell her..she can do something for you....

2010 is my playground
Maybe leave off weights, and DEFINITELY leave off running, for a week. I'm just saying, is all.

-first stop lifting weights you are too young
-ask your school nurse for help
-it might be football
-like everyone else said stop taking the pain killers
-rest as much as u can!!!!!!!!

I'm not a doctor but i think there are some factors that contribute to your pains

- the excessive amount of workout you do in one day, this all puts strain on the body, especially your back

- since this is your first year, and you picked 2 of the hardest sports, your body isnt used to the amount exercise you are doing, so the pain may be that transition time where your body gets used to the physical activities

so icy hot, and baths would help very much, also not pushing yourself to hard during your workout

That guy you hate, for no reason
Playing football and working out takes a lot out of your body, even more when you don't sleep right or eat right. i say take it down a notch wait until high school and expand you still have your baby fat so some of your muscles are not able to build yet.

Try Icy-hot with a hot bath, If you have a gf ask her to rub your back (win/win).

Navayah K‚ô•
Its normal... you do a lot in a day ...maybe slow down working out. You already do sports ..so cut the exercise down to a once in a while. Its never good to have to take pain meds on a daily. Especially if its Advil (don't take that).. It kills the liver. If you have to take alive or ibprophin. Just cut back on working your body too much. ..Also look up back strengthening exercises or relief things for your back on the internet or maybe video's on youtube.com? Good luck;)

Do some good stretching before your sports. You're really tall for a 13 year old so you may be experiencing growing pains too. You might think about increasing your protein and be sure to keep hydrated! Drink water like it's going out of style!

Taking drugs for pain is not always the answer. Get some epsom salts, really inexpensive, put some in the bathtub and soak your body in water as hot as you can stand it. See if you can get someone to massage your back to help loosen up your muscles. In the long run this will not abuse your body like drugs will and allow your body to grow and develop. You ache because your muscles are spasming. I used to get major muscle spasms in my legs from running 6 miles a day. To correct this I'd do stretches beforehand and that helped out alot.

Make sure you stretch a lot before and after you work out. You can get kinda addicted to some pain meds... otherwise it doesn't really hurt to take pain meds. Have your family give you back rubs/massages. Lie down on a hard flat surface for a little while. That's what I do...

Sharon R
yes and no because you are young, so I suggest to go to the chiropractor and find out if its normal or not, that way you will know for sure by a professional and not yahoo answers
good luck

i think maybe you should take a break for a few days

L dog
you might be overwhelmed by a low exercise lifestyle then overdoing it too fast. your doing too much at one time, and at too early of an age. stick to your school practices for your workouts. Your body is still at an age where your bones are not as dense as a mature adults. don't lift weights until 15, and lift only light weight with high reps at that age. let your body adapt slowly to changes.
skip the pain meds, keep taking vitamins but avoid excersise supplements that use the words "hardcore" or "extreme" or anything with the same ingredients.

your lower back may be very weak and this what is causing the pain! because you are at an age where you are growing you need to be more careful with your body for example by making sure you stretch before you play any sports or work out. my brother recently had the same problem and he is currently going to see a massage therapist because his mussel is inflamed...you can do stretches at home and heat wraps, maybe ask mom or dad to help with massaging your back and take it easy for a while! if this doesn't help you should go see a doctor! and be very careful with the pain medication you are taking, try not to take it if possible because it is just another drug your body doesn't need!

Well im 15 now, and I was the same when I was your age except I was only 5-7, I wanted to get built and stay fit, I started at Qb and point guard. I know how you feel my back would hurt so bad and everytime I got hit the pain came. I did the same thing you did with advil and vitamins. But for me it got bad and I would have to go to the trainer before and after school everyday to get ice and get my back cracked. I also went to a chiropractor( sorry for spelling) and that helped a lot. If I were you I know you want to get built fast, so did I but when I was 13, your body is changing and all and style matters more but you can't be doing that everyday. You have to make a schedule lift around 3-4 times a week with a rest every other day or two, and if you go to football practice don't play bball everyday, because at your age lifting,football practice, and basketball everyday can lead to serious injuries with your back that can last your whole life. So lighten up a little. I know it hurts and it hurts more to sit out and watch a little but you health is more important then a nice body and hot girls.

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