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 Don't say I'm stupid........?
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I want to break a bone ?
like an ankle or my thumb something i will admit i want attention but from my husband he takes me for granted and i want him to know just how much i do around here i know how much it will hurt so plzz guys a lil help thanks

Human Psychology Center
It would be illegal to advise you to do something harmful.

Hahaha, the lengths we go to so wake our men up.
Dont do it honey!!
That **** is fuuuunny!!

i so know how u feel! my hubby doesnt do **** around the house and im at home with 4 kids(5 and under) all day by myself as well as going to school full time. last yr i fractured my wrist...it was his fault from playing games..and the dr said i could lift anything that arm until it healed...well a week later i was washing dishes with a cast on, changing diapers, giving baths, etc...he still didnt help! so i took the damn thing off and it hasnt healed yet. if youre gonna break something on purpose(which i dont reccommend) do either both ur hands or both ur feet bc chances are hubby wont change if its just one...you've always got the other!!! :( good luck!

V x3
My gosh, lol you don't play. Well, i'm not going to tell you to do that. You should talk to him. Have a serious talk. Enough is enough. You shouldn't have to brake a bone to be appreciated! You need to put your foot down. Tell him exactly how you feel. Conversation is key :]

Sarah Townen
you are looking at a desperate situation here lady
you are trying to break a bone for attention?
seriously......just think about that

i think it's one thing to want attention
but to break a bone for it?

i really think you need to talk to a counselor

i am sorry your husband takes you for granted...but geesh!

well NOT your ankle.

I broke my wrist when i fell, and I really recommend against that.

I don't want to be nasty, but if your husband doesn't know how much you do around the house, you should either
-tell him
-or take a vacation ( like visit your parents ) for 2 weeks and let him take care of the house/home all by himself.

The fact that you think breaking a bone will "teach him something" is VERY unhealthy. It makes me wonder if you whole marriage has such poor communication.Maybe you should email Dr. Phil. Seriously.

Jesus hart19 dont you know that steeping in-front of a _______ is a really bad idea. Why God Why

it hurts more than it looks...but are you crazy ?!?

it hurts!

i know u want attention from ur husband but just tell him...do anything to make him listen or else he WILL always take u for granted...

just tell him....nothing will hurt

Misha J


Breaking a bone on purpose isn't that a bit much? Maybe a bit nutty?? Talk to your husband or leave for a few days so he can see how much you do for him but breaking a bone? Get mental help please!!!! :O

okay, thats really stupid. Its bad enough seeing minor things like this come into the ER on a regular basis, its even worse when its done on purpose!!! If your husband isnt giving you attention then go and cheat on him or something. Break one of his bones. Or just stop doing all the things you do and when he finally notices and says WTF?? Then you can say look "this is all the stuff I do every day and you never say thanks" IDK these are just some ideas, dont make my job harder just to get attention

Travel to Paris*
You are insane. You want to break one of your bones so you will get attention from your husband?????

You need to get medical attention

maybe you should go see a shrink

Phoenix Suns Babyy!

toe stomper
Drop something heavy on your toes or get your foot ranover by a car while wearing flipflops.

Vincent P
Ok, you have an unhealthy mental condition. You need to see a doctor.

[email protected] ~Baby #1 due 4/17/11~
Instead of breaking a bone...tell him you're taking a Sabbatical. Take a vacation or something, even if you just lay around all day and tell him what needs to be done and by when. My husband takes me for granted as well, and NEVER does a thing I ask. Just tell your husband you're not feeling good and you think you have the flu or something...ask him to help you out. Even if it only lasts for a day, the next day you can say "oh well I guess I just had a bad day" but for the love of god don't break a bone, it's NOT worth it...a good way to get early arthritis if you want my opinion. I sprained my knee two summers ago dirtbiking with my husband (not on purpose, mind you) and to this day I remember the pain...it hurt soooo bad...I would NEVER want to self-inflict that kind of pain...plus you'll have doctors asking you how it happened, and if your story isn't consistent with the break, they'll investigate it and they might try and accuse your husband of abusing you...you wouldn't want that, would you?

wat such extreme measures . try to talk with ur husband . get help tel ur mom or some close

Don't BREAK your bones.
Its not worth it.Go out some where with him.Or have some night in a hotel with a bottle of wine and candy.

Well, you've def. got the attention of everyone on this board it seems.

This reminds me of a story my EMT instructor once told me of a call he responded to. This woman was arguing with her husband, and she wanted him to feel sorry that he ever mistreated her. So she walked into her bedroom, popped open a bottle of prescription pills, then as soon as she'd downed the last one she called 911. She thought the ambulance would arrive, she'd get to the hospital and have her stomach pumped, and her husband would be so scared that he almost lost her that he'd never take her for granted again. Unfortunately the type of meds she ODed on were very potent, and it would've only took 3 or 4 to kill her. She took 20 some. On the way to the hospital she told the Paramedic (my instructor) the real reason why she had taken the pills, and revealed that she really did not want to die. She was only trying to prove something to her husband, that was all. She kept asking the Medic if she was going to be all right. It's against the law to lie to patients, so after repeated attempts to just dodge the question failed, he eventually had to tell her that her chances were very slim. She became distraught. She really didn't mean to kill herself.

Her heart stopped as they wheeled her through the ER doors. The doctors were unable to revive her.

All that just to try to gain some respect from her husband. :(

Now I know breaking a bone is not as extreme as attempting suicide, although it is technically possible to shatter a bone and have the bone shards pierce an artery, but your story sounds just as sad.

If you can't just talk to your husband, if you have to cause yourself extreme amounts of pain just to get him to notice you, then sorry to say, maybe it's time you lose him and find a husband who will appreciate you without you having to break a bone for him. You should not have to even think about going to such extremes. You deserve better!

In the meantime I highly suggest you talk to a counselor, if not your husband.

Just try a bandage first. No need to actually harm yourself. Ice and bandage. Tell your husband you had a bad fall. Tell him Doc said it will take a couple of days and just relax. Let things build up around you and then come clean and talk to your husband.

Slam your Ankle in a car door, or better yet, a truck door.If you place your foot correctly, you could get 2 broken bones! 9/22

Mikey The Comic
Sounds like you have Munchausen syndrome, a psychiatric disorder where people fake sickness in order to get attention.

Breaking a bone is not a good idea. You can have complications, and aches that never go away.

Why not just tell your husband how you feel? He should feel bad for you anyways, considering, you are already sick.

If he doesn't care now a broken finger won't do anything. Either talk to him or divorce him, but this is an asinine way to handle it.

2 plus 2=22
You're just like millions of other people who wish for a diversion or SOMETHING that will change the status quo. I would have a good hard look at what it is you want different in your life. By being laid up with a broken leg, what do you hope will happen. Get a pen and write it down. Then, have a think about how you would achieve these results in a less 'victim' way and more 'assertive' way. That's the bottom line really, you NEED to be more assertive and are wishing on a star for an outside influence to produce results. If you don't work out ways to achieve what you want and be more assertive NOW, you'll still have to after all bones are healed, even if it's with other things.

Sweet_Kisses xoxo
are you crazy?

i think so.

god attention seekers annoy the hell outta me. maybe you take your health for granted

Victoria (or Pina Coladas be4)
you are insane
i know, lets self mutilate ourselves to gain attention.

That's absolutely absurd...try talking to your husband

you dont need attention..u need therapy

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