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 How bad does a wasp and a bee sting hurt?
And how bad does a bee sting hurt? Which one hurts more? If your sitting in the garden and a wasp or bee lands on you should you just sit still and hope it fly's off or flick it off and run ...

 my son got a kick on the side of his head today and was knocked out for a few minutes,what do i do?
I am keeping him indoors as he`s 12yrs and very ...

 How come some people die when they cut there wrist and some don't?
Like even if there not trying to die some people end up dying. But some people just bleed a little and have a scar. My friend has cuts on her wrist but shes still alive? So why do some people die for ...

 what's wrong with my finger?
About two days ago when I went to get something out of my pocket. I ripped off about the corner of my nail off, and ever since then it's been hurting really badly, and it seems like it is ...

 I'm scared...please help me!?
I'll just get straight to the point. A few months ago, in april, i was taking a walk through the cemetary by my house and a man came up behind me. He held me at gunpoint and raped me. I thought ...

 What should I do about my foot?
A couple of hours I tripped while walking down a flight of stairs. I scraped my foot and the side of it is extremely swollen right now. It's unbearable to walk on and I've been keeping it ...

 My toe nail is about to fall off?
It looks like it split horizontally all the way across and is hanging on on the left right side of my right big toe nail about halfway down. Should i just take it off(it doesnt hurt), should i super ...

 Something is wrong with my anus ?
whenever I have a crap it is all bloody, but the crap is still solid, there's just a lot of blood comes out. When I pee and wipe there is blood on the toilet paper when I reach back too far. A...

 Ever broken a leg or anything else?
I've broken my leg and still can't do any sports and I broke 3 teeth and have a fake one but apart from that, nothing.


** Holden Fan **
Additional D...

 how do you break your left wrist?
This is the only way to get out of cheerleading....

 What is the worst Worst injury you've ever had?

 What's the worst pain you've ever felt?
For me id have to say it was food poisoning....

 .-My Girlfriend has not had a bowl movement in 3 dayz and as just tried a suppositoreies but is scared?

 hi ive got self harm scars that i need to hide any ideas how to do it?
i havent self harmed in 9 months but ive jut been offered my dream job as a nursing assistant which will mean ive got to wear a short sleeve uniform. i normally only wear long sleeves but im not ...

 A girl who attacked me 9 years ago is working at the doctor's surgery i go to,can she gain access to my record?
I went in this morning as i suffer with asthma and had an attack a few days ago and had an appointment to see the nurse. Anyway, as i walked up to reception a girl was bending down tapping into the ...

 How do i heal my broken heart?
well... i fell in love with this boy for sometime and i thought he liked me back.But i soon discovered that he likes my best friend.But she doesnt like him.What shall i do?...

 i fractured my foot 2 weeks ago and now its turning blue and purply is this normal?
i only fractured it in this one spot. my foot is stronger and i can only feel the injury if i turn my foot at a certain angle. so as long as im careful, i decided to hit the gym again a few days ago....

 i think i broke my toe?
OKay, so I stubbed my little toe three times today! The last time, it hurt so bad I screamed and started crying! A few minutes later, it swelled and turned beet red. I can't walk on it, and if I ...

 I accidentally cut myself, but my mom's going to think I did it on purpose. Can someone help me?
I used to cut (as in a few months ago) but only very little. I mean, I barely ripped the skin. It was very minor and not a big deal. However, my mom managed to find out one day, and she's been ...

 how can i heal faster?
i play football and i get really sore and banged up any secrets to heal faster?...

I wanna break a bone or be seriously injured any ideas?
I hate p.e. Haven't done it since year 8. And i don't intend on doing it. But the only way I can't do it now is to be injured. What could I do to prevent me being able to not do p.e?
Additional Details
I've refused for 2 years. And i'm at a new school ona trial. They wont take any of it.

well now.....shake your head ....your bound to hear lots of broken stuff there....then go tell your teacher your goldfish has been pukin all night...and you could hear even more stuff breakin when you got up...someone gonna get sick of listening.......P.H...

You can buy crutches like anywhere. Or just get an ace bandage and put it on your ankle.

All im saying is, be careful what you wish for..
Last year my best friend wanted to break something and kept saying it and she ended up hurting it playing football and she hurt it so bad she is going to have ankle problems the rest of her life.

blame it on womens problems for a bit, then a sprained ankle, hurt your arm etc... but dont actually hurt yourself thats just stupid

You could meet me on the street and threaten to kick one of my dogs - sorted - you'd never walk again let alone play school sports you lazy mare ha ha ha. It'll do you the world of good to go jogging round the playing fields in nylon shorts and a vest, especially in this weather, strengthens something my Mum once said but i can't think for the life of me what it was ha ha ha.

you could claim you're not mentally fit to be at school. they'd believe that :)
lazy moron...

Trust Me
I used to jump the fence and run home just in time for the monday matinee!

ƒαηтαѕтι¢ ☞CAT☜
Tell them you have spots all over your body and get enough exercise

angela marcella
if you hurt yourself its only a temporary fix.

What on earth is wrong with p.e.?

Rather than seek advice on how to bunk off I'd rather you looked for treatment for your phobia.

taz c
PE is an essential part of the school curriculum - you shouldn't be discouraged from doing it. However, there are other ways of NOT doing it - & that's simply to either ask the teacher if there's something else you could do - or the other thing - bunk off, which I would neither recommend or condone.

Kirsty A
stop being lazy and do it. everyone at school does it! what makes you any diff? bet if you could get something YOU want after it you would do it in a heartbeat

The Library Of Codex
Just refuse to do it.

What can they do?

Force you to play netball?

Wowww. I don't want to be rude, but that's absolutely ridiculous. This is one of the reasons america is so fat, because they can't get off their lazy butts and exercise. x]

♫ Converse ♥
Just bunk it.
Dont purposefully injure yourself.
Thats stupid.

♫ CupCake ♥

That's a disgusting thought

What is wrong with you ?! I would just do p.e ....never wish harm upon yourself!

Why not just put a bandage on your ankle and say its sprained?

adge cutler
Why not continue being lazy and soon you will have genuine health problems to use.

You idle little tyke. Get your butt into gear and move it.

P.E. is not that bad. Purposely breaking something is STUPID. You could have effects for a lifetime because of your attempt to get out of P.E. I accidental stress fractured my femur and I still feel the effects of it. Stop being stupid and deal with P.E. I am in high school and just got done with it. Sports are waaayyyyy more fun then PE, but don't be stupid and hurt you self to avoid a class. That is soooooo inmature!!!!!

Non Prophet Organization
Do some exercise and stop being lazy.

Dr David
Broken bones or serious injury, that you want to inflict on yourself?
No way, don't even think about it any more.

You need to get plenty exercise, and some of your answers to date are letting you know that.

When I was at school, have to admit quite a few years ago, I used to hate physical education. There was just something about jumping over the hobby horse, climbing ropes, and just going upside down scared me.

Discuss why you hate p.e. with your teacher or parents, and give them the truthful reason, and don't be afraid to say your scared if you are, it is nothing to be ashamed of.

I was excused p.e. when I agreed to study music during p.e. lessons.

They can not force you to do p.e. but you have to give a fair and reasonable excuse why, and agree to do some other activity during this time.

May I wish you all the best, and hope you can come to some agreeable terms with your new school.

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