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I have never broken anything in my 31 years.

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 i want to break my right wrist but idk how?
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 What's the worst accident or injury you've had in life?
Has it changed the way you treat your body or do you still take it for granted?!...

I taped my eye shut for an hour, now it's smaller than the other one.?
What do I do? will it ever return to its normal size??
Additional Details
I have an eye problem and if I apply pressure, the pain goes away. Its the first time I've tried to apply pressure this way =/

I'm sure it will be fine. But I'm wondering why you do that.

Lynn P
haha why did you do that? yah it will go back

whatt a smart person.
yes it will. just dont do it again

ahaha yes in like probably 30 min or so

lol... it probably will return... it was probably just used to being relaxed

Rosario S
At birth your eyes are as large as they will ever get. Your born with full grown eyes.

Its not smaller. Its just the weed.


no it will never

Chii K
It'll stay like that forever. Sorry, baby.

Saraphina Blue
Your eye will return to normal. Just relax and you'll be fine. Be Well :)

Michael T
don't worry about it. in any case, just tape the other one shut to even it out!

y did u even tape you eye shut???



but it will probably just look like you have a lazy eye...
it might go away, im not really sure cuz i've never heard of anyone doing that...


freaky heh

haha i should totally do that. but yes it will go back
you did it for an hour..and it will go back in bout an hour. lol

Dragonflie x
lol maybe try taping your other eye exactly the same and then they will be the same


Why would you do such a silly thing? that's what I did when I was 7 years old but not anymore because I'm mature and grown up.

Your eye probably will return to it's normal size wait about a week to see what happen if it doesn't go back to its normal size set up an eye doctor appointment or a doctor's appointment. the Doctor will probably ask you how did this happen?

Yes of course. You dont hear much in the news about people taping their eye shuts (and causing a problem) or surgery being performed because somebody dressed up as a one-eyed Zombie on Halloween =). Pirates would "tape" their eye closed (or use a patch) so they can have one eye for light, and one eye for dark (above, and below deck). So dont worry about taping your eye =). Especially if people can pierce them, just be worried if you pierce the colored portion of your eye. Then I'd come back to YA! and have people refer you to a doctor lol.

Try eatig a table spoon of 'Waitrose Blend clear honey' free times a day.
also drink a pint of milk, twice a day.
i would also recommend fruit smoothies, these are all good fr the eyesight, and will soothe your distress. Fruit smoothies are best when mixed/made with at least one type of green veg in with the fruit, ie Kale, spinach or celery or cucumber etc. these are good. One in woth a blend of fruit, not too thick of course thinned out with freshly pressed fruit juice. not from concentrate. Dont use juice if it is made from concentrate, it defeats the purpose.

Also try milky rosemary tea sweetened with honey and one sugar.
promise you head and eyesight will improve.

It should be bigger than the eye that was uncovered because it wasnt absorbing any light so it widens in order to allow more light in. Either you have it backwards and everthing will be fine or you have a problem that may need an optometrist.

Tape the other one for an hour to match it,but dont leave it on for 2 hours or you wont be able to see

Love Stoned
My question to you is why did you do that?

It will return to normal. yes. How tight did you tape it? You might have just pushed the eye back a bit. Give it time and it'll return to normal.

you should go to a doctor to check it out it may be more serious then you think.

Yes, it will. Your brain, unfortunately, will remain tiny.

im a daddy!!
one question.......why?

Never Shout Never <3
Don't worry honey buns. The advice i can say is just leave your eye alone dont mess around and don't put any make-up on it. It may just still (the skin) returning to it's original size. Good Luck!

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