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 i got hit in the nose...how long until the swelling goes down?

Additional Details
noooo it's actually from cheerleading during a stunt...
but it's not swelled on my nose, it's on the right side right next to my nose, mostly on ...

 Is it possible to make your elbows touch your toes?

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I'm not fat!
I'm 14 and way 89 pounds!
I'm just extremely inflexible....

 which shoulder do i throw salt over?
i spilled some salt and i wasn't thinking and i threw it over my right and i think it's suppose to be my left but i'm not sure so i just threw it over both. is that okay? and which ...

 How can you break a bone?
Im not going to do it I just wanna know what causes a bone to break?
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Also how much weight would it take?...

 whats the worst injury you have ever had?

 i just threw up blood.... help?!?
ok im freaking out and i can't get to a phone... what now?...

 Does it hurt getting stitches taken out?
i was out at the weekend and glass went straight into the top of my foot because i was in a bar. and before you ask yes i did have my shoes on! ive never has stitches before and i get my stitches ...

 18 days ago I fell on my elbow. The bruising and swelling has gone but I still have pain.Should I go to A&E?
The pain is on the tip of the elbow, there is a slight red mark but on bruising. I have full movement, but can't put any pressure on my elbow without pain....

 Will this heal?
Well a couple of months ago I had a shard of glass penetrate over half way through my foot and I bleed for 2 days,I had two huge gashes in my foot,one that went completly through my foot,the other ...

 i fell over this morning in the street and banged my head, please help?!?
went to a&e department by ambulance, done x-rays on my hip etc, bloods were fine, abit low on the blood pressure ( i am quite petite for my age) so they were not overly concerned! however since i ...

 I had a very deep cut in my finger and now I have extreme tooth and head pain.Did I get an infection???
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 Can you get a fever from sticking things into your anus?
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 Why are my legs still hurting when i run?
I've been jogging 4-5 times per week for a little over 2 months now. I expected my legs to hurt when i first started and over came the soreness. However, within the past week, my calves and ...

 whats it called when you have an accident, and end up in a hospital who cant talk or move forever?
its for my story btw....

 my house is on fire. the only room that isnt on fire is the computer room. WHAT DO I DO?
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 I'm using a crutch for a broken knee On an escalator, which leg should go first at the top and bottom?
My left leg is in a zimmer splint and cannot bend. I'm at the point where I can get by on one crutch or even a cane. I know how to handle stairs but am not sure about what is the safest way to ...

 Someone chopped off my leg and its falling apart!? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!?
sorry, my leg is not falling apart its just to get attention. the reall question is, why are people being mean to my little sister. thanks. im 16 my little sister is 8. we go to the same school its ...

 why is it that when you dance with high heels your toes get numb.....my toes are numb wat can i put on them..?
in ...

 My daughter hurt her arm when she fell of her horse she is complaning of pain in it what shall i do?
my sophie age 8 fell of a horse right on to her arm she said it hurts so much shall i take her to hospital except she does not want a plaster cast on ...

 Seeking pain relief for a severed tendon, chipped bone and a cut that required 50 stitches.?
Stitches were removed today, unable to bend the finger, and there is a great deal of ...

Jimmy G
I slammed my finger in a car door what should i do?
half of the fingernail is black and one white. the bad part is some skin is hanging out from under the nail any answers? Please!

perhaps you should go to the docter............ not to be rude but thats kinda what any other NORMAL person would do

i dont no

if your in pain, take some Tylenol. then you need to clean it with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide(yes it will burn, but it'll clean it good). then put on antibiotics. then wrap it up in a bandage or something similar. lastly, ice it to reduce swelling. if it is still bad in a day or two, don't hesitate to see a doctor!

ice it asap!!

Sounds mostly like a bad bruise and a little bit of the nail coming off. Wait for a little bit, and if it really is in pain schedule a doctor's appointment. If it gets any worse go to the emergency room. it's better safe than sorry :)
(meli and jen absent, this one's just from

ice it, then put it in warm water, repeat until the swelling goes down, thats if its not broken, though it may feel broken. If you´re unsure, just visit a health clinic near you. Other than that, just keep doing the hot and cold mix. Good luck.

Fades to White
Tape it up, maybe add antibiotics. Its happened to me twice before. My only question...how can you type?

Oh my gosh. Are you a six year old? Any one has the common sense to know what to do in a situation like this. Let alone, how did you find time to post this question on yahoo answers? Just put some ice on it, and watch what happens. If it feels broken a little later, go see a doctor.

ice it up and and try to put some neosporin or carmex cream on it with a sucere bandaid over it. shoould help

[email protected]
Soak your finger in Epsom salt in warm water. It will clean because salt draws, and it will take the swelling down. It really works!

Dan Dyer
open the car door and take your finger out! You might get cold standing there all night

I've had that happen, probably the fingernail is going to fall off. Maybe a doctor can take the nail off if you think it will be infected. I also had someone slam a heavy garbage can down on my toe. It turned black and puffed up under the nail and came loose. I finally had it pulled off. The doctor told me that sometimes the nail bed gets damaged and a nail won't grow back if it is damaged badly enough. My toenail did grow back. You can soak it in very warm water for 30 minutes or longer and that may loosen it up. Just watch out for infection.

Ice, pain killers, go to the doctor.

KoKo KiTTy
Put ice on it and take some pain killers.

Go see a doctor if:
*Blood collects under the nail, causing increasing pain.
*The finger or toe can't be straightened and bent easily.
*The injury causes immediate damage to the nail, such as a visible tear below the "quick".
*The skin is open and may need stitches.
*There is dirt in the wound you can't wash out

Even if it's not necessary to go to the doctor go he/she will give you pain medicine and antibiotic ointment if needed.

take good care of it!!

go to a doctor before something worse happens

go to the hospital not yahoo.com

Ice it for 20 min. then heat for 20 min. the black is just the blood. Wrap it in gauze and clean it real good then put some neosporin on it. It should be fine as long as it doesn't get infected.

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