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T!ka :)
I scratched my eye, what do I do?
Im not sure if it's an actual scratch...it was dark and I was running and I ran right into the end of a stick (I didn't see it lol) and it jabbed into my eyeball, I wans in soo much pain, I seriously thought my eyeball got ripped out (cause I like went into shock lol, you'd do the same if you were standing there with a stick jabbed into your eyeball) But I took it out, (it wasn't in that deep) and went on with my life as usual. That was on friday, it's now sunday. The rest of friday night (I was up all night till 6 a.m.) it was really painful, really watery, and really bloodshot. A little swollen right after it happened, but that went down right away. The bloodshot-ness has gone way down, but theres still like a red spot where I got stabbed, and it barely hurts any more, just kinda feels irritated. I can see fine now, but yesterday it was a little blurry. I couldnt see AT ALL for like 10 mins after I pulled the stick out, but yeah idk now I can see fine. Do you think I should go to a doctor and get it checked out? What should I do, if anything?

Da Best
don't be a baby leave it alone

nooo dont wash it is going to go red lol
and its bad, cuz a eye is just like a camera ires
and you dont wash a camera lol you spaz :P bless you tho lol

just that eye closed for 5-10 mins and it should be all better :)

you probably have a serious corneal abrasion. go see youur eye doctor ASAP. they will give you disinfectants and numbing eye drops that work wonders!

wash it

clean it

go see a doc

if your seriously concerned with it, you should see an eye docter.

Y <3 =)
c a doc right away

i think you will be ok.. just sounds a little irritated.. use eyedrops and it will help.. but if you are paranoid you can go see a doctor

Jana W
go to the doctor
this happened to me once
like the exact same thing

ok so when you go to the doc they will probably put this dye in your eye that makes your eye glow in the dark its really cool
they do that so they can see any scratches or whatever and they will give you drops that will heel it
i scratched my cornea which is like the colored part and i kinda have a scar it looks cool but its not noticeable

Dude....don't ask here for something so serious. You should be long gone to the doctor. It can severelly damage your eye nerve if not attended. Go to a doctor now !!!

Do not put anything in it. If it gets infected any eye drop will make it worse !

If I saw that the eye was healing by itself than I would just wait and see and if it kept improving I don't think it would be necessary to go to a doctor but it is not a bad idea.

wow painful well ill get it checked since it could get infected!!!
go see a doctor!!! i hope you get better....and be careful next time
♥♥ peace♥♥

go to a doctor, soon!

see a doctor

that actually sent shivers down my spine O_O

Lauren J
do not rub it! chances are there is still something still in there and ti could scratch your eye and leave permanent damage! definitely wash it out. fill your sink up with water and open your eyes. helps me. but make sure the sink is clean! lol any soap or something could make it hurt worse!
good luck i hope it feels better! (;
go see a doctor if it gets worse! i would just go anyway!

*Pink Atom*
Wash it with WATER not soap - only an idiot would do that (Like I once did so I am not denying that I am an idiot lol) And then go see a doctor. If you don't it could get infected. The doctor might give you cream and then just let it heal by itself. But I am not a doctor. My mum is a nurse and I got a scratch in my eye once so that's how I know. (That is also the time I washed my eye with soap)
Get Well Soon

Of course you have to go to a doctor!!!!

My friend scratched his eye pretty badly once and was rushed to hospital.They bandaged it and he got eye drops to put in to help it heal. I would defiantley say that you should go to the doctor!

yellow flash
You should go get it checked. The eyes are nothing you want to play around with

wow of coarse you need to see a doc. you need to call an ophthalmologist, not an optometrist. even though you can see now, there could be some underlying damage. PLEASE have it checked out don't just brush this off. good luck!

I think that it is very important to get this checked out by your regular doctor first, because it could have caused damage to your eye and give you vision problems or if you already have vison problems they can become worse, also if you hit a certain spot in your eye it causes the color in your eye to drain out in a week or two and you will eventaully go blind. Trust me I know, when my father was 12 yrs old he shot his eye with a bebe gun and he became blind

wash it

Ray <3
Having a scratch in your eye is not really a huge deal. I have one, and it will sometimes get irritated if you rub your eyes or have allergies so it will actually become raised again and you can feel it if you blink. It's also irritating if you have contacts. I got mine a LONG time ago (not sure when) and it's only about once every 2 months I'll rub my eye and it will become raised again and I'll have to go without contacts a couple days until it settles down. After so long (likely 10 years or more), it's still there. So the scratch isn't a big deal.
What I would be worried about is if you have a little piece still stuck in your eye, that may be dangerous, or you could get an infection. A friend of mine got a papercut on her eyeball (when she picked up the paper it kind of flew back and the corner caught her in the eye) and about a week later it got infected. It was NASTY.
I think you should likely go to an eye doctor and check it out. Just go in and tell them what happened, should only take them a couple minutes to look at it and make a suggestion (the person working the desk will likely be able to tell if it needs to be looked at just by looking at you).. If they DO look at it, they'll likely just squeeze you in quickly between patients and it'll be a cheap trip (if they even charge you at all). I know I've had similar problems with eyes (pink eye) and dental (cut a blood vessel) and they slipped me in to see someone between appointments for free.

Good luck!

CJ Mower
Chances are it just got scrapped and is healing but if it doesn't heal in the next few days I would go see a doctor.

go to the doctor but put in some eye drops to help sooth it

fight off your demons
I would suggest going to an eye doctor, just in case.

Chanuk A
Wash and clean. Then try giving a kiss. if cant go see a doctor!!

You should go to the doctor to get it checked. Since you can see now, chances are there wasn't any permanent damage. But the fact that it was blurry yesterday and you couldn't see at all for the first 10 minutes sounds worrying. Better safe than sorry.

For right now, all you can do is try not to irritate it. Don't wear any eye makeup. Rinse it if it itches, but try not to touch it unless you need to. Good luck!

And by the way, it sounds like a freaking painful injury!

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